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  1. Expert level!!! I will give it a try, but not sure if that's too much for my hands on the controller
  2. Thanks for the advice! Sadly after 2 weeks without playing it seems like 1.4.1 changed something of the suspension model(maybe just for me?) so it feels like easier to lock under braking. More things to learn
  3. Hi guys, May I have some suggestions on hairpins after long straights? I mean if I turn with handbrake right after braking my car suffers from the hight pressure on the front wheel under braking so what I basically get is that the front wheels keep going straight with a big turn on the rear (lift-off oversteer along with handbrake maybe?) and the car just keeps sliding to the outside. Should I brake earlier to approach the corner at a really low speed, release the brake earlier to unload the front tires, and then turn quickly with throttle to create oversteer? Thanks!
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