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  1. As of the recent patch, the bug still occurs. Where I can’t customise the listed things above. I also believe that trophies can’t be the obtained. the closet thing in the patch notes that could be similar to this bug would be Closing the game during the season transition in MyTeam no longer results in the user having no team name, engine supplier or sponsor
  2. A detailed description of the issue. Game keeps crashing when trying to change badge, team colours or driver profile Report Code i occasionally get one when I get back onto the game but it is about file corruption. I can post the next one I get if u need it Platform? Xbox (series X) Game-mode? MyTeam What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Don’t really know what to try to let me change my badge or team colour Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a thir
  3. Since 100% race makes the tyres wear out quick than a 5 lap race. Does someone know the scale factor or something between tyre wear and distance.
  4. I think the classic track is a good idea but there will probably be problems getting it into the game because of licensing or something. If we can’t get new track I think at least the right rules for what class your doing, like refuelling and speeding in the pitlane and other stuff like that.
  5. This has happened to me a few times. I believe it might be you shifter being in gear since that was what I find causing the problem. If that is the case try unplugging ur shifter or change the buttons of it to something else that you don’t use, then it should work fine.
  6. I do believe that there is an option to see tyre wear and temps on a graphs, as you were doing FP you would have to return back to the pits and in the console it should say ‘stint recorded’ with that you upload that file and at the bottom there is the option to see the average tyre wear across all tyres every lap. However to see tyre temps you have to view it lap by lap for each tyre separately. the (+/- 2 C) I believe means that it is above and below the average temp of 99C by 2. So (97 - 101) .
  7. I had this since the beginning of the year and i have find it to be very useful since it shows more data than what other telemetries i have used. I had problems when i first used it when it would delete itself but besides from that, it did not stop me from re-downloading it. An improvement i would suggest would be to see older files since the current version does not want to support it or that might just be my end. Besides from all that i would definitely continue to use this.
  8. Everyone is still waiting for the LSB and the RSB buttons to work on the Logitech g920
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