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  1. And maybe this is for a modder, but it would be great to get the Hana Highway on there: 64.4-miles,  59 bridges (46 of which are only one lane wide), 620 curves (most of which seem like 1's acutes or hair-pins), virtually all of it through tropical rainforest.  The Hana highway normally takes 3 hours for 64 miles of well-paved road! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hana_Highway) 
  2. Parking Lot!! I imagine that real racers do at least a little bit of practice before hitting the WRC circuit, and it would be good to be able to simulate this too: I really want a big (300 x 300 meters?) open space to practice in, for each surface type. Maybe one where I can put down my own orange cones to pirouette around. It would really help us newbies get a physical grasp on the physics involved in this sim, and a low-pressure environment to practice that "lift-turn-brake-release-straighten-accelerate" thing that my fingers seem so utterly resistant to.
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