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  1. Mitchell7x

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    I love F1 very much but that doesn't mean I'm gonna buy every F1 game blind. The biggest reason I'm not buying F1 2015 is because I like F1 and I want Codemasters to build the F1 game I like. Not buying the game sends a message to codemasters they have to up their game. Buying the game makes Codemasters think they can do what ever they want and we will still pay. pCARS has F1 cars and it has some of the F1 racing tracks. It even has retro F1 cars. So there is enough of F1 going on in pCARS. Yes I won't be able to race in a Mercedes F1 car and my team mate won't be Hamilton but this can be a good thing because we do this every year. Every year the same teams and almost the same drivers, almost the same tracks. pCARS will be a fresh F1 experience, one I haven't played ever. It will be all new. And just like in F1 we will be sweating our asses of to get some tenths of our laps. Actually pCARS will give a better F1 experience than F1 2015 because pCARS gives you the full career of an F1 pilot. You can start with karting like all the world champions did and mover up the ranks to your final goal: F1. That's the advantage that pCARS has. They don't have to play by the rules of an F1 license.  Will there be things I will hate about pCARS? Probably! I will hate the fact that it is not mandatory to use both compounds. But the pro's of pCARS do outweigh the cons.  Much more bang for your buck. If you want to drive an F1 car pCARS has you covered. So it's not comparing oranges to apples. It's comparing limes to oranges. They taste different, look different but they are both part of the same family. Thing is I'm not even going to play the single player on F1 2015, since I am a fierce competitor in leagues so I honestly don't care what single player has to offer. So no, I do not thing P cars will give me a better F1 experience in terms of competing in a season on all the tracks with the most talented drivers out there. I will use PCars to enjoy driving around other cars in offline mode though!
  2. Mitchell7x

    Can F1 2015 be close to Project Cars

    I  really don't get you people, there is no way PC can match the complete F1 experience, and you are all huge F1 fans, right?! I'm pretty certain F1 2015 cannot match the realism/sim style and in depth of  PC, simply because they did not have 4 years to work on one game. But that does not matter to me. I can say what I want, in the end I'm going to buy F1 2015 anyway because I love F1 that much, I just hope that CM recovered from the pile of  **** they made last year and that the game mechanics are actually a bit better now. With the new engine and new possibilities the new consoles bring, I am pretty confident that I will have a blast with F1 2015 again, and I will buy Project Cars as well, just because I love racing and if I want a break from sweating my ass of trying to get a few extra tenths out of each lap on F1 2015, I can then do some karting or drive around in a non-F1 car. Long story short: It's comparing apples to oranges and they are only vaguely in the same ballpark for people who just enjoy general racing and don't want to specifically drive any car (F1 nor what PC has to offer)
  3. Mitchell7x

    Announcing F1 2015

    A Dutch site apparently had an exclusive interview with Codemasters, and there they were told that there would be the option to do manual starts (so jumpstarts would also be possible).  Link: http://www.f1journaal.be/index.php/nieuws/artikel/f1-2015-een-exclusief-interview-met-codemasters/
  4. You could put traction control on medium for the wheel, that would level the playing field quite a bit. You probsbly still will have a bit more tyre wear, but pace wise it should be easier to follow
  5. Are you for real Zombie? Im on a pad and can do mid 13s on Hockenheim, also TRL Rosberg was most likely the fastest wheel user out there and he had to drop out AOR F1 because us pad drivers had way more traction and less tyre wear, only on one lap it was managable to match the pace (or dven be quicker, depending on the track) only on Austria wheel users actually have a real advantage over pad users, case closed lol
  6. Mitchell7x

    Announcing F1 2015

    I've read a Dutch interview with Codemasters, where they mention that damage is going to be way more realistic(its an option for the driver) to the extend that even minor contact can damage your car, unlike the previous games where you needed serious impact Link plz? I know Dutch. I find it odd this damage subject has not been mentioned on any english articles. thanks. http://www.f1journaal.be/index.php/nieuws/artikel/f1-2015-een-exclusief-interview-met-codemasters/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+F1journaal+F1journaal.be+-+Dagelijks+F1+Nieuws
  7. Mitchell7x

    Announcing F1 2015

    I've read a Dutch interview with Codemasters, where they mention that damage is going to be way more realistic(its an option for the driver) to the extend that even minor contact can damage your car, unlike the previous games where you needed serious impact
  8. Having custom helmets online would be awesome, you could create your own trademark
  9. This isn't necessarily a topic about people who occasionally try to take you out when they lose, this is mainly about a handful of drivers who are dedicated to taking people out and don't even care to race properly the least bit.  For example American Flag has honed his taking out skills so well, that he can actually destroy or puncture my rear tyres if he rams me (probably has something to do with braking at the right time to make sure your car does not ghost). It was not luck, he has done it on a regular basis. Anyway, the best way to go is to contact someone from Codemasters, but with footage? Any names/twitter pages of  Codemaster employees?
  10. So after carefully reading the rules, I came to the conclusion that no matter how objectively I formulate things, I cannot actually write down a GT on here because it will fall under the 'name and shame' category. I find it a bit odd that this rule exists, since you are basically protecting people ruining the game experience but anyway, I will call them American Flag and Irish Flag. Since the decline of the online community you tend to race the same drivers more and more. This also triggers the unfortunate effect of having to race the same few persons every now and then who join lobbies, solely to crash out the leaders and others. Is there any way Codemasters can just ban drivers? They are adding nothing to the community, even worse I'm pretty sure they are chasing away people from online racing. I am also aware that a lot of people have filed complaints against these two individuals. (xbox 360) But it does not seem to have any effect at all. I filed a complaint and ticked them as players to avoid, but like mentioned before the community is too small to actually avoid them. They can just join your lobby and there is nothing you can do about it.  So long story short: can Codemasters do anything about two specific cases of players who solely play this game to take out people? If so, who do we need to contact for that? Can we sign a petition or something? Because I know a lot of drivers who feel the same way.  I tried my best to stick to the forum rules, but if I somehow still violated any let me know and I will edit the main post.
  11. Mitchell7x

    New structure at CM ?

    'the first step'... really? 
  12. Mitchell7x

    pit stop and re-fueling

    Play around with the fuel mixes during the race. best is to run lean mix in a slow section of a circuit, for example S2 of Brazil, and then run standard in S1 and S3. That way you slowly save enough fuel to make it to the end, without losing too much time.
  13. Mitchell7x

    Melbourne last corner

    Alright I am a pad user (xbox), but still feel like I can give you some tips :-) First off: I was quite a bit off pace on this track (still am) and I can barely scrape into the 25s in Q, PB being a 1:25:6 I was very uncomfortable with how the car behaves here so I like to use 6-6 wings. I know, it is a lot but it gives you huge stability throughout the lap! 4-1 also works reasonably well, 2-1 is too little wing for my liking. As for the balance, I still haven't really figured it out yet. 11-8 seems to work pretty well, but so does 5-6. I think that you don't need 11 on the rear, as it will make the car less stable and especially with these torque cars I feel that 11 on the rear balance is not necessary anymore! For suspension, 11-1-11-11 is quicker than 1-1-11-11 so I suggest you start using 11-1-11-11.  Biggest tip I can give for the last corner if you struggle with traction: put your fuel into lean mix, this makes it way easier to take the corner. the moment you come out of the corner you can put the fuel back to either rich or standard. on my Q hotlap I put my fuel into standard at T3 (pad user, so lean is not really necessary) and I put my fuel into standard just before the last three corners after the middle straight. Hope this helped you a bit!
  14. Mitchell7x

    I OWN Spa!

    Depends on the league really, I am currently driving in three different leagues, two allow most assists and one bans all assists in their top tier.  DRS can be used in the DRS zone when being one second behind the car ahead of you through the detection zone. Press Y on your controller (I don't know which button it is on PS3 or PC) and the DRS will open, you can only use this in the DRS zone. Im pretty sure that that time is too slow to even be battling with people in the lower tiers of leagues, but that is just a wild guess
  15. Mitchell7x

    I OWN Spa!