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  1. bobbythehuman

    clubsport formula v2 wheel

    Thx could you notify me if this is the same for the 2020 game when it get released
  2. bobbythehuman

    clubsport formula v2 wheel

    I am looking into this wheel I would just like to know some info about it relating to the xbox and this year and future f1 games: do both the lights work (shift and flag) and the OLED display can you use the thumb and centre rotaries and do any extra buttons work in game if you own the wheel and play on the xbox one, could you answer the questions, and comment anything that I would need to know before buying.
  3. a few ideas that could be added, could be: 1. no lose of ERS and/or fuel. which could allow people to be able to race closer to each other without the distraction of changing stuff around, kind of like how it is in formula 2 2. something similar to the first one could be no tire wear would again could make it fairer in 5 lap races 3. better weather for example if it has been raining and it begins to dry up the track should still be damp/wet in the places where the cars have not been, like what you can see at the German GP 4. more weather options, E.G. fog 5. more damage to the vehicles
  4. bobbythehuman

    RSB and LSB not working

    so i have a Logitech g920 and play on Xbox. for f1 2019 i know that this has probably popped up before with the same issue, its just it was the same for F1 2018 there are two buttons on the wheel that don't seem to work, i know that they work because i tried it with Project cars 2. can someone tell me why they wont work or even if they work at all
  5. I am thinking of getting the legends Edition for pc (steam) but with the links on the blog it shows that it is not available only the anniversary edition. Is this because they have released it on that website yet or is it that there is none. I live in the uk Incase u may ask.
  6. bobbythehuman

    Who Else Will Be Getting Legendary Ed F1 2019?

    just like u I want to get the best addition of the game, it is just I don't know if I can get the legends edit on steam in the uk. another thing should I get on the pc or xbox because I don't know which one would work best