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  1. weltmeister2211

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    Easy, I have more feeling in the car on the offset camera than on classic tv. As I can see the wheel and can rotate the car. But hey thats just me.
  2. weltmeister2211

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    If I copy the information. 1. Overtake button is in race only 2. Qualifying you can switch ERS manually, but you only have Hotlap or none as the options 3. You harvest the ERS and overtake deployment in the same way as F1 2019, by under braking or lifting Pretty cool.
  3. weltmeister2211

    What could that be in F1 2020?

    Maybe Imola, Magni Cours, Instanbul, that is all I need.
  4. weltmeister2211

    HUD for replays in F1 2020

    For me it looks like the best f1 codemasters game to this date could be in the making. Cant wait for july.
  5. weltmeister2211

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    Hell yeah.
  6. weltmeister2211

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    One of the best things of 2019 was the ERS managment for me. As playing online I would do this trick many times. Would let the car behind pass me, because while in the lead I have to manage the ERS more to get away. But I usually let the car through and than let him use all of the ers, would sit behind for some 3-4 laps while having DRS and using low or none ERS mode. With staying in the striking distance I than choose one lap for all out attack on the car infront, using the overtake mode. With passing him I can than push for 2-3 laps and usually managed to get away from the DRS. That was the thing that made f1 2019 amazing. Hopefully we could still have at least low-medium-high ers mode using is manually and an strat mode 9 (overtake button). This is all I want.
  7. weltmeister2211

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Really want to join the beta for the first time, it would be lovely to test the game before its released. 2019 was a great game, only thing I would improve is the multiplayer gliches, and unbearing lag sometimes and to much understeer in the cars. This is all. Cheers from Slovenia.
  8. In terms of pushing the car to the limit, I could do that more in f1 2018 than f1 2019. Singapore as a rear-limited track for examble, with similar setup, I just slide around with understeer like crazy in 2019. Usually I made a lot of time to the AI in S3, but now we are about equal. Loosing time in S2, because of overpowered AI traction. Would love the 1.05 patch back, the game was amazing, but after I came back from the sea, it just go worse. Playing now on T150, on a 105 AI level (medium TC), I have the pace, but I just feel something is fron with the FFB and the finnese is gone, with feeling the car, this is why I make more mistakes as in 2018. Here is a one video of my driving, it doesnt show what in detail what its wrong, but still, at least the AI is very good this year. Hoping for a new patch 1.08 soon, to fix the problems.
  9. weltmeister2211


    There was a video on youtube about that f1 2019 will have the official hud posted by Maxime MXM. An insider girl who had the opportunity to test the f1 2019 on the fridays release. It would be mega, hope she is right.