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  1. RaceSpecEsports

    Looking for league PS4

    Hi mate, not sure what you mean by random day/start times, I think you've misunderstood slightly. We will have multiple leagues and the day and time for each will be set and consistent (they won't change), but just aren't confirmed yet (hopefully shortly). You'll be assigned to league based on your availability, and if you're free every night that shouldn't be an issue? Is there a particular day that you're looking for, and what's your location/timezone?
  2. RaceSpecEsports

    Looking for league PS4

    Hey Mate! We'd love to have you in the Race Spec F1 2019 Series. Here's the link to our Sign-Up Thread for further info:
  3. RaceSpecEsports

    Australian Racing League F1 2019 Sign Up - Season 2

    Hi ARL, Thanks for copying and pasting our F1 Series Sign-Up post basically word for word including our sign-up form with minor edits for your own promotion. This is obvious when reading your post as it mentions all platforms when your league sign-up is only for PS4. We would really appreciate if you didn't so blatantly plagiarise our ideas and content nearly word for word for the promotion of your league. We would further appreciate you removing this post (and it's duplicate) and encourage you to come up with your own original ideas and words to promote your league. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if someone stole your whole pitch to use as their own, so we hope you understand. All the best with your league racing with ARL. Cheers.
  4. RACE SPEC UPDATE (30 May) Race Spec Esports hits 40 new sign-ups in the first 2 weeks of registration! We're blown away by the enthusiasm and response through new sign-ups we have received from the F1 Esports community. Places in all or leagues are filling up very quickly on all platforms, and we're already well on our way to having a second tier on PS4! Dare we say it, but at this rate by the time we kick off in July we hope to have multiple tiers on every platform with the possibility of a third or even fourth PS4 tier. We can't thank those that have signed up to help grow our community enough, you're amazing and we can't wait to race with you! If you haven't signed up with us yet there's still plenty of time to do it, so what are you waiting for?! You'll find all the information you need in the opening post, and click on the link below to sign-up and join the Race Spec Esports community. We hope to see you soon! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
  5. RACE SPEC ESPORTS F1 2019 Series Sign Up (All platforms) CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Sign up for the Race Spec Esports F1 2019 Series is officially open for PS4, XBOX and PC! This is a global series on all platforms which is made by the racers, FOR the racers. We aim to provide the best possible online racing experience and build the series around YOU and your availability. The series is for drivers of all abilities, and you'll be matched with other drivers of similar ability in the leagues you select for a truly competitive and customisable experience. All league races will be live streamed with commentary on our YouTube channel and Twitch. LEAGUES The F1 2019 series will include the following full calendar league options on all platforms. Choose the leagues you want to race in when you sign up and compete in as many as you wish! Global F1 Leagues - Leagues with drivers from all over the world matched by availability, assists used, and driving ability. Regional F1 Leagues - Leagues with drivers from your surrounding region (Europe, Oceania, America etc). F2 Car Leagues - Leagues using the F2 cars new to F1 2019 (subject to the cars being available online). Classic Car Leagues - Leagues where drivers use the same Classic Car for a particular circuit. The Classic Car selected for each circuit will be a car that is infamous at that circuit in a randomised calendar. LEAGUE FORMAT Full F1 calendar in order, with one round each week until completion. Equal performance cars. Short qualifying. 50% race. RACE DAYS AND TIMES We aim to build each league around the drivers participating rather than have a set day and time drivers must adhere to. Therefore the days and start times of each league will be determined based on availability of drivers and be set for each league once sign-up closes. So don't forget to include you're availability in our very easy to use sign up form. WHEN DOES IT START? We anticipate that leagues will commence towards the end of July 2019. HOW TO SIGN UP Sign up is easy and takes less than 2 minutes. During sign up you will need to provide us with your details, availability, and enter your fastest dry Time Trial time for Britain if you play F1 2018 to give us an idea of you driving ability (no screenshot/evidence is required). Once you complete the sign up process you will be invited to the F1 Series Discord Server to join our growing community and keep up to date with the league. We look forward to you joining our community and racing with you in F1 2019! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOLLOW US Signed up yet? Once you have, follow and subscribe to our social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the series. All links are in our signature block. QUESTIONS? If we missed any information you want to know, or if you have any questions, please reply to this thread or contact us via one of our social channels in our signature.