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  1. SMJT

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    That's a lie, my analog stick works with GT Sport but doesn't work with the F1 games. It is a CodeMasters decision to not focus on this. This will be my last post, I'm done with being disappointed with this developers decisions. Years ago when I much younger this company screwed me over with a game called "Operation Flash Point Dragon Rising" it was then I realize limitations of this developer, lucky for me I have only paid full price for a F1 game once. But I will now be jumping ship and the best advice I give you all is to do the same. All the best everyone.
  2. SMJT

    F1 2018 to 2019 updates

    If anyone from Codemasters is reading this, has there been any tweaks or updates to the driving mechanics in the 2019 addition and what can we expect?