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  1. ThiesTHL

    Car goes airborne after getting hit

    oh yes. Fortunately the game informed me I was going the wrong way,,,
  2. ThiesTHL

    Track records gone?

    All my track records are gone (and distance drive = 0). Other player profile values are still intact. Just me?
  3. ThiesTHL

    can’t race

    yes. works again for me 😁🏎
  4. ThiesTHL

    can’t race

    How would you see, how much RAM your phone has, and which programs are currently occupying it?
  5. ThiesTHL

    can’t race

    They address the issue in topic iOS - "The game crashes when loading a Race Session or playing in Single mode." and state that The root cause of these crashes seems to be a lack of memory (RAM) in the device used to play F1® Mobile Racing. which I think is difficult to understand, as my iPhone 8 has 256 GB, of which 218 GB are unused...
  6. ThiesTHL

    About Official cars

    actually I have the Haas, and it seems to behave like in the real world: Sometimes I have a chance and sometimes the car is complete rubbish and even the Williams overtake me 😁😂🥴
  7. ThiesTHL

    can’t race

    I could qualify in Sotji, but when I start the first race, I can choose my setup, track loads to 99% and the the game exits to iOS start screen. Same problem in Monaco. Anyone else who experienced this?
  8. ThiesTHL

    Paying to retry?

    do you also have to pay the retry credits if you have a season pass?
  9. ThiesTHL

    Highest GP Event place yet.

    the thing is: it’s not so easy to drive without brake assist, once you have driven 4000 duels with it....
  10. ThiesTHL


    or photoshop 😉
  11. ThiesTHL


    I don’t think you can buy boxes. Just parts...