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  1. Xbox One here also crashing when hitting continue. Original Xbox One, not S or X.
  2. rickmiller48

    Freeze and crash after race

    Same issue. Regular Xbox One here. It registered my time in a daily even though it crashed but in the new Flat Out add on it doesn't register that I completed anything.. I restarted my console and played another daily and it didn't lock up but then I played one of the Flat Out scenarios and it locked up again. This definitely ruins things.
  3. Same here. Xbox One, still connected fine but no racenet.
  4. rickmiller48

    racenet unavailable dirt rally 1

    I'm getting that it is unavailable in DR2 also so maybe it is down again. Last time it went down on a weekend they didn't try to fix it until Monday so lets hope it is just a little glitch and comes back up.
  5. rickmiller48

    Daily M2 GT

    I just realized this problem this morning doing the AI weekly in New England and couldn't figure out why I was so slow. Then I jumped into the time trials and it was fast again. I even tried different tunes instead of the maxed out one thinking it was a bug similar to the one the Peugeot Group B RX car had but couldn't figure it out. This now makes perfect sense, I'm glad I found this thread.
  6. Same issues here, also Xbox one. Others also reporting this in the "Can't download Latvia" threads