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  1. StueyB700

    F1 2017: Grid Penalty bug Career Mode

    I’ve recently started playing F1 2016 again because i’ve just got a steering wheel and pedals and im fine during the qualifying getting top 5 (full season) which is where i start on the track then when the race starts its all going good... slowly working my way to the top. its not until i pit and like standard you get dropped a few positions but with fresh tires unlike the other drivers you work your way back up pretty quickly i get to about 3rd or 2nd and im feeling comfortable so i maintain the position til im like 10 laps away from finishing keeping as close to 1st and 2nd as i can then i look up at the top left of the position board and notice ive gone from 3rd or 2nd to 21st!?!?! in the confusion i check the ‘race director’ no penalties given to me... i then drop myself all the way to the back on the back behind the 20th racer then increase to start from the back, pass the 20th racer and i get blue flagged im like WTAF! but if i pass the 2nd or 1st place racers i get blue flagged again. beginning to be a pain an i dunno what to do... anyone else experiencing this???