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  1. mattzd

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    What do you mean with "false times"? False time was 1.21 in Baku, not 1.07 in Spain or even 1.01 in Monaco. These times are properly regarding to this game where track layout is too small and thanks to that we can do times 10secs faster than real F1. My best clean lap in Monaco is 1.02,45. I don't have even all using epics on lvl2. Players with full lvl4 set should break 1.01 easily.
  2. mattzd

    Fix the racing line please

    I spotted that 3D dynamic lines are almost constantly red.. 2D dynamic which i am using working for me as earlier.
  3. mattzd

    May 21 Update

    The fact is that i feels handling us much better but... real F1 cars also have their own evolution and handles better than on the begining of the seasson... Remember that current we have F1 2019 spec cars with announce that they will be update to further spec including proper names of cars, so i think will be next changing of their behaviour/handling in the future.
  4. mattzd

    Fix the racing line please

    Racing lines never worked properly, lot of corners with red marks i could drive at full throttle i.e Suzuka, S2 in Brasil or chicane in Melbourne at the beginning of S3.
  5. mattzd

    May 13 Status Update

  6. After new update game working really smooth šŸ˜®
  7. mattzd

    May 13 Status Update

    @ChrisGrovesMCM What kind of improvements on Monaco ? Still w can cut chicane after tunnel. I see also more grip.
  8. mattzd

    May 13 Status Update

    Read Facebook, Twitter etc... Game is in maintenance mode.
  9. This is pathetic.. After every 10 minutes of China's event i need to put my phone on cold table and wait because of overheating. Only in this game... It is not OS related issue, as you can see, iOS users also have the same. Update 4 worked smooth on Android 8 and Android 9, now some tracks are practically unplayable...
  10. Are you serious ? So, after your fault with Baku, all Android players got bronze and cannot win gold rewards ?
  11. Looks like they are fixing them or deleted results, still on 1st place guy with 23 lvl and 350k points from 4 rounds...
  12. mattzd

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    @ChrisGrovesMCM i have got 30 local updates. Any news?
  13. mattzd

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    And now, return to the game... This track should be main reason to introduce disualifying for cutting. About 1s can be gain with that despite the engine penalty. My FP1: VID_20190513_130314.mp4
  14. mattzd

    Spain Grand Prix

    I have recorded video with 1:09,34. VID_20190513_092801.mp4 Quali i've end with 1:08,74 due to breaking 24.00 in S2.