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  1. On 12/6/2019 at 7:28 AM, expectingrain said:

    I've been racing Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 3 since they were both introduced and moved to Mobile F1 about 6 months ago. What attracted me here was the full roster of F1 tracks and the duels,

    In my garage I've got 260 cars 3/4 of which I've hardly driven since i got them. Still a member of one of the top 50 teams and still compete in the team challenges from time to time but frankly after nearly 9 years of RR2 and RR3 I've become bored with the same old tracks I've been around thousands of times and the constant pursuit to upgrade the endless number of new cars as they come out

    Obviously I'm a huge F1 fan but now having a fully upgraded Ferrari SF90 and finished the 2019 Champion Series and Invitational Series what else is left? Just 5 tracks to race in the rotational daily challenge? Waa I'm bored again. Unless the F1 cars come up in a weekly OMP all Ive got to do is a 2 lap race which I can win easily. I was sort of hoping the next team challenge (OMP) would include the new F! cars but it's going to be in GT4 cars in which I have no interest.

    So while we all get frustrated with the idiots in this game, it does  (at least for me) have far more attraction than RR3 with the variety of tracks . I've sent them a simple fix but I doubt they will listen, meantime I just race the Qualifying and Sprint races and close and reopen the app if I see a Grid start. Ughh!

    I'll go in and get one more car in another day when they become available to win because I want a Renault in my garage, but don't write off mobile F1 just yet.

    Hi there ... 

    I've gone the other way ... as you I'm a huge F1 fan and that's why I've been super excited when F1 mobile racing came out (since F1 mobile 2016 was amazing at the time) ... after many hours of racing F1 mobile racing and being active in the forum making suggestions (and being ignored by Codemaster unfortunately) I moved to RR3. 

    I get the point with the limited challenges (although the variety per track is much higher) but flow of the game is superior by miles and so is the graphic and the physics as well.

    I've got 5 F1 cars so far (all earned by completing the GPs) some fully upgraded and I'm completing these challenges as well. Each car has it's own characteristics and is not just a skin. 

    I'm now waiting for the 2020 season and more tracks too. 

    Coming back to F1 mobile racing after the last update just reconfirmed my decision to leave I'm afraid ... Nothing has changed !!! ... and the game feels clunky and the graphics have fallen behind ...

    So sad to see ... (again I've said that many times) ... unless there is a fully new game from Codemasters I will stick to RR3.

    SORRY Codemaster ... it's in your hands.

  2. On 11/11/2019 at 5:26 PM, CMF1mobile said:

    Hello all,

    Over the past month we have been collecting from you, the community a list of top issues to improve F1® Mobile Racing.
    We have nailed down a handful of top issues that we plan to improve in the next few updates!
    These issues are at the top of our priority list and will be fixed and released alongside our upcoming scheduled updates and new content.

    We have seen a lot of complaints regarding the quality of Duels. Mainly the fairness of duels and the Safety Rating system.
    We plan to tackle these issues to create a fair racing environment for all of our players.


    So we ask you, the community to share videos of instances where you feel you have had an unfair experience in Duels.
    Share them right here!
    To send us the video you recorded:

    1- Go to https://streamable.com/

    2- Click on "Upload video" and choose the video you have recorded;

    3- Once your video has been uploaded, copy the Streamable URL below it, and attach it to your post.

    Please use the Agree reaction for any that you have personally experienced or feel should be prioritised so we can tackle these issues and improve everyone’s Duels experience.

    As always, thanks for playing F1® Mobile Racing

    @CMF1mobile Really ???

    All the issues have been reported here over the last YEAR and nothing has been done ... this was a season of Beta testing and honestly it p***ed a lot of people off. 

    I repeat what I've been saying (and I've been ignored) ... I'm a huge F1 fan and F1 2016 was the best mobile F1 game ... then came F1 Mobile Racing and the expectations were (understandably) high. 

    It didn't come anywhere close ... we as the players and fans tried to help you build what could have been the best games ever and you ignored us. 

    Now there is competition (Real Racing 3 F1) and I can tell you their gameplay is miles more enjoyable compared to F1 Mobile Racing. Yes it is limited tracks (so far) but I remember this game started the same. 

    After reaching elite level at F1 Mobile Racing you are forced to pay money to have the smaller control over the parts your car upgrades (I have to play hundreds of duels to be lucky to be able to upgrade my epic or legendary parts because everything else is totally useless)  - at RR3 after having taken part in three event I OWN 3 different F1 cars and I can chooses what part of which car I upgrade with the cash I earn. 

    Unless Codemaster changes this app fundamentally I will stay away and support the competition.

    PS: I'm willing to pay for a F1 mobile game (as I did for F1 2016) but only if this means I can actually drive F1 races. My suggestion ... keep developing the F1 Mobile racing app and use the tech / code you already have to give us F1 purists and app we buy which allows us to race the way we did in 2016 (including races with degrading tires, pitstops, damage to cars etc.)