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  1. Beast70

    Hubert in F2 2019

    Not specifically just him, But they use his likeness for a commercial purpose. The have rights to his image. I find it a bit morbid. But again, leaving him out seems worse.
  2. Beast70

    Hubert in F2 2019

    That Codies is a game making money off a dead F2 driver within a month of his death.
  3. Beast70

    Hubert in F2 2019

    I have mixed feelings. I think it’s better to include him then pretend he didn’t exist. I couldn’t bear to race as him so I picked Tatiana, his teammate. It seems weird. But it would seem weird no matter what Codies did about it. Im curious what happens when you get to Spa.
  4. Beast70

    Epic Photo Mode shots

  5. I’ve noticed quirks with AI but thought maybe that was because my setting for AI was too easy; what are the AI issues you’ve seen?
  6. Yes. It’s tricky and I cant finish with the full damage setting, have to turn down to reduced.
  7. I think my favorite is Baku: I like the technical cornering as well as the long full speed straight. Least favorite is probably Bahrain. But I was new to the game when I last played on that circuit.
  8. Or maybe an option where you, as the player and user, approves or declines the proposed driver changes. My first change was verstappen to racing point and stroll to red bull. That wouldn’t happen. Ever. The odds are nil. If the game is supposed to create a realistic F1 experience, how does nonsense, utterly impossible nonsense help? Might as well let some of the cars have machine guns mounted half way through the season.
  9. Is it better to decrease assists or increase AI to ease into making the game more challenging. I’ve done a bit of both but can’t find the happy medium: either I’m creaming everyone (in dry races) or I’m a back marker. I keep adjusting the AI but it seems to go between those extremes; either too easy to be fun or too hard to be fun.
  10. Beast70

    Speed in career vs other game play

    First season but upgrading as much as possible.
  11. I’m new to F1 gaming this year. Why are my lap speeds quicker (by 5-10 seconds per lap depending on the circuit) in career mode as compared to time trial/challenges/grand prix?
  12. Beast70

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    And the other, main issue, that no one responds to is that it has rained in 9 out of 12 races in my season so far. That’s just stupid. Happens even when rain is not forecasted. Not fun. I wouldn’t care at all about my drop in performance if the frequency was more realistic.
  13. Beast70

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    AI Skill level should match in rain or dry. There are no instructions with the game for beginners (how to manage ERS or car setups or even making changes like that for rain will help). And none of this explains why AI cars are posting faster laps in rain than they did in dry in the same race. That part makes no sense. Yes, the AI are adjusting for rain but there’s no way they should be improving lap time on the rAin. I don’t mean they are posting faster laps than me (they are) but also faster laps than they did earlier in the race when it was dry.
  14. Beast70

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    Okay, I’m new, I know how to manage fuel and I’m not running the ERS assist at all so how do I monitor yhe ERS to make sure it’s at 0 and then what do you mean by overtake? Is that an era setting?
  15. Beast70

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    My lap times were 5-6 seconds slower per lap in the heavy rain. 7 laps to go. Vettel was 20 seconds behind (I purposely made the AI extremely easy to prove this point). Vettel was about 1.5 seconds slower than me per lap in dry. Then suddenly in heavy rain Vettel starts matching my dry pace and caught me in 4 laps on (M) tyres which means he is racing faster in the wet. Then in three more laps he pulls ahead another 40 seconds (we both switched to (I) tyres at an extra pit stop). So explain how it’s my driving again.