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  1. Hi all & @ChrisGrovesMCM,

    I'm getting fed up with the game ... whilst the Elite levels are something else to achieve, the rest of the game (at least for me) is falling apart. 


    1 - I haven't played against a actual opponent for a while.

    2 - Bot's can do what they want and never get slowed sown when miles off the track. Instead they get NOS.

    3 - Bot seem to change setup during the duel ... I'm getting ahead due to my performance in the first two sectors and in the last sector the bot get a jet engine and locks into rails. the speed and cornering performance is impossible and especially to the performance in sector 1 & 2.

    4 - I'm getting penalised for AI car actively pushing me off the track and to get back on is classed as cutting a corner.

    5 - AI is back to being overaggressive ... and craving into people and even other AI cars.

    6 - AI moving in the braking zones ... classed as dangerous driving in the F1 rules.

    7 - AI car are way to slow in the corners and after they get the good old KERS boost that I don't get and it's almost impossible to overtake on twisty tracks.

    8 - Still no flags ... even when AI cars pile up on their own in the Nouvelle chicane in Monaco and fully block the track.

    9 - AI car are racing each other aggressively ... I'm fine with that if I had a race distance (or at least 5 laps) to work with but I don't.

    10 - only 80% of the performance in grid start races IS BACK ... even with me most powerful set up and the perfect start I'm swarmed by the opponent and AI before the first corner.

    11 - I'm being robbed of the rewards when winning duels ... 1 out of three times it won't count to the challenges or the race wins.

    12 - I constantly have to restart the app just to get the credits for waiting and playing 3 duels again. It just won't show up.

    13 - opposite steering is back. (turn the device right and the car goes left)

    14 - nobody from CODEMASTER has been responding to the F1 Mobile Racing forum since just after the pervious update (v6.5) was released.

    15 - the in-app HELP has been abandoned and only response in automated replies and even misses it's own 48 hour targets by days.

    and I haven't mentioned the penalty system !!!


    These are some of the issues I am experiencing and I've been reporting these too but from CODEMASTERS side ... silence.

    I appreciate I'm not paying for anything BUT I would if it was worth it. 


    I LOVE formula one but this is turning into MAD MAX with F1 livery and on F1 track.


    Please feel free to add to this and maybe we get a reaction.


    PS: a response from CODEMASTER would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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  2. 1 hour ago, xdakota80x said:

    The game is close to a year old at this point which is ancient in the mobile world for games. I can't imagine that Codemasters still has a full team of their best developers working on this. I'm sure most of them have been shifted over to other projects. I have a feeling we've reached the peak with this game.

    let's hope it like Formula one ... they've figured out that the updates didn't work and go back to the factory ... go back to when it was enjoyable (probably the 2016 game with the 2019 graphics) and build a winning car, oh no game I mean.

  3. I though the theory made sense until now ... just lost to two opponents which were about a third of ranking points below and got -38 for that. They must have been bot as they went all over the place without any penalties or slowing down offline.


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  4. 19 hours ago, CosareNL said:

    It hurts me most knowing there is handfull people trying to help make this game better but staff is ignoring it.26 days since someone from staff was here to reply and interact with players.I don t get it.Why is it like this?Make no sence at all…….Sad sad sad………..

    Seems like Codemasters has completely switch off the support (in-app help is only automated replies) and they fired all the people that were interacting with us on this forum.

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  5. I've been working hard on this and it went up and down ... now I'm fluctuating manly between yellow and green ... 

    I've sacrificed hundreds of points and was using the 'complete 70km' challenge to get anything out of it ... try and not get anywhere close to the opponent and stay within the AI cars ... anticipate the braking etc. anticipate any first corner sh** your opponent can come up with and try and stay out of it (try not to fight them ... I know it's hard but this might help)

    it took me a while .. and I think with the new rank point system it will be even harder for you and you will loose a lot more as it 2 wins = 1 loss.


  6. Hi all & @ChrisGrovesMCM, @DanHawk1ns, @jennyannem, @PJTierney,

    as there has not been any sign from Chris here is my review of update 7:


    Issue fixed / improved:

    - bumpiness of the tracks - FIXED - this feel right for me  

    - traction and stability - ALMOST FIXED - my only criticism is that it's still changing when I restart the game

    - icy kerbs and white lines & 'catapult kerbs' - FIXED

    - my wheels stop rotating during races - FIXED
    grid start races - IMPROVED

    - Snappy steering - IMPROVED - car doesn’t turn in to the corner in duels as it does in single races ... and when corrected it suddenly snaps to turns even more ... still applies to Mexico (the twisty sector) and Baku 

    - car set up - IMPROVED - how can it be that choosing the set up with the 'best' braking makes the braking in the race worse? (that's just an example it also applies to all other set up aspects) ... it seems to be more stable now.


    issues ignored:

    - the game is very jumpy - IGNORED - freezes for a second and when it continous it restarts down the road, you have to guess when to turn or brake etc.

    - the research box descriptions - IGNORED (changed but still wrong) - research and the credit count to finish early) are to small for the greyed out box underneath

    - ghost car - no option to switch off the GHOST car - IGNORED - if you actually watch F1 you know how critical it is for the driver to get send out on a clear track with NO distraction to get the best qualifying lap

    - device overheating and game crashing - IGNORED - even starting from scratch my iPad Pro overheats during a 5 lap single race and starts 'stuttering' 3 laps in

    unfair penalties - WORSENED - being penalised for other people crashing into you etc. 

    - invincible and over aggressive AI and bots - IGNORED - over aggressive AI (they are trying to spin me by crashing into the back), opponent is invincible. Wrestling with AI until they point backwards but opponent is absolutely unaffected. In contrast I can’t have the slightest contact with another car without violently spinning out of control and if I manage to catch the car AI cars are just crashing into me at full speed.

    - opponent jumping all over the place  - IGNORED - I've been catapulted high up in the air many times by an opponent disappearing and suddenly reappearing underneath me or an AI car & grid start I get a perfect start and seem to gain on the opponent, split second after the opponent is 2 seconds ahead as if he started on a rolling start, not needing to overtake cars, just driving through them as if driving a different race. Opponent started 4 seconds at a grid start before the lights even came on and bulldozed straight through the AI in front throwing them up in the air.

    unrealistic and over aggressive AI  - IGNORED - not using brakes and just crashing into you, slowing down in the acceleration zone of corners etc. & they now block you by driving two or three side by side at 'walking speed' ie. Spa at Blanchimond at 210km/h which normal racing speed is close to 300km/h or Monaco ... and have no spacial awareness ... and have now started ramming you too.

    opponents, AI and me seem to drive different races - IGNORED - this is the only conclusion I come to as it seems the races of the opponent, the AI and myself are disconnected ... that explains the random crashes and the jumping etc.

    - no DRS behind AI cars or bots - IGNORED - I should get DRS when within 1 second of any other car, opponent or AI car, and this used to be the case but randomly get DRS or not independent of the the car in front of me.

    - In-App help no response - IGNORED - any time I ask for help I just get a generic 'copy and paste' response and two days after it will just be deleted ... total waste of resources.


    Issues worsened or newly introduced:

    - Rank point rewards for duels - NEW - since the update a win is only worth +20 points BUT a loss will cost you -35 plus while previously it was about even. This now make it twice as hard to actually achieve the Elite levels

    - Elite League - NEW - good idea BUT no reward for players who have already achieved the the ranking.

    - Elite League rewards - NEW - you will only be rewarded at the end of the month for where you are when it resets ... 

    - experience points loss - NEW - after the update I've lost over 230,000 experience points ... a lot less than others but we should automatically be upgraded to the level we have already achieved

    - Legendary Parts - NEW - I'm curious about the parts BUT TWO days research time - SERIOUSLY?

    - wins not counted to challenges - (NOT THAT) NEW - but I haven't listed it in the update 6.5 review ... I had quite a number of wins which the game didn't count towards the challenges I was to complete.

    - loss of accelerator pedal - (NOT THAT) NEW - again as above this issue has been happening many times. When racing in a duel (or sometimes a single) I brake for the a corner and when I place my finger back in the same spot where the accelerator used to be i don't get it back and need to try and find it in a different spot ... most of the time this is the difference between win or lose.

    obviously this is purely my observation (played on iPad Pro without assists, drivers view, hard difficulty, just made it back up to 4500 rank points) as before I'm sure my fellow racers might want to add some other thing.


    happy racing 

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  7. just one thing to add ...

    remove the in-app help ... it saves us from crying for help and getting frustrated by automatic replies and no real response whatsoever and it save you to pay the people who just sit there and push a button for the autoreply or move them hear and do something.


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  8. There seems to be another reason for being unable to load the game ... and that would be that CODEMASTER locked you out. 

    I seem to have happen to me after trying to help to improve the game by contacting the in app help. I only got very generic answers and the issues I've raised only got worse over the updates. The peak was the latest update which almost makes the game unplayable for me. 

    however me asking for help was ignored and classed as spam and were just deleted by CM. Finally as of today I can't open the game anymore ... I've deleted the app and reinstalled it but still can't load it using the previous user name BUT starting from scratch WORKS.

    I guess that is the reason why.