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  1. Exactly the same situation since the first version. I also drive on the PC without problems and also have the latest firmware/driver in use. And I know from others with the combination Xbox One Seriex X/Podium DD1 that they still have the same problems. But the label of this thread is still "with developers 2021". So of course I still hope that we will get better at some point...
  2. You are not alone ... hopefully that will come with the next patch. Nor do I understand how to be satisfied with this workaround. It just feels spongy and wrong. I also drive on the PC (no problems) and the change is twice as hard every time.
  3. Same issue here on Series X and Fanatec Podium DD1 with Formula v2 wheel... I tried then with a Drivehub-converter and Fanatec in CSW2.5-Mode, that works fine with correct degrees (but of course: not the same FFB feeling in this mode...).
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