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  1. pinkimo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    I don't have high standards at all (in which world expecting a major base effect of the FFB to be there is having inappropriately high standards?), I don't expect rF2 level FFB, I even play to racing games without FFB, but with a simish gameplay which requires fast and precise reactions, having some of the main effects missing is very problematic, at least for some players. There is different ways our brain can manage our driving, we don't choose which way our brain uses and for many people driving in sims is based a lot on reacting to changes in the FFB, which means it's very disturbing and makes the driving a lot less fun (and effective) if an important effect is missing or broken. It doesn't mean at all that the FFB has to be fantastic, but it has to be complete and functional. What is ridiculous and gets tiresome (and encourage me to complain even more) is that each time someone legitimately complain about those issues, while I always indicate some steps to prove/understand them, there is always people who can't accept that something which doesn't bother them exists and/or can be very annoying for others. You're happy with the current FFB, great, I'm happy for you, you're able to enjoy the game. So why can't you accept that some other people can't enjoy the game because of this issue? Why have you to reject this issue or its importance for some people and encourage codemasters to not fix it? Why do you put some efforts to ensure I (and many others) will never be able to enjoy the game by pushing the dev to not fix an issue just because this is not an issue for you? Will it break your enjoyment if they fix the FFB? You should listen your advice and take a step back. It's a bit like the problem some FPS/TPS using stick emulation have with reverse mouse acceleration (faster you move the mouse, slower the camera moves). Without going into details, there is 2 different ways our brain manage the mouse in FPS/TPS, reverse mouse acceleration completely breaks one of them while it's not even noticable for many players using the other way, and some of them don't understand the issue and reject complaints of people complaining about reverse mouse acceleration.
  2. pinkimo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    You all talk about Tyre Split and Engine Torque, but the main missing effect for wheels, the one which have an active slider which does nothing, is Tire Friction (Tire Slip too but it's kind of a part of tire friction, I don't know if it deserves a separate slider or if it's just a different name designated for a limited rumble effect for controlers). It's because of the lack of this effect that we can't feel at all tires lock under braking or tires spin when exiting a corner on dirt for example, so we can't feel if we put too much throttle on turn exit on dirt and can't manage the throttle through the FFB to keep it on edge, we just understand we put too much throttle by seeing the line widening, which is far from ideal. A good test to understand that is to make tires spin at the start with a powerful car, the engine will rev high, the car will barely move, and you'll feel absolutely nothing in the wheel, nothing telling you the tires are spinning. There is other problems with the FFB (weight transfer, the ones you listed...), but tire friction is the one effect which needs absolutely to be fixed to stop the FFB from messing up the driving and the enjoyment of some of the players (at least the one which drive based on the FFB). As of the Engine Torque, we feel the rumble in the vibration motors which are in Fantatec's wheels. I've not checked if it's the gamepad effect which is linked to the grayed Engine Torque slider or if it's not linked to a slider and can be toned down only from the onwheel SHO setting. It's quite unbelievable that after 6 months, a company which develop FFB since 20 years (I recently tried the first CMR on PC, it had (very poor) FFB) seems unable to understand some very obvious problems, or try to make people think there is no problem. After all, the community managers say since 5 months they are working hard on the FFB and it took 3-4 months to make a very minor fix (tweaking a multiplier, pretty much what we could do by tweaking an XML file since day one, just applied to the suspension effect only instead of the whole FFB in the XML file, a very minor fix compared to the implementation of a missing effect, which shows they were not really working on the FFB, even this minor fix wasn't ready for the 1.4 and they had to release a 1.4.1 for it), but the communication said it was a big fix when it has been released, trying to make people think it required a lot of work. Seriously, it was a fu... multiplier which should have been fixed on the first week... In fact, it's quite unbelievable the FFB has been released like that, it's quite unbelievable the 1.4.1 minor fix has not been released in the first post release patch, it's quite unbelievable that the missing effects have not been added in the first month, it's quite unbelievable that the communication of CM seems to be quite the opposite of what they are really doing. And it's the same thing with many other problems/bugs. The only vaguely logical explanation I see is that they were/are crunching on F1 2019 and GRID and, to release them in a better shape than DR2, took the decision to sacrifice DR2 by spending as little resources as possible fixing bugs (but still a bit to release patches and be able to say they are working hard on it, but those patches contain mostly minor or unfinished/defective fixes or at least not much compared to the time they took to be released) but communicate like if they were working hard on fixing bugs as damage control. I almost never buy games day 1, I did it this time, missleaded by pre-release reviewers which reported nothing about the FFB, and since 6 months, I just can't play to a game I want badly to play and have paid full price because of something I couldn't even imagine possible, releasing a broken FFB on the one game which doesn't tolerate incomplete or broken FFB, your most simish game, while you release games with decent FFB since more than a decade and while DR1 FFB was ok. Having a broken/incomplete FFB on a sim (or simish) game is intolerable, not having fixed it after 6 months is worse...