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  1. I had not, but just did. No difference unfortunately. Still big skips every few seconds, bad enough to be unplayable.
  2. PC - Deluxe Edition I am still unable to play this following a patch roughly 1 month after launch that started a stutter every few seconds. I have tried everything I can possibly think to try and have a top tier machine. I would very much love to continue playing this game and getting back from it what I paid in. The stutter occurs every 3-8 seconds roughly and lasts half a second or so. I have tried: removing all peripherals, different displays, low settings, high settings, v-sync, g-sync, free-sync, no-sync, rolling back drivers, continuing to update drivers, uninstalling the game, changing various nvidia control panel settings, capping frame rate, uncapping frame rate, etc... Worked fine at first, then this started following an update. Intel i7 8700k, 2080ti, 32GB RAM, x2 ultra-wide monitors (Samsung 32:9 and Asus 21:9), m.2 2TB Samsung Drive, Fanatec DD2 and Clubsport. I'm tearing out my hair here and have exhausted any options I can find. Can someone please help me to solve this?