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  1. Hong20


    That’s impossible time for Monza grid start ...
  2. I received nothing....paid 100 credits.. please give me the reward.. thanks.
  3. Hong20

    Spain Grand Prix

  4. I just played a duel France qualifying and my opponent suddenly super fast and I can see the car definitely out of track.. no way he can did that time on sector 2. here is the evidence... and I did almost perfect .. by the way how can my lap time is not updated... please update my time ..
  5. Hong20

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Didn’t get any reward when the time expired..
  6. Hong20

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Can’t load the game at all...
  7. Hong20

    Many many problems

    1. I spent 100 credits for Australia Grand Prix but the errors keep popping out when I finished 1st qualifying . And now only 17 hours left......... 2. The game is crashing when I try connecting with Game Center today. 3. Can’t change race number and flag and Helmet. please fix these problems thanks.......