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  1. akajk88

    June 6 patch notes

    Dear Chris ... I have to disagree with the term 'improvement'. My experience since (being forced to) downloading the latest patch is the following: - AI cars are even more aggressive (they keep crashing into me and keep spinning me around in corners) - PLEASE MAKE THEM USE THEIR BRAKES - "Reduction is bumpiness at certain bumpy areas of circuits" - I feel the opposite. my car is bouncing all over the tracks. much more than before. - car stability ... whilst opponents and Ai cars wrestle (and I mean wrestle ie. driving sideways interlocked without loosing any speed or going off track) the slightest touch from me with an opponent sends me into a violent spin. - loss of car performance - I can't drive the same way as before because my car spins out of corners I used to be able to take at the same speed before and the brakes performance is random. - kerbs are now made of grease or catapults - even just touching a kerb will either send you spinning or flying (literally !) - opponents and Ai cars can run off track without slowing down while I get slowed down even though I'm still on track with half the car. there are a couple more things that need addressing: - ghost cars in quail modes - PLEASE GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO SWITCH THEM OFF. (if you have watched the quali of the Canadian GP you will have seen Max complaining about being put off by traffic which was miles ahead. Imagine how off-putting it is if you are actually driving inside another car.) - there should be an option to switch off all aids including the racing line. CAN YOU PLEASE CONCENTRATE ON THE RACE EXPERIENCE AND NOT KEEP INTRODUCING STRANGE THINGS WHILE THE MAIN GAME IS STILL FLAWED.
  2. just like to add a few things (not sure this just happens to me but): 1. unfair starts ... it might just be me but 90% of the sprint & quali races I start on the back foot and the head start of the opponent just increases until the first corner. at least previously I still won the duel if I finished within the 2. ghost cars in quali races ... because of the head start most of the first corner breaking I have to do blind because I'm INSIDE the other car (and those cars are not even fully transparent anymore instead they are solid in pieces such as the rear wings). No real F1 quali will have a car closely in front of them ... so why shall we? Just add a setting to switch the ghost OFF. 3. grid races power and performance ... the opponents and the Ai cars are still much faster similar to a real F1 car losing their hybrid power. 4. challenges counting ... completed challenges (ie. perform a perfect start) are frequently NOT counted. 5. opponent matching ... needs looking at so we are not paired in duels with people in totally levels. 6. in app help ... it's useless ... I only get generic answers and nothing gets addressed.
  3. akajk88

    Strange things happening.

    I've reported this issue month ago via the in-app help ... does the development team actually get any of the information from the in app help? I'm wondering.
  4. akajk88

    May 13 Status Update

    Hi Chris, it seems your focus is on the GP events whilst the general gameplay has a lot of other issues to address ... ie. loss of performance during duels etc. I have a long list of what I believe needs addressing to make this game what it should be. one suggestion on the penalty system ... introduce damages as it was in the 2016 game and you can't opt out during duels only in single player mode so everyone can practice not to crash ... so crashing into someone has a high risk of breaking your car.
  5. Hi Chris, I think in this case it is the game ... the issue with the frame rate has only started since the update (5) but it also seems to be local ... I had a number of duels where I stuck in slow-motion while my opponent went off to gain an 11 second advantage before I even crossed the line. Also since the update the game is jumping during the duels.
  6. I admire your optimism Colinobe ... I agree this could be the best racing game ever but I don't think the Codemaster really gives a damn about our experience and feedback. This game is following the MVP route (Minimum Viable Product). What's the minimum we can get away with and it's not about user experience. Hence the poor customer service. I've worked hard to get to 9999 and have been giving feedback and reported the issues during this time ... unfortunately the answers I got were generic that let me assume that the real Codies (the once who want to be proud of producing the best game ever) don't see any the feedback. The next step by Codemaster was to just delete my comments and tell me to stop spamming them (it's their bigs in the game I was reporting) and now I've just been locked out of my profile and my app stopped . I agree with you all that the 2016 was miles better.
  7. akajk88

    Game stuck on loading screen

    There seems to be another reason for being unable to load the game ... and that would be that CODEMASTER locked you out. I seem to have happen to me after trying to help to improve the game by contacting the in app help. I only got very generic answers and the issues I've raised only got worse over the updates. The peak was the latest update which almost makes the game unplayable for me. however me asking for help was ignored and classed as spam and were just deleted by CM. Finally as of today I can't open the game anymore ... I've deleted the app and reinstalled it but still can't load it using the previous user name BUT starting from scratch WORKS. I guess that is the reason why.