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    New update

    Thanks @CMF1mobile for ruining 0 PI event. I've lost 6k points in Canada because i was not able to compete before update, and now after #1 in USA, i am losing 5,8k points to global #1. Math is simple.
  2. mattzd

    New update

    Told us guy with 7th level. 😂😂😂
  3. mattzd

    New update

    Drove few days and still for me new assists is a piece of sh.... And thanks to this morons, i've dropped from 5th to 11th in 0p.i. event global leaderboard because i was too busy to compete on first days when Canada was open, then after update no any chances to be in top.
  4. mattzd

    New update

    It doesnt change anything if someone drive 1.50 on Spa...
  5. mattzd

    New update

    What an idiots... Instead hear pro drivers, they changed assist for inters...
  6. mattzd


    You dont understand one thing. Peoples wants to have choice. They started with arcade, payed for this model and now everything is changed. If someone playing without assist, nothing has changed, but for most players this is completely new game. Peoples will leave this game rather that learning from the begining. For me, player from Top20, this game now is unacceptable.
  7. mattzd

    New update

    Buhahahhahaha @ChrisGrovesMCM again showed that for him game is never too much fvcked up! Redesigning assist during open events is a COMEDY !! For now, noone is able to compete with players in Three 0PI events and Spa in Community Event. Another reason to never pay more on this game. Hope for most peoples. With managers like Chris, F1 should take away licence for this ****. And again, this same guy never answer, and propably delete that post, because cannot handle criticism and be a MAN!
  8. Hello. I am really loud laughing when i read @ChrisGrovesMCM's note on blog regarding 0 P.I. Event: "the 0 PI Challenge, which levels out the performance of every player’s car and creates a true test of pure racing talent. " WHAT? Retries payed out with 4, 8 and 10 for each is a verification of racing talent ? Even the biggest racing talent cannot play equal with others because of poor performance. If you want to check who is the fastest then make 0PI and 0CR event! Now, paydrivers are still with huge advantage. What else? 4 events drains CR's, then next starting tomorrow, and then seasson pass again for $20? For what? For frustration, cheaters like FUCODEMASTERS, bots from hell and so on? You are interested only with our wallets, not making the best mobile racing game. Official cars event was a really scrap, you pushing peoples for buying cars even if their aren't equal at all. Retry was cheap, that's only one good thing. But now ? Reward 60CR for 4 events, where retries are expensive? Are you blind or what? Stop scamming about fair playing. community feedback etc. because you are completely deaf for what we want. And take criticism like a man, instead of deleting posts and banning on socials.
  9. Hello, Since few days i am observing that peoples getting bans and deck reverting for a bug with entry challenges appeared in Update 5. There was a loophole with that, when after starting game without mobile data/poor signal game won't run, then after restart entry challenges appears. For now, i know about 10+ cases (including me banned 1,5 month ago for 7 days, had a simple macro in phone -> Turn on mobile data WHEN app requiring data is running). Long time i didn't know that's trigger for exploit, then after discovering that disabled that macro before June. Lot of peoples until today don't have a known about that, playing always fairly, and now have bans, deleted GP Events scoring, R&D points and deck reverted to state from April or May. Spend lot of cash for car/VIP/CR packs, 3k+ duels with 2,5k+ won and 12 epics remaining. What is fairness for Codemasters? Stealing cards bought for real moneys? Before Update 5 i had whole epic set on LVL3, and after your "calculation" got LVL1 with 4 parts remaining for LVL2. After introducing legendary parts, i spent lot of cash for CR for getting Legendary Aero (about 15 opened Boxes on whole month) and they stole everything. Now after hard month repeated whole events, and got deck the same as i had 3 months ago. What is fair with peoples gaming for free and Top of GP Events (Top of paydrivers)? So, for now, everyone who's ran game on weak mobile signal causing entry challenges appears again in the past can be ban. Good Job, Codemasters! That's the next reason to stop playing in your games. If you delete that topic, i will create another one (or someone else). Peoples should know now, that they can be banned even if playing fair, but by mistake got entry challenges...
  10. And what now ? @ChrisGrovesMCM read PM but no answer? @CMF1mobile no any comment ? Just unfair bans and stealing legally achieved cards ? That's your idea for FAIR playing ? Got message from my friend from Germany. He playing on iOS, got ban too and never didn't nothing wrong, just had bad Internet. Now have ban and after asking just got an email that he will be have 14 epic, 36 rare and 360 common parts. After 9 month of gaming, over 5000 duels and over 200 Euro spent!!! Dear community, better stop spending moneys on this game... It may be the worst spent moneys in your life.
  11. As i wrote. I was banned 1,5 month ago for 7 days. Got unban "exceptionally". They modified my deck to ridiculous state far before Update 5, so they steal me about 15-20 each epic card just to state from June!! Now lot of other peoples got bans for the same reason and their deck is also modified. Noone did anything wrong, but if i ask, they confirm that few months ago they had incident, when they got entry challenges. Thousands of dollars now are lost for lot of peoples due to bans for game bug no to use intentionally. All players got message that bans are for "illegal activities".