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  1. let's hope it like Formula one ... they've figured out that the updates didn't work and go back to the factory ... go back to when it was enjoyable (probably the 2016 game with the 2019 graphics) and build a winning car, oh no game I mean.
  2. akajk88

    Duels points ...

    I though the theory made sense until now ... just lost to two opponents which were about a third of ranking points below and got -38 for that. They must have been bot as they went all over the place without any penalties or slowing down offline.
  3. akajk88

    Help Me !

    I did ... I always drive in cockpit mode and it's always been cut out (see screenshot above)
  4. Seems like Codemasters has completely switch off the support (in-app help is only automated replies) and they fired all the people that were interacting with us on this forum.
  5. akajk88

    Safety Rating

    although once you get out of the red zone for a bit it will stabilise ... it will still fluctuate a lot but I've managed to stay out of the red zone for a few weeks now.
  6. akajk88

    Help Me !

    just checked all the settings but no there is no options on iOS ... (or its just to hard to find)
  7. akajk88

    Help Me !

    you do get the in cockpit view with halo but the centre bit is cut out I'm afraid ... I'd like a full halo too but this is all we get (for now)
  8. akajk88

    Update 7

    Hi @ChrisGrovesMCM, the update 7 upload is imminent. What can we expect? thanks
  9. it's here ... see 'Update 7 review ... the Good and the Bad' in the Technical Assistance section of F1 Mobile Racing
  10. akajk88

    Safety Rating

    I've been working hard on this and it went up and down ... now I'm fluctuating manly between yellow and green ... I've sacrificed hundreds of points and was using the 'complete 70km' challenge to get anything out of it ... try and not get anywhere close to the opponent and stay within the AI cars ... anticipate the braking etc. anticipate any first corner sh** your opponent can come up with and try and stay out of it (try not to fight them ... I know it's hard but this might help) it took me a while .. and I think with the new rank point system it will be even harder for you and you will loose a lot more as it 2 wins = 1 loss.
  11. akajk88

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Oh wow ... sorry !!! This shows it' random ...
  12. akajk88

    This game is possessed

    well ... spot the flying cars ... actually they were the Ai cars at the grid positions in front of the opponent who as you might have spotted took off even before the lights were on and bulldozed through all of them 😳 And unfortunately my game is a lot more unstable ... keeps crashing just before the duel starts and after it has finished (multiple cool down laps and massive pile up in Canada)
  13. akajk88

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    I lost over 230,000 experience points with this update.
  14. akajk88

    What is this set up?

    Everyone in the grid starts seems to have NOS / KERS button apart from us ... but instead of exiting the game I use them to improve my safety rating (the one I loose when other people just crash into me and I get the penalty) by trying to stay out of trouble without the pressure of having to win 😉
  15. akajk88

    Here we go again...

    have a look at the 'Announcement Section' in the 'Codie Lounge' under 'F1® Mobile Racing – Welcome to the Elite Leagues' ... (don't know how to link it though) ... it's update 7. I'm still hopeful that some things may improve or we will have a chance to better our top speed record of 420+ again 😉
  16. akajk88

    Patch 6.5 notes

    Even if they are bots they should be penalised the same way as us ... and so should AI cars for that matter. (at the moment they can face the wrong way and if you manage to avoid them they will overtake you at full speed a split second after.
  17. akajk88

    Patch 6.5 notes

    Hi Chris, @ChrisGrovesMCM We haven't heard anything from you for a while and I was wondering if there is an update on the feedback above? this weekend is the next GP and usually there is and update coming just before. Is there anything in the pipeline? actually the last few day the car performance and AI performance has been the worst to date. - Ai is actively locking, has no spacial awareness (if I get aside and AI car in the braking zone they will still take the racing line and push me off track) . it feels as if they don't even know where the players are. AI can't drive the first chicane in Monza without a massive pile up every time (without the players being anywhere near them) - opponents can do whatever they want without any penalty (driving off track at speed, touching walls - every time I just brush the wall I get slowed down by the 'superglue'), race sideways at racing speed while wrestling sideways with AI and spinning the AI around. - I have no downforce for the corner which I can easily do flat out in singles and can't put the power down at the point I can in singles without spinning, the turning in duels is inconsistent too. Looking forward to the update from you thanks
  18. it actually is better to be paired with higher safety rated players ... although there are still a number of players who's only aim is to take you out, penalise you etc. because they never get any penalties. I've been working very hard (sacrificing races for rating improvements) but it still is a lottery. on your theory about the players with much better performance I believe that Codemasters is slowing us down rather than the other players having better performance. I don't know what algorithm they apply but my car performance is much worse in duels compared to singles ... no idea how to set up a car if you can't practice and get comfortable with your setup.
  19. I'm fed up with the penalty system and I'm sure my fellow players (the one who are racing hard but fair) are too. LET'S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I'm constantly getting penalised for opponents crashing into me. - opponent pushing me off, and I mean pushing by t-boning and keeping full throttle on until I hit the wall sideways tenth of meters away from the track - NO PENALTY for opponent - using me as their brakes in the corner not even trying to not hit me - NO PENALTY for opponent - slowing down on the straight to wait until I'm almost side by side and then side-sweep me into the wall or off track - NO PENALTY for opponent even better I get the penalty - opponent pushing past off track - NO PENALTY not even a slow down and when the opponent touches me I get the penalty - opponent can cut corners, race off track, spin AI cars around - NO PENALTY - no slow down on what for me is super glue and I'm getting punished by AI cars suddenly pointing my way at 300 Km/h FELLOW RACERS ... what is your experience? @ChrisGrovesMCM ... what's in the pipeline to address this? A couple of ideas (some of them were taken form the 2016 game): 1. introduce flags 2. introduce damages to cars 3. disqualify drivers ... could be immediately or one warning and a time penalty and disqualification the second time (at the moment you can go faster around Monaco for example by cutting the chicane and taking the penalty than driving correctly)
  20. Good luck with keeping the safety rating up ... I had the same strategy but in the last few days I get paired with people who's rating is high but their only objective is to make contact... on top of that anytime I get touched by an opponent I get the engine cut (when they rear-end me, crash into my side in the turns not even trying to make the turn, push me off track ... and the list goes on) the only time an opponent got a penalty in one of my races was when they cut a corner ...
  21. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    Dear @ChrisGrovesMCM, the treatment of your users at the in app help is disgraceful ... you cry for help and report issues and the only response is generic computer generated responses and after that you question / issue just gets deleted. just remove it altogether. thank you
  22. it might have been discussed a lot but accepting mediocrity is the opposite of the spirit of F1 any team boss saying this won't be a team boss much longer. Remember this is the official F1 mobile game and the only thing we should accept is the best. @ChrisGrovesMCM,
  23. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    The saddest thing about all of that is that the F1 Moile Racing 2019 game is outperformed by it own F1 2016 mobile game !!! Maybe not on graphic but pretty much anywhere else. @ChrisGrovesMCM
  24. akajk88

    Shame on you !!!!!

    just one thing to add ... remove the in-app help ... it saves us from crying for help and getting frustrated by automatic replies and no real response whatsoever and it save you to pay the people who just sit there and push a button for the autoreply or move them hear and do something.
  25. the engine cut is also unfair because getting an engine cut before a hairpin - not so bad ... getting an engine cut at the start of the straight in Baku - will cost you a lot more as you will never reach the top speed and will always lacking behind ... cutting the chicane at Monaco - gains you a few seconds