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  1. When I'm about to finish my first Monthly Challenge, this happens again. Retried lots of times, and no luck. Frustrating.
  2. The real joke is that CodeMasters as a big comany can't even fix an issue which matters and exists since launch!
  3. True. I have exactly the same feeling. It feels so frustrating to play the game.
  4. Besides the big outage, are developers aware that many players have trouble with slow(sometime broken) racenet issue? Because this annoys me the most since the games launched last year. Bit outage affects us for "only" a few days at most(it is annoying enough). But constant slow sometime broken racenet is really frustrating! I can't enjoy the game with it!
  5. @PJTierney Any response from the team on this issue? This is something that troubles many players since launch. Is there any further plan that you guys support this game longer?
  6. Met this last night, and it's annoying as usual. And again now!
  7. The RaceNet issue has been there since launch! Have you really tried to fix it?
  8. Fix the broken racenet, CodeMaster. It ruins the experience of play DR2.0 a lot!
  9. I'm using latest Windows 10. I suffer from this issue most of the times when I play DR 2.0 since launch!
  10. JKangSC

    Idea for new season content

    I agree. The idea in Dirt 4 is great. Just need to be polished to make it fun. Sure, it definitely will make the game fresh no matter how long you play it.
  11. Bring back the "Disable mouse UI" feature! CodeMasters, please.
  12. I attach my wheel and handbrake to the desk. When I pull the handbrake, the mouse shows(not every time though, but often enough to **** me off). Moving the mouse to the side each time I play the game is annoying!
  13. JKangSC

    This game deserves Racing Game of the Year!

    Only if there are not too many disappointments in terms of community support, bug fixing, quality releases, etc.
  14. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Well, thanks anyway. Just hope devs will fix it soon.
  15. JKangSC

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Haven't played DR2.0 VR for a while due to the performance issue. Just gave it a try with Oculus debug tool to see how the performance is. Man! I got constent 80FPS(rift s) with high graphics preset, 4x supersampling and 16x anisotropic filtering. Wow. I couldn't manage to get 80fps with mixed low and medium settings before. I still have no idea what have been changed. But how great is that! I'm over the moon. PS: 3700x + RTX 2070 super.
  16. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    @PJTierneyAny news? Do the devs still care about this?
  17. JKangSC

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Can you share your graphics settings? I have a 3700X + 2070 super setup, and I'm stuck with mixed low and medium settings IIRC.
  18. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Chances are there won't be any fix about it. Otherwise they'll mention it in the patch note, unless they don't admit they did some false/fake announcement in 1.10 patch note.
  19. JKangSC

    No dust/gravelsmoke in Killarney

    I have the same question. Maybe they don't have any QA in CM for DR 2.0. Oh, they have one, Jon Armstrong. 🤣
  20. It's been almost two months. So the team hasn't figure out how to fix it? Oh, it's actually been almost ten months since launch. 😞
  21. I believe this is the way CM tried to make this game look coolish. But they failed, hard(at least I don't like that). Across the all locations, the sky is over exposed as well to create a kind of "glorious" effect.
  22. Racenet, what a joke. Shame on you, CM.
  23. It seems many locations have this issue, not just Finland.
  24. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Disappointing. Something(very useful in a rally) that was in DR, is still missing in DR 2.0 10 months after release. CM, what are you guys doing?