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  1. I have been working to get F1 2018 finished before 2019 is released, I only need 'The Trooper' level 25 online (currently 24) and 'Bright spark' Generated enough energy through ERS to power a light bulb for a year, for the last 6 - 7 races my 'Bright spark' tracker has been stuck at 83%. I have tried multiplayer, career and a different xbox but nothing seems to be moving the progress. Anyone got any ideas how to get this moving? Regards Craig
  2. craigkilledya

    F1 2018 - Bright Spark achievement xbox one

    I know how it supposed to work but the tracker has stuck at 83%, I have probably driven 20-30 races and it hasn’t moved. I wouldn’t mind if I knew it had reset and I was working my way back up, but as the tracker is not moving I don’t know if I am wasting my time trying to get it.
  3. craigkilledya

    F1 2018 - Bright Spark achievement xbox one

    Now Level 25 still on 83% bright spark, tried playing on a different console, deleting save, online racing, single player races nothing is moving the tracker any ideas?
  4. I have the Thrustmaster TX, with the F1 wheel and TP3A pedals. I generally use in the standard mode but both would be equally customisable. The wheel makes smooth cornering and small changes in direction (to avoid crashing cars etc.) much easier than using a controller. I'm sure either would be fine