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  1. For now, Rally1 cars are slower than current WRC. And I am afraid it will not change because of more weight and less aero. So because of that the current gen will not be allowed to compete against Rally1 unless they restrict performance of those cars by a lot. In 2017 it was clear that new generation is much faster than old cars so they were allowed without any problems. We need to enjoy 2021 as much as we can with WRC cars because there will be nothing more spectacular than this in near future.
  2. Hi! Sorry not to answer, but I was at Croatia Rally and I just came back home. Maybe next time I will have chance to select 😉 I think if I will start in this Championship, I will take Subaru because it is LHD and it is not possible for me to drive EVO with cockpit camera with steering wheel on the wrong side... 😉
  3. If you want be competetive at this level you have to use tires from Pirelli or Michelin. There is also MRF trying to do their best to try to get into the market but it is not an easy task to fight with those giant companies with all their knowledge, eperience etc. From 2021 official tire supplier for WRC and all support categories is Pirelli so there is no other option to choose. If you do local rallies you can choose whatever you want but it needs to be accepted by regulations.
  4. @PJTierney is there any info about the sound issue? I also experienced troubles with stages loading in clubs. And my friends as well. It never happened before so I had to restart game to continue the rally. A bit strange.
  5. I am aware of that. But it seems that after last update it is more common than before. So something went wrong there 😉
  6. Yes, Logitech here. From what I see in our league the "rain bug" is also occurring more often than before, it happened to me in last rally and also some other guys had it as well.
  7. Yes, I found it later. Sorry for that 🙂
  8. I posted also in different topic and then decided to search if someone else has got same problem... Unfortunately it is the same for me, old sound for Polo R5... EDIT: There was also reset of all steering wheel settings after this update. I assume there might be some other "tricks" not noticed yet.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the sound of Polo R5? I tried it now and it sounds like before the big sound update... why is that? I play PS4 and it is disappointing to hear it like it was at the game launch.
  10. What about not choosing Lancia and there is one in the results at the moment? 🤔
  11. Here is the example: For me - 100% real life and I love it!
  12. Yes, they definitely did it! For me it is the best sounding car in this game. 99.9% like in real life. Top!
  13. Sound of Polo R5 after update is just a masterpiece! 🤩🤯 I don’t want to drive any other R5 car. This is just perfect! Exactly as it sounds in real life. Love it!
  14. No Sweden for me. This is my least favourite rally and I don’t want to be furious so I just skip it. Unfortunately I had no time to start in Monte Carlo... so it is what it is 😉
  15. Unfortunately I was not able to start in USA because I had no time to do it... 😞 I’ll do Monte and skip Sweden as I hate this rally and not even want to bother about as it makes me furious 😂
  16. I don’t know stages of Scotland at all and I enjoy driving them listening to the pacenotes so much! It is The only rally giving me different experience than the rest. Sometimes calls are a bit late but this just adds more excitement and I love it! 😅 I overshoot one junction and got 1 minute penalty for reset - is it normal? For me it was the first time ever playing DR 2.0 and getting such a big penalty.
  17. It is a shame that so few of us is taking part in this edition of Championship. Only 10 cars starting the event. Way too little.
  18. I finished 64th. Top guys are going crazy fast! This is just mind blowing 😅 but I am happy with my run, no mistakes, clean and steady. Now it’s turn for the worst rally for me in the whole game 🙈
  19. Finished USA. It went okay, bit cautious in some places as I didn’t remember the stages so well. Small drama on last stage where I almost rolled and had to reverse 😁 So it was little bit nervous after that. So far so good.
  20. Is it really that much faster without spares? For me it is way too risky and I see no point of going without at least one spare besides last stage which is short.
  21. I don’t like New England and I have no clue how to drive it fast. Maybe I will start today but I don’t want to do this rally 😂🙈
  22. Haha same for me with last stage! It was good fight though! 🙂
  23. I finished Monte. It went okay but I have no idea how to drive snowy parts 😕 I am losing a lot of time in these sections. Always like 3-5 seconds in 2-3 splits. I don’t know what to do 😂 Last stage was funny because grip difference was soo huge that I could not find rhythm at all and almost crashed so I am lucky to finish the rally to be honest.
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