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  1. Banjist

    Micro stutters on high end PC

    That is what I did, still the issue persists. I don't know what I have left to try...
  2. Banjist

    Micro stutters on high end PC

    Still have the same micro stutters as well...
  3. Banjist

    Micro stutters on high end PC

    I can lock the settings to 99hz in game and still see the fps at ~140 while playing. Using these settings:
  4. Hey all, I have a high end PC (8700k / 2080ti) and DR 2.0 has been displaying a frame rate of 144+ since around the first patch but rendering these micro stutters that make playing it impossible. I have tried disconnecting all extraneous USB peripherals, running on low settings, and running as administrator - nothing seems to help. When I watch my system stats in game, the CPU sits cold at 18% and the GPU seems to live at 90-100% regardless of the settings I am using. I have the refresh rate set to 144hz (tried 120 as well), but displayed fps generally shows in the 180-220 range. When it started I was using a Fanatec CSW 2.5 and now on the DD2 the problem persists. I love this game and would desperately love to keep playing it. Someone help me please, I am tearing out my hair over here.