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  1. I've done some searching through the plethora of car suggestions threads. Some of the suggestions gave me a right good chuckle so if you haven't gone digging I'd highly recommend it. That being said I just wanted to bring up the noticeable lack of the new(ish) Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT from the Rally GT class. This one for those of you who don't recognize it: The lack of presence of this vehicle in the Rally GT class is actually rather interesting when you consider how successful this car has been in the R-GT class IRL since its debut. You would think the car that won the 2018 ERC R-GT Chamipionship and the 2018 FIA R-GT Championship, and had some extremely dominant performances in 2018, would be a headlining vehicle for the Rally GT category in Dirt 2.0, but much to your disappointment it is not. Now mind you, you make be thinking right now "But Fireball, the 124 makes only 300 horsepower from a 1.8L Turbo 4, how could it ever compete with the 400+hp cars in the games Rally GT class?!?" And that's the kicker kid, the official FIA homologation guidelines for the R-GT class specifies that vehicles must be limited to approximately 7 lbs/hp (official figures are given in metric as 3.4kg/hp). If you do the math what you'll find is that all of the cars in game in the Rally GT class are already close to compliant with this homologation guideline. Porsche 911 RGT -- 6.48lb/hp Camaro -- 6.95lb/hp Mustang -- 6.83lb/hp Aston Martin V8 Vantage -- 6.51lb/hp The power to weight ratios for the already present vehicles are somewhat high compared to the regulations, but the 124 R-GT car wouldn't be that far off. The rated horsepower output is given as 300hp flat, with the weight being unreleased but estimated at about 2250lb (40ish less than the road car). In theory the car's smaller size and nimbler handling could make it competitive in the rally GT class as it stands currently, but a horsepower bump or weight reduction could bring it to a similar power to weight ratio as the other cars in the Rally GT class in game. Even a small bump of only 30hp up to a total of 330bhp brings the P2W ratio down to 6.81lb/hp which is inline with the cars already present and not out of the realm of possibilities of the 1.8L Turbo 4 derived from the Alfa 4C, which has been modified by tuning companies to exceed 450hp in the 4C, so 330bhp is a feasible and likely reliable number. Let me know what you think about this car possibly making its way into the game. I personally think it should have been a no brainer as a day one release, especially with the Fiat license already being present for the 131 Abarth, but evidently Codies seemed to disagree. I think it would be a valuable addition to the game because it would provide a low weight, "low" power vehicle in the Rally GT class that could still be competitive. It would stand out from the other high horsepower options in the Rally GT class and offer a uniquely different driving experience then others in its respective class. I think this uniqueness is what makes the 124 R-GT a shoe in for a future DLC vehicle, because it would stand out from the others in its class rather than blending in, which I think is a bit of an issue for the most recent additions where I personally think some of the new cars from the "4WD up to 2000cc" class are so similar that they don't quite have the uniqueness to differentiate them from the other offerings in said class. I think when you pay money for an additional car, you want the experience of driving that car to be different from cars you already have, something lacking from the previous car releases, but definitely offered by the 124 R-GT. And since I'm making car suggestions, personally I'd love to see two things make a come back, and a third new addition. 1) The Seat Brand With VW and Skoda already present, the licensing from VAG to use the Seat brand can't be too far out of reach. 2) The return of the F2 Kit Car Class This was by far my favorite class in Dirt 4, the FWD, "high" horsepower nature of these cars makes them unique to drive compared to other offerings in the game. I suspect others did not find them as entertaining as I did, but porting them over seems feasible, the question would be if it's popular enough to actually make it happen. And yeah you can probably guess from my first point that the Seat Ibiza Kit Car was my preference in the class. 3) The partial un-restriction of cross discipline racing. By this I mean opening up the RX cars to regular rally and vice-versa. In theory, licensing restrictions on the WRX cars may prevent codies from being allowed to let them loose on the rally stages. However, the inclusion of the Super 1600 RX class really grinds my gears because S1600 is a wide form of entry level rallying and yet I'm restricted from using the S1600 cars to only RX events. I mean yes realistically the S1600 class in game is RX specifc with important rally related things like a co-driver seat and headlights being removed to save weight. It just seems like adding a rally specifc S1600 class using the current models with added bits could be an easy way to expand the game's playable options. If the cross discipline idea is implemented, even if only in custom championships, I think it still adds value to the game for a low initial investment. Share your thoughts on my ideas, I'd love to hear them. 🙂
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    Frustrating... don't buy it.

    It sounds to me like you are struggling with the entry level career mode difficulty because you don't have a whole lot of time to practice and get better. This is a flaw I think this game has, which is that to get good at the game, it requires some dedication (or at least a lot of natural talent early on). That being said, Skiddy makes a good point noting that you might find more enjoyment from Dirt 3 and Dirt 4 which are more casual gamer friendly. Optionally my recommendation would be this: When you boot up Dirt Rally 2.0 instead of going into the career mode and worrying about spending a bunch of time improving to out pace the AI, try pressing F4 which will bump you over to the "Freeplay" menu. The three primary options for you would be "Historic", "FIA World RallyCross Championship" and "Custom" For you I would start with either "Historic" or "FIA World RallyCross" after selecting either option, the game presents you directly with the option to modify the AI performance (basically the difficulty). What setting would be best for you, I don't know, personally I would start low and move it up if needed (so start for you at like 10-15 and move up or down as necessary). But both of these freeplay game modes offer adjustable difficulty and also give you free access to all cars in the game so you don't have to grind out money to buy the car you want. "Historic" does somewhat limit you by forcing you to drive a 70s car and podium with it before unlocking the 80s cars and so on for the 90s, 00s and such. But with the difficulty set correctly for your skill level, this shouldn't be too much of an issue, and even the first "historic tier" is still comprised of 3 different classes to choose from with 9 vehicle choices, which should be better for you than "always being stuck in the Fulvia." The "Historic" game mode is far more casual friendly than the career mode is and it is a shame they have somewhat hidden it on the second page. Additionally the final mode I mentioned is the "Custom" championship mode. I do not know how you change the difficulty for a singleplayer Custom championship but I'd imagine it's possible, just buried deep in some sub menu. This mode will offer more customizability to you, but is definitely less pickup and play than the "Historic" and "FIA World RallyCross" modes are. My only other suggestion would be to ask you what your control method is. If you are on PC and using a keyboard I'd highly recommend bumping up to a gamepad. If you're using a gamepad, then just understand that this game is far more friendly to steering wheels then gamepads and gamepads require some fine tuning in the control settings to get them to feel "right" if you're looking for a more pickup and play experience in that respect, Dirt 4 is somewhat better with it's easy of access for gamepad controls, but Dirt 3 has by far the best default gamepad setup and you will find that Dirt 3 has the best pickup and play experience. The game is somewhat dated and isn't for sale on steam anymore, but can be picked up almost anywhere for a relatively low pricee. If you really must have a steam copy, you can usually find one for a rreasonably small price on key resale websites which I won't mention by name here. Let me know if you need anymore advice or help. 🙂
  3. Yeah that's for the audio cutting issue though which I have but has at least been addressed. The primary issue for me is the software compatability between my headset and the game, which causes the headphones to physically shut off at random times, but only when plugged in. The cutting is so infrequent now that it is basically a non-factor for me, but having my headphones shutdown every 15mins and having to reach up and reset them mid stage is infuriating, I can't count the number of times I've had my headphones shut off and in the commotion miss a call from Phil and go log cutting. I believe this issue is extremely specifc to my hardware, which is why I cant find almost any information on it or about it. That's why I'm trying to see if anyone with a similar corsair headphone setup has this issue too.
  4. Okay, So I use my Corsair Void RGB 7.1 Wireless headphones as my primary audio device. When playing the game with headphones fully charged and not plugged in for charging, I have no issues with sound in game. However, if my headphones begin to die, I usually plug them in and continue to play, using them and charging them at the same time, this is really necessary for long sessions as my headphones are quite old now and the battery has lost some of its mojo. Anyhow, when they are plugged in like this I suddenly get this inconsistent and irregular sound issue where the game causes my headphones to shut off entirely. If I had to guess I would think that maybe the game is crashing the audio driver somehow? I'd say it happens at least once per stage, but can happen more or less frequently at random. Unplugging the headphones causes the issue to disappear. This has been a recurring issue for me with two different models of corsair wireless headphones and started for me as far back as grid autosport, but DR2.0 has been by far the worst offender. Note that this issue is only tied to codemasters titles, including DR1, D4, F1-17, etc. The headphones work flawlessly in all other aspects of use except for with codemasters titles in specific. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and/or knows how to fix it. Possible Cause in DR2.0: I noticed today specifically that when I disabled the option on the OSD for co-driver call graphics that the issue seemed to dissappear. About an hour later with no issues, I decided i did want the co-driver callout graphics and enabled the option in the OSD settings. After doing this, the problem reappeared relatively soon after, within 10 minutes. I have no idea if that's a coincidence or not but it seems like an odd setting to have that adverse side effect, especially when considering I've had this issue in past CM titles that dont have a co-driver or any related options. Side Note: I also still experience that audio bug where the in game audio goes "pop" and then remains silent, except now quitting to the main menu doesn't fix it (it did when I had this problem the day after release). Now the only solution is quitting the game and restarting it. I thought this was supposed to be patched? Is there some kind of bootleg fix for this? The double trouble of audio bugs is tolerable for the most part but when they start acting up it gets hectic fast, that was the reason I rage quit my session tonight to post this. B/c I had two back-to-back headphone shutoffs then an audio "pop" then I restarted the game. Then had another headphone shutoff, then an audio "pop" then I raged. I'm also pretty sure the two issues presented here are mutually exclusive, even though they are both audio related. The audio "pop" bug is new to me for DR2.0 unseen in other CM games, unlike the headphone shutoff which I'm very familiar with. Thanks! 🙂