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  1. On 11/11/2019 at 5:26 PM, CMF1mobile said:

    Hello all,

    Over the past month we have been collecting from you, the community a list of top issues to improve F1® Mobile Racing.
    We have nailed down a handful of top issues that we plan to improve in the next few updates!
    These issues are at the top of our priority list and will be fixed and released alongside our upcoming scheduled updates and new content.

    We have seen a lot of complaints regarding the quality of Duels. Mainly the fairness of duels and the Safety Rating system.
    We plan to tackle these issues to create a fair racing environment for all of our players.


    So we ask you, the community to share videos of instances where you feel you have had an unfair experience in Duels.
    Share them right here!
    To send us the video you recorded:

    1- Go to https://streamable.com/

    2- Click on "Upload video" and choose the video you have recorded;

    3- Once your video has been uploaded, copy the Streamable URL below it, and attach it to your post.

    Please use the Agree reaction for any that you have personally experienced or feel should be prioritised so we can tackle these issues and improve everyone’s Duels experience.

    As always, thanks for playing F1® Mobile Racing

    @CMF1mobile Really ???

    All the issues have been reported here over the last YEAR and nothing has been done ... this was a season of Beta testing and honestly it p***ed a lot of people off. 

    I repeat what I've been saying (and I've been ignored) ... I'm a huge F1 fan and F1 2016 was the best mobile F1 game ... then came F1 Mobile Racing and the expectations were (understandably) high. 

    It didn't come anywhere close ... we as the players and fans tried to help you build what could have been the best games ever and you ignored us. 

    Now there is competition (Real Racing 3 F1) and I can tell you their gameplay is miles more enjoyable compared to F1 Mobile Racing. Yes it is limited tracks (so far) but I remember this game started the same. 

    After reaching elite level at F1 Mobile Racing you are forced to pay money to have the smaller control over the parts your car upgrades (I have to play hundreds of duels to be lucky to be able to upgrade my epic or legendary parts because everything else is totally useless)  - at RR3 after having taken part in three event I OWN 3 different F1 cars and I can chooses what part of which car I upgrade with the cash I earn. 

    Unless Codemaster changes this app fundamentally I will stay away and support the competition.

    PS: I'm willing to pay for a F1 mobile game (as I did for F1 2016) but only if this means I can actually drive F1 races. My suggestion ... keep developing the F1 Mobile racing app and use the tech / code you already have to give us F1 purists and app we buy which allows us to race the way we did in 2016 (including races with degrading tires, pitstops, damage to cars etc.) 



  2. On 12/6/2019 at 4:47 PM, iainc said:

    I hate to break it to you but you will soon hit the paywall and require GOLD to upgrade your car. LOTS of gold. As in loads. As in hundreds of pounds worth of gold. As in you could purchase F1 2020 on PS4 for less money than it will cost you to have a fully upgraded mercedes. In fact probably many copies.

    This is why I gave up with RR3. They would do better to let you purchase the game. Or even parts of the game - at reasonable prices. Stadia will kill off these games soon I suspect.

    I though this would happen but so far there is no gold required ... it seems the F1 money works differently to the other RR3 cars ... so far so good ... 

    I also enjoy the graphics more ... real Halo and no annoying racing line painted on the floor ... and the actual quali laps don't have the stupid ghost cars you always start the lap IN in F1 mobile racing (they never added the Off switch for that which I've been asking for since the release of the game)


  3. 20 hours ago, TurboNitroFlame said:

    In "f1 mobile 2019 " cars have too much grip in turns, compared to real F1. Turns that in TV drivers needs to brake, here can be done full throttle! Not possible! I hope that in 2020 version will be:

    -reduced grip in turns

    -resetted best personal laps

    - introduced some new duel modes

    very true ... I've been setting my personal bests a few seconds faster then what the actual track records are.


  4. 20 hours ago, TurboNitroFlame said:

    I think f1 mobile have a more realistic behaviour of the car when passing grip limits... RR3 is always oversteering, it is not real... also, in RR3 there are NOT all circuits. So I will continue to stay here, hoping some enhancements...

    I agree with the behaviour of the car when you push the car over the limit although at RR3 it's more consistent ... at F1 mobile racing it is random the way your car reacts and that means you can't push the car to the limits because you never know where the limit is. 

  5. On 11/30/2019 at 6:38 AM, Pete74786 said:

    Yes, that is what I also wanted to mention. Raced on RR3, then came to F1 to race a few duels and was leaning into corners like a motorcyclist trying to take the corners. Was rather funny seeing me sitting in my chair leaning far to the side on each corner, F1 handling now becomes apparent that it’s not just tilt to turn 🤣

    Also now that I’ve won my Haas team car have unlocked more events, so don’t have to rely on daily races to collect my M$ but have sooooooooo many other challenges to race, time trials / eliminations / cup races / speed snaps to just mention a few. So, definitely a far better game to hold my short attention span and keep me coming back for more.

    and you can start saving up for the next event ... I'm choosing a different car I want to win 😉

  6. 2 hours ago, Pete74786 said:

    I have also hit that wall, however for now am playing in the daily races to collect the m$ required for upgrade. Will see how that works out.

    this works for me ... I haven't paid anything and I'm happy to use the daily race to top up the cash (only thing is the amount you can earn is limited on a daily bases ... lets see how it goes) ... so far I'm much happier with their approach to F1

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  7. quick update ...


    Real Racing 3 has now got F1 and this is where I will remain (more control over how to develop the car and when going off track you get a penalty with a chance of making up the extra time and not get stuck in the quick sand for ever and totally ruining the lap)

    and the bonus is you can drive some amazing classic F1 cars you can drive too.

    enjoy F1 racing and maybe I see you there.


    sorry CODEMASTER but you brought that on yourself (I've tried very hard to help you but sadly you didn't even try to listen)

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  8. On 11/23/2019 at 1:01 PM, IIIDanteIII said:

    I don't think so. This glitches have been pointed since last year without solution, and the game proposal its not so good: you race only one lap... physics are not acurate, RR3 are more realistic... a system of cards to increase performace but 90% of the card are useless... glitches, glitches, unfair playing. I believe codemasters and Eden Games have put too much effort on this game, but its brooken, unsolveble and they just can't give up, but the point is that we play because we don't have a better oficial F1 game. At least 2021 would be a good excuse since the regulation and cars will change

    I haven't played this much in the last couple of month ... jumped back into it for the Brazilian GP only to be crashed out by the AI badly ... I complained and just got the standard 'sorry here are some RPs and CRs but we will not do anything about it ...


    well for Abu Dhabi there is an ALTERNATIVE Real Racing 3 has just released the F1 section ... and on first inspection it's much more enjoyable.

  9. for me the steering is all wrong ... I drive without driver aids but the steering fells like westling with another person who wants to turn somewhere else (seems most significant in the serious of flowing corners in Mexico ... every corner is a surprise 😳

    Used to work perfectly in earlier interactions and I could drive confidently to the edges of the walls (ie. Singapore) but now you have to anticipate total wrong turn in or even the steering changing turning angle when you hold perfectly still. 

    undriveable 😒

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  10. just a quick update ... 

    Playing Real Racing 3 instead of this makes me realise how bad F1 mobile racing has become (had a quick few races to see if anything had changed)... lets not compare cars or tracks or money you have to collect etc. it's simply about acceleration, braking and steering ... since update 8 of F1 mobile racing someone is grabbing my steering wheel and randomly pulling it into the opposite direction so that turning the steering wheel is 'a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get'

    As for accelerator, there is a lack of reaction even though it shown on the screen it just doesn't start accelerating ... If this happen in F1 they would fire the engineer and start an investigation into sabotage.

    also all the other issues are still here so I'm off again to RR3

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  11. 5 hours ago, iainc said:

    Hmmm, i’m not sure i would call it “fair”. In RR Firstly nearly all of your race is against bots - you are either massively more powerful than the bots or you lose. Skill is not particularly required. Secondly unless they have done a massive amount of work,  races against real people are just as prone to idiots as the ones here.

    Thirdly and most importantly for me, the game is a MASSIVE pay to win cash grab. You will never get the top cars or complete a series without a substantial gold coin investment. sure you can get quite a few cars with in game currency and play half to a third of each series, but if you are a completist forget it unless you are seriously minted.

    heya ... I see your points but my experience is actually the opposite (of course both will try to get your cash but both you can play without having to spent anything)

    now to your points here is my experience:

    1. 95% of the races I've played in F1MR (F1 mobil racing) were against bots and at least in RR (Real Racing 3) they don't try to run you off the road and when they go off they get penalised too. The skill is to get your lines and raking and acceleration right and you will have a chance to win in RR. (the only thing I don't like is that they don't let you join the race if you don't reach the minimum performance rating as you could in GTRacing2)

    2. Idiots will always be there. Only in F1MR developed a system where the idiots can give you a penalty ... whilst in RR you can just race and the mistakes will be deducted from your bonus after the race. So you can drop a wheel just outside the racing line and get back on straight away (without getting stuck in super glue for seconds) and still win, or if a car touches you, you won't get an unfair engine cut, or if you get brake tested by the AI and touch them square at the rear you won't be catapulted into a 360, or  ... I could go on ... 

    3. Actually RR doesn't try to get your cash not more than F1MR. Once you've worked hard enough to fill you R&D part with epic parts, all the common and rare parts are useless but that's what you get ... the only way make sure you get some of the epic and legendary parts is to buy packages with F1MR gold (CR) but you only know the you get a minimum of 1 legendary part and not which section of one of the 5 you will get and a box cost you 400 CR. Also to get more power you have to level up which means you have to buy up many boxes (20) and spend thousands of CR (80,000 assuming it will complete one level first which it doesn't) and you still don't know what you're going to get. Also you can't use the resource points to buy parts either which again is useless.

    At least in RR every time I spent either gold (CR) or R$ (resource points) the car will improve. 

    I prefer RR3 because I can work on what I choose to develop and don't have to play and play for thing I don't want just to eventual get the part I desire.

    I'd love F1MR to allow me to race and spend the winnings on what parts I want to develop. Also introduce damage so if you keep running into people you ruin YOUR own car (as F1 mobile 2016). give people a CEAN RACE bonus and deduct penalties for going off track etc., apply common sense on corner cuts ie. cutting through the chicane = disqualification and running wide and joining before the  turn is already a penalty because you loos time to do so. allow people to choose if they want to see the ghost or not. And pair people on a reasonably equal car performance level.

    unless F1 Mobile Racing is changing I have more fun in other games.

    it makes me sad because I loved the 2016 game and F1 Mobile Racing had all the potential but then it all went wrong !!!


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  12. I'm fed up with this ... I'm changing to the competition (REAL RACING 3) actually they shouldn't be 'competition' because it's not pretending to F1 ... it's just a racing game with FAIR racing and not a BS game that doesn't even want to follow the rules that he real racing series needs to follow.

    the Update 8 changes nothing only makes it worse:

    - I have only 80% of the car performance in grid & sprint duels AGAIN

    - the tracks are messed up AGAIN ! (i.e. Sochi - first DRS zone starts at the detection point NOT the activation point)

    - my setup doesn't perform the same way anymore as use to AGAIN ! - I can't take the corners at the same speed anymore and I worked soooo hard to get the performance parts which are not seem to just have been downgraded. 

    - since update 8 I have experienced a lag in steering and throttle response compared to before ... and even my road car is more responsive ... this is a sport where split seconds count

    - non of the actual issues have been addressed in the last three updates ... (i.e. the unfair disadvantage for players who actually want to play the real F1 and use the cockpit camera only to find themselves driving within the opponents car and have to guess the braking point and turning in point because it's all blurred)


    If I want some F1 racing I will play the F1 2016 game.

    good bye !!!

    PS: I've been playing REAL RACING 3 and I'm having a lot of fun ... even on some of the F1 tracks 😉 ... and I can choose which parts to develop ... and whilst racing is hard IT IS FAIR ... 

    I'm not connected in any form to real racing apart from wanting a racing game to be fun.

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  13. actually I think it's even worse ... the AI is driving as if you weren't there and rear end you on the straights and in the corners and spin you around ... and opponents can race where ever they want and not get a slow down / engine penalty or anything else (and this whole 'bot' excuse is rubbish). It doesn't matter who crashes into you THEY should be penalised !!! 

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  14. 8 hours ago, Dr Zaius said:

    So much anger at the way the game is being tweaked, yet nobody on this, the official Codemasters forum has anything to say. Chris used to jump in a few times a day to address issues, but now it's like there's a brick wall between the playing community and the developers.

    I've started a topic about that and addressed it to @ChrisGrovesMCM but he hasn't even reacted to this. 

    Time to play GTRacing2 or something like that ... at least the racing is fairer and the game works.

  15. On 9/8/2019 at 9:41 AM, spizzlo said:

    I totally disagree. In real racing you don't get to throw the stewards money for a retry. I do agree that unlimited retries takes away a lot of the skill, but this is a money grab, plain and simple, and it makes it pay to win. If they want to make it more realistic, make the retry free, but only give us a limited number (since in real F1 you have 2 or 3 chances to set a fast lap). 

    I'd be happy with that ... unless ... the games keeps crashing (and yes I have a fast consistent connection, I restarted the iPad and app but nothing helps) ... I'm not even getting one chance ... I even paid CRs to just try and complete the even (unsuccessfully though) 

    really disappointing 😞

    it seems Codemasters has acknowledged that there are issues with finishing races and I got another chance ... just to have my car demolished by the awful AI.

    firstly ... even with a perfect start from the grid the AI has so much overspeed that I have no chance to get to the first chicane even just keeping my position.

    secondly ... the AI is unable to actually go through the first chicane without ending up in the gravel only to come back on the track and crash into me, who actually managed to stay on the track ... result ... I get the engine penalty !!!

    thirdly ... after a clean overtake I was in front of the AI and brake for the last chicane ... only the AI doesn't even try to brake and crashes into the back of me to destroy my car.


    *** ... how can this game be the official F1 game??? try this behaviour in F1 and you'll lose your licence AND your seat.


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  16. On 9/6/2019 at 9:46 AM, akajk88 said:

    Can't wait what community feedback has been put into the game ... dare I hoping for a option to remove the ghost car or even and fair racing AI? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    and I'm left with disappointment ... at first glance the game is just the same with bad AI ... and they've added 'crashing game mode' in Events ... this is the second event in just over 1 week that I can't complete because the game just crashes either loading it or even better during the race ... after that I'm charge CR point to try and re-run with no chance of succeeding ...


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  17. and this is the same as for the Belgium GP ... I can complete the Qualifying but the game crashes during the races and charges me CR for the re-run ...

    the game shouldn't even need a connection after the races has been loaded ... it just like a single race ... why is this so hard? I'm about to give up as nothing seems to change.

  18. 7 hours ago, StKnowhere said:

    F1® Mobile Racing

    Update 8: it’s officially a thing, and will be coming very soon to our free-to-play official F1 game on iOS and Android.


    As soon as Update 7 dropped at the beginning of August, the team have been hard at work looking at even more ways to add content and optimise the live game to make your experience even better. We’re super pleased to be taking community feedback and putting that into the game, with Update 8 adding more laps for Single races (now up to 15) and bringing in some more R&D cards to discover and research.

    There are a few more additions, too, as well as the usual technical and visual tweaks to keep upping the standard for F1® Mobile Racing. We’ve been running some maintenance checks today to get things ready, and Update 8 is now imminent, so watch this space for more news.

    – Chris 

    Can't wait what community feedback has been put into the game ... dare I hoping for a option to remove the ghost car or even and fair racing AI? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  19. 2 hours ago, F1Ken said:

    My favorite lately is facing bots in qualis where they have a lap time that smokes my own track record, by a lot.

    whats the point?

    or sprint races and grid starts where the AI is just bulldozing through and turning it into a demolition derby ... it's just luck to survive without even trying to beat the opponent ... awful 

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  20. 5 hours ago, Dr Zaius said:

    I've hung about the fringes of the game doing just enough to stay where I want to be. I finish Gold in all Events and reached Elite 1. I collected my rewards and today as the game reset, I got a picture of what this game is going to involve for the rest of the year and to describe it as repetitive is an understatement. All the things we put forward as suggestions on this forum have not only not been implemented, they were all ignored and we were given a model that nobody asked for and now the forum, being largely unattended by mods indicates a winding down of development. So for me, the question is do I keep playing snakes and ladders with advancing to Elite 1 to dropping each month for a do over? Do I keep racing the events for almost no reward? I have lost interest in the one lap duels where the goal is never to win, only to beat your opponent and try not to get wiped out by a car that isn't even competing against you. It is now clear this will never be a Formula 1 game and that is disappointing.

    yeah this game is not even about winning against your opponent ... it's about surviving against the bad AI (the one that isn't even connected to the race and can't even drive the track without crashing by itself ... cheats are secondary ... great work Codemaster 😞

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  21. and this is the answer from CODEMASTER on the only place you can ask for help (since this forum has been abandoned by Codemasters @ChrisGrovesMCM)


    "This is an automated reply.


    We are sorry that we have been unable to attend to your enquiry as fast as we would like. Please can we request that you make sure you have reviewed the FAQs for the game, as these contain answers to many of the common questions that we receive...




    The newest or "hot" topics can be found here...




    and general troubleshooting (for connection, lag, stuttering or crashing issues) can be found here...




    If you have reviewed all of the FAQs and still need help with your issue then please re-open this ticket and we will reply as soon as we are able. Please note, however, that if your issue is dealt with by one of the FAQs your ticket may be closed without reply.


    Hope this helps. Thanks for playing F1 Mobile Racing."




    what happen to being proud of your product? 

    unfortunately CODMASTERS aim is not to make the BEST F1 game possible but to make the worst F1 game they can get away with.


    What sad environment are we living in where quality is irrelevant. 😞

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  22. 31 minutes ago, Norrin78 said:

    I struggled to qualify (had to deactivate braking assist to achieve 1:42:00).

    And during races, it was really difficult to gain positions. In race 2 and 3, I needed one lap just to catch up with the guy in front of me at the start of the sprint... pretty depressing. Ended up 4th. Could have achieved 3rd without a mistake at La Source in the last lap 🤬

    Bronze tier obviously for me as I use brake assist.

    Monza, here I come 😎

    It's worth spending some time on adapting to having the braking assist off ... and all the other assists too for that matter ... 

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