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  1. akajk88

    Real Racing 3

    Hi there ... I've gone the other way ... as you I'm a huge F1 fan and that's why I've been super excited when F1 mobile racing came out (since F1 mobile 2016 was amazing at the time) ... after many hours of racing F1 mobile racing and being active in the forum making suggestions (and being ignored by Codemaster unfortunately) I moved to RR3. I get the point with the limited challenges (although the variety per track is much higher) but flow of the game is superior by miles and so is the graphic and the physics as well. I've got 5 F1 cars so far (all earned by completing the GPs) some fully upgraded and I'm completing these challenges as well. Each car has it's own characteristics and is not just a skin. I'm now waiting for the 2020 season and more tracks too. Coming back to F1 mobile racing after the last update just reconfirmed my decision to leave I'm afraid ... Nothing has changed !!! ... and the game feels clunky and the graphics have fallen behind ... So sad to see ... (again I've said that many times) ... unless there is a fully new game from Codemasters I will stick to RR3. SORRY Codemaster ... it's in your hands.
  2. akajk88

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    @CMF1mobile Really ??? All the issues have been reported here over the last YEAR and nothing has been done ... this was a season of Beta testing and honestly it p***ed a lot of people off. I repeat what I've been saying (and I've been ignored) ... I'm a huge F1 fan and F1 2016 was the best mobile F1 game ... then came F1 Mobile Racing and the expectations were (understandably) high. It didn't come anywhere close ... we as the players and fans tried to help you build what could have been the best games ever and you ignored us. Now there is competition (Real Racing 3 F1) and I can tell you their gameplay is miles more enjoyable compared to F1 Mobile Racing. Yes it is limited tracks (so far) but I remember this game started the same. After reaching elite level at F1 Mobile Racing you are forced to pay money to have the smaller control over the parts your car upgrades (I have to play hundreds of duels to be lucky to be able to upgrade my epic or legendary parts because everything else is totally useless) - at RR3 after having taken part in three event I OWN 3 different F1 cars and I can chooses what part of which car I upgrade with the cash I earn. Unless Codemaster changes this app fundamentally I will stay away and support the competition. PS: I'm willing to pay for a F1 mobile game (as I did for F1 2016) but only if this means I can actually drive F1 races. My suggestion ... keep developing the F1 Mobile racing app and use the tech / code you already have to give us F1 purists and app we buy which allows us to race the way we did in 2016 (including races with degrading tires, pitstops, damage to cars etc.)
  3. akajk88

    Oh, the feels... 😊

    I though this would happen but so far there is no gold required ... it seems the F1 money works differently to the other RR3 cars ... so far so good ... I also enjoy the graphics more ... real Halo and no annoying racing line painted on the floor ... and the actual quali laps don't have the stupid ghost cars you always start the lap IN in F1 mobile racing (they never added the Off switch for that which I've been asking for since the release of the game)
  4. akajk88

    You've done it CODEMASTER - I'm leaving

    quick update ... Real Racing 3 has now got F1 and this is where I will remain (more control over how to develop the car and when going off track you get a penalty with a chance of making up the extra time and not get stuck in the quick sand for ever and totally ruining the lap) and the bonus is you can drive some amazing classic F1 cars you can drive too. enjoy F1 racing and maybe I see you there. sorry CODEMASTER but you brought that on yourself (I've tried very hard to help you but sadly you didn't even try to listen)
  5. akajk88

    You've done it CODEMASTER - I'm leaving

    just a quick update ... Playing Real Racing 3 instead of this makes me realise how bad F1 mobile racing has become (had a quick few races to see if anything had changed)... lets not compare cars or tracks or money you have to collect etc. it's simply about acceleration, braking and steering ... since update 8 of F1 mobile racing someone is grabbing my steering wheel and randomly pulling it into the opposite direction so that turning the steering wheel is 'a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get' As for accelerator, there is a lack of reaction even though it shown on the screen it just doesn't start accelerating ... If this happen in F1 they would fire the engineer and start an investigation into sabotage. also all the other issues are still here so I'm off again to RR3
  6. akajk88

    You've done it CODEMASTER - I'm leaving

    heya ... I see your points but my experience is actually the opposite (of course both will try to get your cash but both you can play without having to spent anything) now to your points here is my experience: 1. 95% of the races I've played in F1MR (F1 mobil racing) were against bots and at least in RR (Real Racing 3) they don't try to run you off the road and when they go off they get penalised too. The skill is to get your lines and raking and acceleration right and you will have a chance to win in RR. (the only thing I don't like is that they don't let you join the race if you don't reach the minimum performance rating as you could in GTRacing2) 2. Idiots will always be there. Only in F1MR developed a system where the idiots can give you a penalty ... whilst in RR you can just race and the mistakes will be deducted from your bonus after the race. So you can drop a wheel just outside the racing line and get back on straight away (without getting stuck in super glue for seconds) and still win, or if a car touches you, you won't get an unfair engine cut, or if you get brake tested by the AI and touch them square at the rear you won't be catapulted into a 360, or ... I could go on ... 3. Actually RR doesn't try to get your cash not more than F1MR. Once you've worked hard enough to fill you R&D part with epic parts, all the common and rare parts are useless but that's what you get ... the only way make sure you get some of the epic and legendary parts is to buy packages with F1MR gold (CR) but you only know the you get a minimum of 1 legendary part and not which section of one of the 5 you will get and a box cost you 400 CR. Also to get more power you have to level up which means you have to buy up many boxes (20) and spend thousands of CR (80,000 assuming it will complete one level first which it doesn't) and you still don't know what you're going to get. Also you can't use the resource points to buy parts either which again is useless. At least in RR every time I spent either gold (CR) or R$ (resource points) the car will improve. I prefer RR3 because I can work on what I choose to develop and don't have to play and play for thing I don't want just to eventual get the part I desire. I'd love F1MR to allow me to race and spend the winnings on what parts I want to develop. Also introduce damage so if you keep running into people you ruin YOUR own car (as F1 mobile 2016). give people a CEAN RACE bonus and deduct penalties for going off track etc., apply common sense on corner cuts ie. cutting through the chicane = disqualification and running wide and joining before the turn is already a penalty because you loos time to do so. allow people to choose if they want to see the ghost or not. And pair people on a reasonably equal car performance level. unless F1 Mobile Racing is changing I have more fun in other games. it makes me sad because I loved the 2016 game and F1 Mobile Racing had all the potential but then it all went wrong !!!
  7. I'm fed up with this ... I'm changing to the competition (REAL RACING 3) actually they shouldn't be 'competition' because it's not pretending to F1 ... it's just a racing game with FAIR racing and not a BS game that doesn't even want to follow the rules that he real racing series needs to follow. the Update 8 changes nothing only makes it worse: - I have only 80% of the car performance in grid & sprint duels AGAIN ! - the tracks are messed up AGAIN ! (i.e. Sochi - first DRS zone starts at the detection point NOT the activation point) - my setup doesn't perform the same way anymore as use to AGAIN ! - I can't take the corners at the same speed anymore and I worked soooo hard to get the performance parts which are not seem to just have been downgraded. - since update 8 I have experienced a lag in steering and throttle response compared to before ... and even my road car is more responsive ... this is a sport where split seconds count - non of the actual issues have been addressed in the last three updates ... (i.e. the unfair disadvantage for players who actually want to play the real F1 and use the cockpit camera only to find themselves driving within the opponents car and have to guess the braking point and turning in point because it's all blurred) THIS GAME IS A DISGRACE FOR FORMULA 1 FANS & CODEMASTER HAS LOST THE EDGE THEY HAD IN THE 2016 GAME - THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOSE DEMOLITION DERBYS WITH AN F1 PAINT! If I want some F1 racing I will play the F1 2016 game. good bye !!! PS: I've been playing REAL RACING 3 and I'm having a lot of fun ... even on some of the F1 tracks 😉 ... and I can choose which parts to develop ... and whilst racing is hard IT IS FAIR ... I'm not connected in any form to real racing apart from wanting a racing game to be fun.
  8. akajk88


    And spinning AI cars to use them as cannonballs against players ... ever if they are Bots ... there shouldn't be different rules.
  9. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Dear @ChrisGrovesMCM, the treatment of your users at the in app help is disgraceful ... you cry for help and report issues and the only response is generic computer generated responses and after that you question / issue just gets deleted. just remove it altogether. thank you
  10. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    The saddest thing about all of that is that the F1 Moile Racing 2019 game is outperformed by it own F1 2016 mobile game !!! Maybe not on graphic but pretty much anywhere else. @ChrisGrovesMCM
  11. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    just one thing to add ... remove the in-app help ... it saves us from crying for help and getting frustrated by automatic replies and no real response whatsoever and it save you to pay the people who just sit there and push a button for the autoreply or move them hear and do something.
  12. akajk88

    Game stuck on loading screen

    There seems to be another reason for being unable to load the game ... and that would be that CODEMASTER locked you out. I seem to have happen to me after trying to help to improve the game by contacting the in app help. I only got very generic answers and the issues I've raised only got worse over the updates. The peak was the latest update which almost makes the game unplayable for me. however me asking for help was ignored and classed as spam and were just deleted by CM. Finally as of today I can't open the game anymore ... I've deleted the app and reinstalled it but still can't load it using the previous user name BUT starting from scratch WORKS. I guess that is the reason why.