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  1. Murglesnouter

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    Is it possible to delete a club?
  2. Murglesnouter

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    So i took my chance today to enter the rally. Monte Carlo, my worst location! What can go wrong? I did one shakedown run and it felt good. First stage, like 20-30 seconds behind. Oh well its fine, im not good at this location anyway. I do it for fun :). Stage two, hairpin right and i got out a tiny bit to much to the left on exit, touched the wooden fence and nosedipped down the valley. It was fun while it lasted but now im ****** off lol.... no idea why i wanted to change from 270 to 540 degrees just 1h before trying clubs out either. Driving Ford Fiesta Cya next event 🙂
  3. Murglesnouter

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    Same here, besides that i dont think ive seen anything unexpected for months tho.
  4. Murglesnouter

    Season 1 Germany

    Its up at ps4 store but its n/a for download 😀
  5. Murglesnouter

    @Codemasters what did you do to FFB in last update ???

    Something must have changed. The ffb does feel quite the same but i cant lock my wheel anymore. t150 ps4
  6. Hardlocking T150 at 270 degrees of rotation is not working ingame anymore. Was working fine until todays patch. Anyone else able to confirm? It doesnt feel like its above 270 degrees when playing but it doesnt lock, it can be fully 1080 degrees turned. Softlock turned off.