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  1. Mitko

    fanatec 2019 st wheel and f1 2019

    Thanks a lot man!! My knobs are working just fine now. @ the community … how do you guys set up your steering wheel on the F1 2019 Game? You click on "turn left" and then you turn your wheel left until the game detects it and binds this command to the wheel?
  2. I am trying to use the new f1 2019 game (playing on steam) with my Fanatec Clubsport steering wheel f1 2019. So I got to SETTINGS ==> Controls, vibration & force feedback. Then I try to map the commands to my steering wheel. All the buttons on the wheel can be mapped and bindend to certain functions except: Steer left and right: this is the big issue. I turn my wheel left but the game does not recognise any input The switchers (see attachment): When I turn them left or right the game does not recognise them either. Would you please help me map and bind the above mentioned commands to my steering wheel? Thanks a lot Dimitar