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  1. Beast70

    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    T cam, if that’s the one that looks down on the driver like f1 on board replays, actually is fairly close to one’s perspective to the road and car when driving an actual car, we don’t sit that low, generally. That’s why it’s easy, it’s intuitive. I am new to the game and devote one practice session to cockpit view to get better at mostly because I like seeing the full steering wheel. Do people view the ability to quickly see cars behind you an assist in these demands for no assists?
  2. Beast70

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    2019 is my first foray into the game. Is there a way on the replay to see what caused the safety car? I was leading the race and it took a whole lap for me to get to the safety car and I saw nothing. Grosjean retired laps before the safety car and there were no other DNFs.
  3. Beast70

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I’m in Baku. Was leading the whole race by quite a ways. Safety car came out for three laps and brought the pack including back markers all together which made the game more challenging for the last 2 laps. But that’s the first one I’ve had.
  4. Beast70

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    i have only had time to get to China so far and that was my first race with rain. i had pole position, noticed my softs were not handling well at all and had dropped to third by the time i pitted. opted for (I) tyres on the pit. my lap times improved but none of the other cars put on wets and were all on the mediums. I finished a very hard-fought fourth and just missed the podium by under half a second to Gasly of all people. I had pole at bahrain and led the whole race so China was fun but I will see if there are any more rainy races coming up. Do you recall which races have had rain for you?
  5. Beast70

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    you can select the weather in settings.
  6. While I appreciate starting in F2 (although I wish it gave an option to race the whole season in Career Mode) I am perplexed by the Devon Butler character. I beat him for the f2 championship. He is a driver in my career f1 season now, which is about 1/3 of the way through, but no more conflicts in the paddock with him have occurred. Which is good. Do any of you know if those interactions with him stop once you're in the f1 season? Also, i like going into the solo championship f2 to win a few easy races when i get frustrated with my f1 career. Also, there is a great video on you tube of a guy who's only goal is to crash into Devon Butler and take his car out of every race.
  7. Beast70

    gear box problems using automatic shift

    Thank you Andrew! Yes, i didn't understand the r&d stuff until a race or two ago.
  8. I'm brand new to F1 racing games. I bought F1 2019 and am racing at the beginner skill level with full assists and an automatic gear box. I couldn't get a finish in Barcelona (though i'd managed my best grid position of 6th) without the gearbox breaking down and losing mid gears and the ability to shift quickly so i would be in 20th place over and over. The pit crew recommends that i shift early on up shifts and late on down shifts to save the gear box, however, i have no control over this because it's set on automatic. I tried changing the gearbox to manual w/gear recommendations, but my skills are not good enough to do all that at once. eventually, i crawled into the finish in last place having dropped 14 places in the 17 lap race. On my workstation for the next race it says my gear box is at 95% of it's use and clearly won't get me through the next race. I restarted the session many times in Barcelona and eventually just took the loss. But i had even tried turning the damage off in settings but that seems to only apply to body damage on the track. Any suggestions on how to use the automatic without burning up the next gearbox? If i change it, i'll get a grid penalty.
  9. Beast70

    F1 upgrades

    Can't win without cheating. computer (f1 team cars) crashing into me on purpose, hits are more likely to knock my car out. This is ridiculous. please end the ability to cheat and crash without consequence.
  10. I have been crashed into several times before the countdown and sometimes before the warm up into the count down where it knocks my car into the wall, indicates i"m in neutral, and doesn't let me start the race. Can you make it so that you can't be crashed into until the race has started? this is unfair. I'm owed about 200 level points.