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    Always same bug for xbox deluxe content

    I fully expected this as it has happened every time. The only thing I ask is to run it in the dailies a bit longer. When Latvia came out, it took us so long to get it that it wasn't in the dailies or anything anymore.
  2. I want to drive the Group B cars in my Rallycross career but it will only let me select Super Cars (because I'm at Masters?). Is there a way to select them or is there an easy way to drop back to Elite or something? I tried starting a new career, finished last in all 4 heats, then abandoned the championship but it still left me in masters. Will "Reset Progress" do what I want without affecting my money, cars, or upgrades? I did some searching here but couldn't find the answers to this. If I just suck at searching feel free to just link a thread that covers this. Thanks, Rick
  3. rickmiller48

    How can I drive the group B cars in Rallycross

    I won masters (some lucky rain at my worst tracks) and it just popped up and said I won Masters, nothing special. Might have been an Xbox achievement but I never check those.
  4. rickmiller48

    How can I drive the group B cars in Rallycross

    Thanks, that worked. I can also confirm dropping back to Elite opens up all the rx cars for me to use. I had tried to lose the first couple races then abandon at a point where I was the only driver with zero points but that didn't work. So that tells me if you are ever about to be relegated all you have to do is abandon and it will keep you in whatever level you are. Now I just have to stay out of the top 3 while I'm leveling up these couple cars.
  5. rickmiller48

    Deluxe content same problem to dowload

    The new content doesn't show at all if I go through the store link in the game into the store. If I go into the Xbox store then into the page to buy the game, then addons, I see them but it wants me to pay (took it all the way to the credit card screen). On Xbox 1 with deluxe edition in the US. It's no big deal, at this point I just expect it since there have been some sort of issues with the Xbox store on just about every dlc release. Just happy that this time I didn't lose things I already had like 2 weeks ago. Also, since this seems to happen all the time, can they run dailies on the new content longer. By the time they got Latvia sorted out the only way to check it out was in custom championship.
  6. Same issues here, also Xbox one. Others also reporting this in the "Can't download Latvia" threads
  7. I just now tried to get the track thinking that since this happens so much I would give them time to get things straight. Not only can I not get Latvia but I lost group B RX cars totally. Can't buy them again or anything. Xbox says they are still installed but in the game the class doesn't even show up. I just popped back in and I've lost a lot of content. Lost the whole group B RWD class and it won't let me do the D+ daily because it says I don't own the deluxe content pack which I do. ***
  8. rickmiller48

    "Fix" for audio loss mid-race

    I've never had it on Xbox either. I play using USB wireless headphones 100% of the time, it that matters.
  9. Same here. Thought it might have just been delayed this morning but still nothing.
  10. rickmiller48

    Leaderboard incorrect in Monthly AI Challenge

    I had this happen also. I hate to say but I actually exploited it because I wrecked hard lost 2 tires causing me to lose a lot of time. Just exit the monthly, then go back in and we are all level again. Only bad thing is from that point on, I started first so I had no idea how my time was during a stage (that may have been a plus now that I think about it).
  11. rickmiller48

    Season 1 Germany

    Same with the US XB store. In the store (as an addon for the base game only, not under deluxe like the others) but it definitely wants payment. On some other addons it showed a price but when you hit buy now it would say you own it then you could install. This one goes right to the point of charging my card and I stop.
  12. rickmiller48

    Missing Impreza?

    When I played after work the Impreza was suddenly there. I had not done anything except turn it off, then turn it on 10 hours later.
  13. rickmiller48

    No Subaru

    I have the deluxe version on Xbox One and cannot see the new Subaru in my garage or in the for sale area. I have downloaded it and installed it many times with restarts and console reboots thrown in. Outside the game it shows that it is installed both in the store and in the manage game area. All other cars and courses have installed fine in the past including the Ford that came out this week also.
  14. rickmiller48

    No Subaru

    The new Subaru Impreza S2000 now shows up. I didn't do anything, and when I went to play after work it was there.
  15. rickmiller48

    Missing Impreza?

    I've tried every combination I can think of when it comes to uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting the game and console but it still does not show in the garage or for sale. Outside the game it shows installed. This is on a regular Xbox One.