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    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Disappointing. Something(very useful in a rally) that was in DR, is still missing in DR 2.0 10 months after release. CM, what are you guys doing?
  2. JKangSC

    Sweden whiteout

    I always think that there is no enough contrast between the road and banks, which makes driving in Sweden in DR2.0 very challenging.
  3. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Why do we have to change dead zone and saturation of the handbrake for it to work correctly? I use Fanatec Handbrake V1.5. I don't change any settings like dead zone and saturation in game. Pulling the handbrake just a little bit locks up the rear wheel. It seems that nothing has changed in terms of handbrake between 1.9 and 1.10 update.
  4. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Went to input settings, reassigned the handbrake, drove the Feista R5 in Dirtfish. Pulling the handbrake just around 10% locked up the rear wheel.
  5. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Still behaves as a button with 1.10 update. Anyone?
  6. I wonder whether there is gonna be a super super deluxe version, or super super super deluxe version?
  7. Yep, lots of things make me think that they seem not to have enough QA engineers in their team, or do they even have any?
  8. JKangSC

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

  9. Because they removed a feature called "disable mouse UI" which is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy useful. BTW, it's super annoying to me as well.
  10. JKangSC

    Why water physics was cut off from DIRT series?

    They've also remove the analogue handbrake, "disable mouse UI", and a few others features that I think are very useful. And think about how long has it taken(is it gonna take) for them to bring these back, which should have been in the game since launch. Codemasters fixed a few features and implemented some bugs in DR2.0 comparing old games. hehe. Don't get me wrong, I do love the game. But codemasters should have focused more in terms of polishing the game and making it a much better experience instead of bring old contents from DR and sell them. I know they want to make money, but they've focused too much on making money.
  11. JKangSC

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - PSVR support

    Just ordered an Oculus rift S, hope the so-promised summer release for Oculus rift comes soooooooon.