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  1. ThiesTHL

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    I think AI behaviour has improved as well! Minor irritation: Track records should be shown as ‘1:08,436’ and not as ‘1:8,436’.
  2. ThiesTHL

    Please enter your part names for setup tool.

    Each part's maximum level is based on its rarity. Common parts can be upgraded to level 8, Rare parts can be upgraded to level 6 and Epic parts can be upgraded to level 4.
  3. ThiesTHL

    wrong way?

    I appreciate the wrong way message below very much. I thought I was right on track 😁.
  4. ThiesTHL

    Spain Grand Prix

    New at league 1, I would like to avoid a start position 20. Right now I am even struggeling with Q3, which is 1:15:20. leaderboard tops at 0:54:45 (?). I consider it difficult to find 20 secs. I tried running full areo - aero/power - aero/lightweight - aero/handling. What’s your strategy?
  5. ThiesTHL

    Qualifying Ghosts

    And also the ‘low battery’ warning, which always appears in narrow turns 🤣
  6. ThiesTHL

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    I miss access to the leaderboard after a finished event.
  7. ThiesTHL

    Azerbaijan or Azerbaijan't?

    I was also hopeing never to get blocked by Alonso or hit by Ericsson again 😂. Maybe on the third event they upgrade the event to 2019...