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  1. Finally, i made it with 1:25 difference with Spanish driver. And i have take and the last trophy of Dirt Rally 2.0. Thanks for this amazing, great, game.
  2. I have complete all the scenarios in very difficult set except Greece 1996 with Subaru Impreza 1995 .Finish one minute ahaid of the Spanish driver.It's very very difficult. Any tips guys?
  3. Beat the Spanish with 1 minute or more in Greece. It's very difficult, my best result is only 20 seconds ahead in very difficult set.
  4. Yes, i repeat the Australia and the trophy "if in doubt" came to me. Now i will try for the "flat out".
  5. I get the first trophy in scenarios and now i will try the very difficult level to take and the last one trophy of Dirt Rally 2.0. Thanks a lot for the solution. My tries is after the 1,14 patch. PS4.
  6. Come on guys of CM. You must be more serious. There is a big problem. Enough.
  7. Can I have a camera at the replays on the cockipt view in third person? I like very much the camera behind the driver and co-driver in the middle.
  8. Today i lost 2 daily races. I have play them, then server couldn't connect and when he connected i was DNF.This game deserves something excellent i believe, about servers.
  9. OK, thanks for the information. I will wait for the next update(are we sure that we will have a solution in the next update?).
  10. If i try to make them in very hard difficulty they will unlock? I haven't try it because the first one didn't popped, with medium difficulty. PS4.
  11. Yes, you are right. I believe many people they gonna play this days, over the weekend. And why not? It is the best game, if we can connect of course. So keep an eye on it team of CM.Thanks, and let's play.
  12. Very good today. It works at the moment fine. Greece.
  13. Now it's working fine and fast. I hope that it will be the same in afternoon and after.
  14. The problem with the servers of CM was always a big problem. And now with a lot of players from ps plus who took the game the servers... Does not exist.
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