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  1. JuanFF

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Simply amazing!!!!!! I've been waiting for this a long time haha. Question though, is it me or the Sauber steering wheel looks more like the Lotus one? Can you guys tell? 
  2. Hey everyone! I've noticed something really weird on F1 2013,  whenever I play GP mode, tire wear seems to be VERY realistic and the AI's pace is also VERY realistic, they're not on qualifying all the time! But in Career mode tire wear is crazy and the AI's lap times are sometimes as good as their qualifying lap times. In a GP mode at  COTA Primes last about 38 laps and in career mode they only last 29 laps... something similar happens to the Option tires. I'm talking about Legend mode, I haven't tried this with lower difficulty levels. But are you guys having the same problem? and can I fix this? Thanks! Juan
  3. Keep in mind that you must choose the tire that you want for your next stint, unless your strategy is meant to be with the tire you want, the game will put on the same tires you had the stint before. So let's say I start with options, my race strategy says I should pit for primes on lap 12, but I want option tires. If I don't choose options, the game will follow the race strategy and I'll get primes. Same thing with the rain, if I'm on full wets and I pit without choosing any other tire, the game will automatically put full wets on my car. So always choose the tires you want for your next stint BEFORE you enter the pit lane. (maybe during your last lap on each stint) Hope this helps!
  4. JuanFF

    Mid-Session Save problem

    Hey! Thanks for your help! I decided to delete my Xbox cache and it worked! but I would like to know a little more about deleting a mid session save. Thanks!
  5. Hi Scrench! Practice sessions in career mode should give you the right feedback. Like I said before, repeat the practice session if you need to, and as as many times as you want, that way, you will get a better feel of the car. About braking, it's true that the person who comes out of that corner the fastest will always win on the straights, but keep in mind that if you brake late, and you trailbrake, you should be able to carry more speed into the corner and thus be faster on corner exit. if you brake, then realease the brakes and then turn in, you're gonna be a lot slower into the corner, even if you're car accelerates well. Look at the current world champions. Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton, all brake really late, but the ability that they have to trailbrake properly allows them to be carry more speed into the corner and thus be faster on the straights. Also they love late apexes. Late apex allows you to accelerate earlier than the geometric apex and thus be faster on the srtaights. I'm not saying you're wrong, actually what you're saying is completely right. In real life, amazing drivers (Schumacher, Senna) always gained advantage on braking. if you trailbrake, you will carry more speed into a corner. A lot of drivers focus on their acceleration but not on the speed they have when entering a corner.
  6. Oh another thing haha, remember that each driver is unique in every single way! Your setup is YOUR setup, the racing line you choose is YOURS, so if you can be yourself when driving (instead of trying to be like someone else) you WILL be better, and you will learn from your mistakes quicker. 
  7. Hi Scrench! Well I see that you like to play the game in a "realistic way" and that's great because not everyone does that! This is what I do for all races.P1 (I tend to do 3 practice sessions, to simulate a real race weekend and also to setup my car). during P1,2 and 3 I learn the track (if i'm not familiar with it) and I setup my car (a Sauber). I try to setup each component individualy, because this allows me to make sure that whatever change I make, I make the right one. I'm still kinda "new" to car setup (even though I've been playoing this game since '11) because every year the setup characteristics change and it's not as realistic as it should be (once again 1-1 wings in Monaco! Seriously?). Q1,2,3  Keep in mind that the tires you use in qualifying are the same tires you will use during the race. So let's say you start Q1, I tend to do Q1 on Primes (fresh primes, don't use more than one set of tires during the practice session, use ONLY one set of primes and another set of options, that's it! because if you use let's say all 4 options tires, you won't have fresh tires for qualifyng and thus you will suffer during the race). I do about 2, or 3 laps on those Primes, I don't select the option "flying lap" in the garage because that wears out your tires more! careful with that! Then I move on to Q2, I put on a set of fresh options and I go out, I do a maximum of 2 laps, (timed laps), then I go back to the pits. If those 2 laps aren't enough, I put on the other set of options and I repeat the process. If I make it to Q3 then I put on a set of fresh options (remember that we've used 2 out of 3 sets so far so if I need fresh rubber in Q3 I will have it) If I don't use that last set of options I know that I will have one fresh set of options that I will use during the race. Remember that the tires you use during Q3 are the same tires you start the race with, so don't kill your tires during Q3, otherwise you could ruin your strategy.  Now about your lap times problem, I have a similar issue, I'm good but sometimes I can't deliver good lap times! I've come to the conclusion that tire wear plays a big role in my lap times and another factor is car setup, if you have that wrong, times will be horrible and so will tire wear. make sure you're not heating up your tires too much (especially in Silverstone, a track that demands a lot from your tires). Find the right balance (which I know is hard) and see of you're taking the proper racing line. I like to improve my lap times under braking, I'm really good when it comes to trailbraking, and I gain a few tenths during corners. Maybe you should see if you're braking properly. Car setup is the key for being a fast driver.About your wheel, well it is true that the better the wheel the more feedback you'll get and the "better" you should be, but I have a Hori EX2 (a cheap but good wheel) and I do fine! But I know that if I had a Fanatec, or something like that then I'd be a lot better! Have you seen the new wheel for the Xbox One? from Madcatz? check it out! I think I'm gonna buy it once I buy the Xbox one of course, but the great thing about that wheel, is the pedals, those are in the exact position as in a F1 car and the characteristics are exactly the same. That's the kind of wheel you wanna be looking for. The more realistic, the better! Here's the link, (it's the Madcatz Pro Racing by the way)http://store.madcatz.com/categories/specialty-controllers-category/Mad-Catz-Pro-Racing-Force-Feedback-Wheel-and-Pedals-for-Xbox-One.html If you need anything else let me know, hope this helped! Juan  
  8. Sauber! Amazing 1st season for me, 4 podiums in legend AI and no assists, so I'm happy, probably staying. I've had tire wear issues though... anyone else with this problem?
  9. Oh one more thing, if you don't know the track well, try watching some of the track guides on youtube, they really help except for the setups though, those are terrible for a 100% race  ;)
  10. Hi!  I've had a similar problem with the game this year but only on tracks I'm not  familiar with. For example Japan (a new track for me without any assists) was horrible for me, my lap times were pretty bad, I couldn't find the right setup and the race went terrible. Tire wear destroyed my race. (this is all in Legend difficulty with no assists by the way). But when I raced in Canada (a track I love, and I know really well) I qualyfied 1st, tire wear was great and I won the Canadian GP! (again on Legend and no assists). I've had a few podiums but only on tracks I know well (like Spa, Monza, Hungaroring, USA, Brazil). But I've noticed that my lap times aren't too good and that tire wear is pretty heavy on "new" tracks for me. I think it's tire wear, because in practice, you're learning the track and you don't focus on tire wear, when you get to Q1,2 and 3. Tire wear may be giving you a difficult time, and instead of driving to the limit, you have to control the car on every corner. (well at least that's what happens to me!). So I think it's a matter of patience, and studying not only the track but also the car setup. Stick to realistic setups, trust me it works (1-1 wings in Monaco is not realistic, it kills your tires quickly). That's what I've been doing and it's working for me. Let me know if this helps!  Juan Sauber F1 Team No assists Legend AI
  11. JuanFF

    Mid-Session Save problem

    Hey! Thanks for your help! I decided to delete my Xbox cache and it worked! but I would like to know a little more about deleting a mid session save. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone!  I've been playing F1 2013 for about 7 months now and so far I haven't got any problems with the game, but yesterday while loading a mid session save in Singapore, all of a sudden the game froze and it didn't load, it just simply stopped, even my console did, I had to restart my console. I tried loading the game over and over again but I didn't get any good results from that. The mid-session save has apparently failed to work and now I can't play. This happens only in career mode by the way. I don't want to restart my career, because in these 7 months I have done all the races in the highest difficulty level and all of those races have been full races (100%). Please help me with this, I have no idea what to do and like I said before, restarting my career would be awful.  I'd appreciate any help, thanks! Xbox 360I don't have the physical copy of the game, I bought it in Xbox LiveNo assistsLegend Difficulty .