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  1. mattzd

    DRS now reaching 400+ kph!!

    For sure, peoples will now repeating all events with this "feature" ...
  2. Seriously?! Everytime... VID_20190711_154018.mp4
  3. Hello. @ChrisGrovesMCM Again, we need a fix to avoid using shortcuts / cutting in event. Can you ? VID_20190701_091414.mp4
  4. mattzd

    Update 6 feedback hub

    First and the most important - phone is ***** hot ! The optimalization since U5 is a joke. Currently on 2 years old top level phone (Huawei P10) i am able to run only 5 minutes on Spielberg, just before overheating and fps drop to about 5 !! That's the point to playing on this game with wet towel for cooling my phone before every race? Thanks that my phone not support your stupid haptic feedback, which we cannot turning off when we want to play in the night... I did not spot any "tweaks" regarding community feedback... @Xoloth described all of bugs which we announced and what can you mark as fixed? NOTHING. And yes, every track have differrent sectors, but it is not divided for ios and android. Sometimes two players from the same platrorm cannot compare their sector times because of that...
  5. mattzd

    No grip after update

    Just stop making full aero setups and add some handling... For me car driving far better...
  6. mattzd

    June 6 patch notes

    Thanks @ChrisGrovesMCM ! I will abuse your help... But please look at this and fix this before event if possible... VID_20190610_211153.mp4
  7. mattzd

    June 6 patch notes

    @ChrisGrovesMCM again cheaterssssss.....
  8. mattzd

    Event track hacking

    What are you meaning by "top drivers" ? Currently i am at #28 place and i don't have any knowledge about old tracks, and never did any modification in files but i know many peoples in top playing on iOS.. so... Even the best exploit cannot replace skill on other parts of track. But... @ChrisGrovesMCM definitely, your team should look into that.
  9. mattzd

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    Thanks for reply 😉 Yes, for me AI is far better than previous including less aggresive, but when i try to hit them, sometimes they sliding from left to right causing really big crash, they are trying to hold line by making impossible turns.
  10. mattzd

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    Maybe you finally answer about important bugs like SPA sprint , connection stability or performance and take any responsibility instead of topic removing? Are you interested only our moneys or more happy players? Deleting critics is not a proper way... Regarding AI... For me now is good. Good player can win with bots.
  11. mattzd

    Latest patch status

    I saw that for Williams 3d dynamic line is corrupted also.
  12. Hello. After 2 months of playing in F1 Mobile Racing and reached gold tiers in every events i have few thoughts about current scoring system. What is the key of that ? Australian GP gives me 45k points, longer Bahrain 40k, again longer Baku 33k but much shorter Spain 34,5k and the shortest Monaco 33959 points in top20 result. How it is calculated? I thought that shorter track = smaller overall pace = better scoring.. Maybe time for improve i.e. better overall time gives more points ? Not good when scoring is almost equal for Baku where races have 14+ minutes and Monaco, where overall race time is under 10 minutes...
  13. mattzd

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    What do you mean with "false times"? False time was 1.21 in Baku, not 1.07 in Spain or even 1.01 in Monaco. These times are properly regarding to this game where track layout is too small and thanks to that we can do times 10secs faster than real F1. My best clean lap in Monaco is 1.02,45. I don't have even all using epics on lvl2. Players with full lvl4 set should break 1.01 easily.
  14. mattzd

    Fix the racing line please

    I spotted that 3D dynamic lines are almost constantly red.. 2D dynamic which i am using working for me as earlier.