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  1. If I copy the information. 1. Overtake button is in race only 2. Qualifying you can switch ERS manually, but you only have Hotlap or none as the options 3. You harvest the ERS and overtake deployment in the same way as F1 2019, by under braking or lifting Pretty cool.
  2. One of the best things of 2019 was the ERS managment for me. As playing online I would do this trick many times. Would let the car behind pass me, because while in the lead I have to manage the ERS more to get away. But I usually let the car through and than let him use all of the ers, would sit behind for some 3-4 laps while having DRS and using low or none ERS mode. With staying in the striking distance I than choose one lap for all out attack on the car infront, using the overtake mode. With passing him I can than push for 2-3 laps and usually managed to get away from the DRS. That was the
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