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  1. Dominic0

    Tired of grinding

    Online events should be about challenging yourself the top times are for people who practiceand rehearse the tracks and you won't get near them driving "properly". You don't have to win online events to have fun. And there are the ai events for winning. I love the game I think it's well balanced but it could do with some of krusis suggestions with prizes for participation etc. Good ideas. I also never understand grind. My friends always on about grinding games. It's like he doesn't like doing it but wants the gear. I say why are you doing it? Don't do something which isn't fun. There is never a need to be grinding imo. If you are grinding you are doing it wrong.
  2. Dominic0

    End of bug fixes

    Please I hope they fix the times on some of the cars. The historic vw is horrendously hard on clubman!
  3. Don't repair the car after the shakedown unless you have a long rally to do. And also don't drive mad on the shakedown you are testing the feel of the car not limits. I love working on a budget and I'm glad I'm not swimming. Sometimes I drive the single events with damaged cars and use the cash to go towards fixing them. Group B monsters are cash losers for me as I am not great with them but I can use them on 2 events and get the cash back. Some events cost until you get better but there are always cheap cars to run.
  4. Dominic0

    Have you ever seen this random event before?

    Guys waving and crashed car right at the start. Guy with a flare near it. Early on the rest is just my bad driving.
  5. Dominic0

    Have you ever seen this random event before?

    Yes dude. Not my shocking control of rear wheel drive cars ūü§£
  6. Dominic0

    Have you ever seen this random event before?

    How so? Will that be one of the other drivers?
  7. Dominic0

    P mill repair ability

    Thank You. So it's prolly worth it money wise for the odd occasions I trash my rear wheel drives.
  8. I saw this a while ago and only just got round to posting it. I though it was pretty cool when i saw it, ignore my terrible driving. *the random event 16 seconds to 22 second.*
  9. Dominic0

    P mill repair ability

    Ok thanks though. If you wipe some times soon if you could put a post up would be great thanks.
  10. Dominic0

    P mill repair ability

    So you aren't out of the rally. But do you get 30 mins for the stage? So you are out of the rally? That's what I don't get?
  11. Dominic0

    P mill repair ability

    Can anyone describe to me exactly what this does I'm a bit confused and don't think it's worth 30k. What does it actually help?
  12. Why is he a pc player?
  13. Dominic0

    Historic 2 front wheel drive

    By the looks of it to me that AI does the run at certain speeds so you can see for example in this front wheel drive if you watch the AI marker on the left is acceleration and speed are way above what your car can do. He will also not do the corner so fast you can usually catch him through the corners basically the cars acceleration and speed are completely wrongly factored
  14. I was thinking that like ready player one. He reversed at the start and found a short cut. Lmao