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  1. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    Personally i read more often that players were disappointed about it than players which have no problem with this, for example at twitter or on the reddit page. I have never said that i represent all oder the majority of the players, english is not my native language so do not pin me down on that term. ^^ (if you want Change it to "me and at least a few other users") Like i already said, career and championship are different Topics for me. I do not want to offend you, we have different positions on that and will never get on the same terms ^^ .Personally i think i will wait until 2020. From the time i've read the tweet i did not expect that codemasters will change that (much too late in development progess, less than 2 months until release), i just wanted to voice my opinion and discuss this here, maybe inform some people who did not hear about this. For me the F2 is not really fledged out, it was maybe a little bit misleading in early marketing and i hope it will be better in 2020. Also i hope 2019 will become a great game and that you and everyone who buys it will have a good experience and fun with it. 🙂
  2. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    Nope, the first journey mode had the complete league Season, the Story focus at the end was on the FA Cup, but if you were good enough you could also win the Premier League. There were some games with narrative Content, but most of them did not have any of it. Imagine the new FIFA, which has the CL included, but it is only as a story and as a single Championship, but not as part of the Career... And like i already said, for me and many other payers it is a huge difference if i Play the f2 just as a Championship or it is really implemented into the Career. I can understand your aguments, but there is no one (in my opinion) that really speaks against having an option to do it.
  3. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    I mean races without any story content. FIFA and the 2k Games had matches with and without it. So it cant be really hard to integrate it. I totally understand that some players do not want to have the full f2 season. Also i do not want to force them into playing it. Because of that i suggested that the player can choose if he wants the complete season, only the narrative races or no f2 at all. I think it would be better to let the player choose which experience he wants to play. But i can already guess that this will be "THE GREAT CAREER FEATURE" of F1 2020, to have the full season integrated. I mean, F1 2019 will still be a great game but i was already a little bit tired of them and i thought about skipping this years game and waiting for F1 2020. The chance of getting the full F2 season in career was an argument for buying F1 2019, but now i am really doubting that. I can not understand why codemasters did not at least give us the option to choose what we want (and i mean, it cant be hard to integrate the other events). For me it is just a lazy design decision or like @danort17 said "hey, let's add that - but not really"
  4. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    I mean there were some reports that mentioned that. Have to search it tomorrow but i am 99% sure.
  5. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    Come on, other games like FIFA und the 2K Games also have filler Matches, why cant you have filler races in F1 2019 then? I mean it does not take much Energy to at least give us the otion to do the other races if we want... Yeah you can skip that. Sadly there are no more Options but at least you can skip F2 if you dont want these races.
  6. Groce77

    F2 in Career Mode

    https://twitter.com/TheLeeMather/status/1124325982545035264 Sorry Codemasters, but why? At least give us the option to have the complete F2 Season in Career Mode. Maybe make a clear statement About this because i think most people expected that the full season is implemented and not everyone is following what Lee answers on twitter. Why wont you give us three Options? 1. Skip F2 2. Only the three narrative events 3. Complete Season, narrative events implemented I understand that i can play the complete f2 season as a championship, but for me it's a difference if i play as my own created Driver with combined statistics, Impact which team you can join in f1 based on your performance in the season or just a single season without any additional content. Sorry for my bad english but i had to get it off my chest ^^