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  1. nukeded


    This has to be Xbox specific as on pc I've never had the issue the lighting is fantastic on there. Does the game have luminance adjustment on Xbox or is it just brightness when in hdr
  2. I use a controller and I have to say this is the best controller tuned game I have ever played. I'm on pc. Only thing I could think of is adding a visual representation of my steering in the menu that shows the the steering -100 - 0 - 100. Such as a steering wheel image that rotates just to give a better representation of your changes.
  3. A Strange thing is happening with the AI as well. I thought it was just the marker but it seems to be coinciding with the actual times as well and it can make the AI at times unbeatable. No matter how fast or slow you go it happens. The AI appears to completely stop, then once you hit a certain point on the track it rockets back up to you and always the same difference behind you or right at your current time. According to the time this happens its like 1s and squares don't exist. This is two points in the same stage, I even went off the track on the second and it still waited for me. I eve
  4. I just noticed this myself on pc. Happens every stage and event without fail. And it doesn't effect your tire change usage. I can tell the game is putting soft on because of the grip. So essentially I'm getting unlimited tire changes. Not complaining in the mean time lol.
  5. Also this happened to me in both 1.4.1 and 1.5. After finishing stages while in Hood cam. Its not a huge deal as its very rare and also I kind of like it when i get a decent stage like that, it makes for a hilarious replay. V1.5 It was very distracting lol at one point i did try and damage the vehicle while in 3rd person to see if it would change anything and it did not. At the very end I exit to main menu and re-enter the event and it is fixed. V1.4.1
  6. That looks a lot like artifacting, you might want to see if your gpu temp is getting high in game just make sure. I have the RX580 too havent had an issue with that yet mine is the powercolor red devil version. Game could be putting stress on the card for some reason memory leak or something. But i noticed a bit of improvement with the 19.6.1 update after using the clean install option. My gripes have been fixed since the difficulty change is here and pro is almost too easy but i wont complain, my car stays dirty between service stations. Rallycross AI is much better still alot of contact at the beginning and sometimes uncleaned cars but who cares if their cars are clean? Heavy rain is not so heavy any more, seems like its mostly just removed any reflection from it and specular mapping, although I was fine with it before because When it rains heavy in my area in real life you cant see but like 10ft in front of you. Tire is fixed after I finish a stage with it gone but I noticed it seems to comeback with the lowest durability because it will pop again very quickly almost like a patch job.
  7. nukeded

    Thank you for listening to us, Codies :)

    Great to see some positivity instead of the ubiquitous toxic entitlement and impatience. I'll second this thank you devs for your hard work and look forward to what's in store next. Also about the dailies I wouldn't want to come in to work on the weekend for that either :P.
  8. Has anyone tried purchasing a cheap new car and seeing if if the progress bug is only affecting the pre existing vehicles? I would try but I'm at work at the moment.
  9. nukeded

    Community Rally School

    could some one clear up the center diff without torque bias like on 2000c cars. I know how a diff works and how it affects a car on the front and rear im just not sure of the effects of the center diff lock/open as forza usually just had a simplified diff with just torque bias.
  10. nukeded


    The rain is alright to me but I usually don't even pay attention to it. But my biggest concern is the engineers seem to have never heard of Rain X