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  1. weltmeister2211

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    This game 100% needs another patch, the FFB is done, car sliding around like crazy, just dont have the feeling anymore. Poor AI balance, I play on my T150 wheel, dominated the entire weekend in Sochi by 7 seconds, had very great pace, come Suzuka (on the same 107% AI level) I am 1 second slower that the AI. The AI has crazy traction out of every turn in S1, its a shame. And cant count the bugs. This game had potential to become great, and spectacular, but after 1.05 patch all went downhill. I wont even talk about the disasterous understeer. I play the f1 2018 from now on, at least it feels more realistic, and the game is better as the 19. At least I can feel the car.
  2. In terms of pushing the car to the limit, I could do that more in f1 2018 than f1 2019. Singapore as a rear-limited track for examble, with similar setup, I just slide around with understeer like crazy in 2019. Usually I made a lot of time to the AI in S3, but now we are about equal. Loosing time in S2, because of overpowered AI traction. Would love the 1.05 patch back, the game was amazing, but after I came back from the sea, it just go worse. Playing now on T150, on a 105 AI level (medium TC), I have the pace, but I just feel something is fron with the FFB and the finnese is gone, with feeling the car, this is why I make more mistakes as in 2018. Here is a one video of my driving, it doesnt show what in detail what its wrong, but still, at least the AI is very good this year. Hoping for a new patch 1.08 soon, to fix the problems.
  3. weltmeister2211

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Agree with Senna94f1, the game is not so good as before the 1.06 patch. I also have a T300, and just dont feel the car anymore like I supposed to do before the patch. Yes the car is not sliding around anymore, it has much more grip, but that finesse when correcting oversteer is gone. And AI in WET is a joke. Any chance to go back to 1.05 patch with uninstalling the game, I aprecciate your help? senna94f1
  4. weltmeister2211

    Best F1 Games (Top List)

    In this topic we are going to analyse the best f1 games ever made. And which are these of course, I will just post my opinion, feel free to add many of the posts. I started playing f1 games, when I was about 5 years old. Playing on my friends ps2, the first amazing game on this list was the magical f1 2000, made by Ea sports. That game back in the days with that main menu music was pure gold, gameplay was awesome, it included the splitscreen, live commentary, everthing was very realistic. This was my start. In this topic I will just include the games I played. The next magic game which I played was GP4, oh dear what a game. I played it on a pc, with a pad, well it was awesome and still is awesome. Realistic damage it had, it had very good AI, it had that old vibe. Wow just wow. Still probably the best f1 simulator to this date for me. And yeah it had awesome soundtracks. F1 2004 (ps2). I played this game for ages, it wasnt so amazing, and good than f1 2000, GP4, but still was very cool. The handling was a nightmare, but everything else was okey for that time. F1 CE (PS3). This game was years ahead of the time while being released. It had stunning graphics, it was the first f1 game on ps3, it had career mode with realistic damage, it had setup evolution, in which you had to practice a lot, and then the game give you advice in which setup will you prefer. It had official commentary, very cool HUD. 9/10 for me. This game had better graphics than f1 2010, 11, 12, 13 together. This were my top 4 games back in the days. After f1 2018 came out that game also joined this list. My top list (the games I played). 1. GP4 2. F1 Championship Edition 3. F1 2000 EA sports/F1 2018 together. 4. F1 2004 5. F1 2012 6. F1 2017 7. F1 2016 8. F1 2010 9. F1 2013 10. F1 2011 11. F1 2015 12. F1 2014 Bonus soundtracks, it was also probably a very good game, which I never managed to play. Cheers, and I hope you like it.
  5. Well agree with your opinion. but we cant do anything about it. I tried to drive around all this bugs, really avoiding online races, just playing single, carrer and all was well. But hey they have to fix this problem in reality, with my friend we were playing also a little bit on online, and there were many lag events, when my friend told me I crashed into him, and I was just scratching my head, what just happened. The worse was in Mexico,Australia, when the AI on online will just force you off the track and slide, crash into you, all because of the lag events. Or the problem, when the game puts you into into the gravel, and you didnt do anything wrong.
  6. Why all that negativity, this game has potential to be even better than 18. And f1 2018 was really amazing, if we dont look at the bugs. I look at this game in a different way, it has improved graphics, amazing F2 cars, it has Mclaren, Ferrari f1 2010, which I always wanted to drive. Improved AI system, with them going for a dive bomb and being agressive, like I saw in many videos. It also has better HUD with showing us S1,S2,S2 lap times, purple, green, yellow sector, which was missing. There are things that I wanted to be added, like red flag for examble, and some classic tracks like Turkey, Imola, Magny Cours, Fuji. And a working penalty system with nearly no bugs. We will see, feeling excited is my middle name.
  7. weltmeister2211

    Thrustmaster Wheel + ERS/ fuel changes = help!

    Would love to help, but its the same story for me, been struggling on my new T150 and its ruining my concentration. If you use auto gears I would probably change the menu/ers on the pedals. But hey this is just me.
  8. weltmeister2211

    I've seen a new video of aarava

    Buy f1 2018 it was like 14 euros on the playstation store. And then wait few months for the f1 2019 price to go down to about 30-40 euros. This is probably I will done.
  9. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    robin8f: With your help I found a full second today on this track. The lap still isnt perfect, but I tried to changed my steering angle. Will need some days to get used to it fully, I think I could still find some perfomance in S3,S2 maybe some 0,3s with a lap with no mistakes. Also I changed the steering saturation from 45 back to 0, and that as a combination really helped me. Thank you again. Old laptime: 1:12:448 New laptime and hotlap video: 1:11:425
  10. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Here is a comparision between my lap time in turn 16 to the one guy who had a world record. A big difference really with the steering angle. His lap. My. Turn 1. Really have to fix this.
  11. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Thank you so much for a detailed infomation and analysis. That could be the main problem yes, will try it again today and will come back to you.
  12. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    Here is a video, I was testing in Hockenheim, at the end made about 40 laps, tried different setups and still no difference. You see the wheel angle in low-medium corners is not right, it just wont turn in a proper way for me. Tried the 180° rotation and it doesnt work, changed the linearity to about 45% and its a little bit better, but still not good enough. I was about 1 second faster on the controller at least. Or maybe am still struggling because thats the first time I got the wheel since 15 years, and also havent been playing on the wheel since then. I always played f1 games on a controller, from f1 2010-2018. Any tips are welcomed, where I could find more pace. Using medium TC, will of course try no TC and manual gears, when I get used to a wheel. It will be step by step for me.
  13. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    I will post it here today. RaysDenn: Thank you, maybe thats a solution, will try it again today.
  14. weltmeister2211


    There was a video on youtube about that f1 2019 will have the official hud posted by Maxime MXM. An insider girl who had the opportunity to test the f1 2019 on the fridays release. It would be mega, hope she is right.
  15. weltmeister2211

    T150 wheel problem on f1 2018

    I already posted in the other part of this forum, but this general topic is more active these days. My first post. Just bought the T150 this week and I am struggling with some stuff. Have force feedback at 50%, as I found the 100% too strong. All effects on 35%, wheel damper at 0% and understeer enchance on with 360% degree rotation. The problem is, with the wheel, pedals are working ok. When I manouever the car in the tight medium-high speed corners I dont have that confidence, as the car wont turn in (its not the setup, because on the pad all is well, I can manouever the car to the way I like). So remember that two left long flowing corners in Austria, every time I try to attack the corner the car goes deep, even if I steer with the wheel all the way to the left it just doesnt react as quick. And I am losing time. I might made a video to show you what I mean. Thanks for the help really in advance. Cheers.