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  1. Snoopy43

    DiRTy Gossip

    Season 4 ends today and I really hope that we don’t have to wait long until there is some official announcement what is coming in the future 🙂
  2. Snoopy43

    DiRTy Gossip

    I hope that maybe they will make some kind of Group B era series for example with 205, Quattro, RS200 and Lancia. Could be great!
  3. Snoopy43

    Something is coming closer...

    And just still about cars... Really guys? 🙄 Nobody wants new locations?
  4. Snoopy43

    Something is coming closer...

    Season 4 ends in 5 days so I suppose our wait and torture is getting shorter and shorter😅
  5. Snoopy43

    Something is coming closer...

    I really hope for more locations. If we get more cars it will be fine but to be honest, I don't use 60-70% of them. So adding more and more cars is not what I am looking for. Of course I will buy DLC to support the game but my focus is on locations instead of cars. It seems that everyone is getting excited more about cars than about available locations 🙄 I am sure that nobody is using 100% of cars while playing the game. After almost one year after the release date there are cars that I have never tried... I am glad that there won't be Hillclimb. It was fun, for sure, but there is no point of putting it into DR 2.0 in my opinion. I will be happy to get something new but I have no idea what it will be 🤷‍♂️
  6. Snoopy43

    Something is coming closer...

    I don’t think so 🙂 Is January Spring? 🤔 In Poland we call it winter 😜
  7. Snoopy43

    DiRTy Gossip

    Event will be whole rally or just one stage? Does anybody know? It would be great to see those colors in Dirt! not only Oliver, first will come Petter’s livery which is great and looks better than Oliver’s 😉
  8. It is simple. Put any name you want instead of the real one and this is what you get. Nothing to get excited about unfortunately 😉
  9. I hate Sweden so much that I just retired after ss1 as it is for me the worst location in this game. If I see something with Sweden I just skip it. So good luck to you and enjoy it because I don’t 😜
  10. For me BMW is too heavy and not so responsive as Lancia. I don’t know how it will work in other rallies but we will find out I guess 🙂
  11. I have never even tried to go with assists, I just don't accept it. I want to make this game as realistic as it is possible. But I don't think that assists can make you faster in any way. I told you all before that Lancia is realyyyyy fast in Monte. And I did this rally in our Polish Club and was smashed by more than a minute to the fastest guys in our club. And rally was shorter than here 🙂If you know how to use those cars, practice a lot with them and also risk a lot you will be flying. If @MongoJon [VR] manages to finish, you will see how it can be driven properly 🙂
  12. Hi Guys! I have not much experience with RWD and this Monte was my third ever rally with this class but it went quite okay I guess. I did no mistakes besides SS6 where I wanted to push even more and did two spins which calmed me down a bit for the rest of the rally 😅 @ApexAzimuth - Stratos was really good in Monte. I am worried about other rallies though. Sweden for sure will be the worst as I hate this rally. I can't stand when I see Sweden. So I am not sure yet if I will try to go there as this rally just makes me furious 😉
  13. I did Monte Carlo yesterday in H3 in our Polish Championship club. I went with Stratos as it seems to be the fastest over there. I don't have any experience with this car class as it was my second ever rally with rwd. So I wonder how fast Lancia is on gravel. But for Monte it felt really good, when I tried M3 it was a disaster for me. Feeling very heavy and not responding at all.
  14. Snoopy43

    Something is coming closer...

    Did you all guys see what @PJTierney wrote under his regular comment regarding this posted image? It is almost invisible but I will quote it „I haven’t, because this is just a fan shot and there’s nothing there...” so I think that we need to take a deep breath and just wait for something more legit 😉 but I also can’t wait 😂
  15. I tried my best but you were flying! Great pace, respect. I really like Argentina with those technical and tricky stages. It was nice fight though 🙂