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  1. @Bannish You can't do much "better" than that. You are right using structs and you are right using StructLayout, this way your structs will get populated with correct data from data packet, as long as the order of the fields is the same, since C# use the data type of the field to know how many bits should take from data packet for each field... But YOU HAVE TO BE SURE, the order of your fields/props doesn't change/is the same as Codies posted... if it changes you will get "corrupted" data...
  2. Main question is....what the hell is the function of the rating system??? There is a (broken) rating system, but it is not used. And of course it changed NOTHING versus last year, just how many points you get or lose and why, but the system function remains the same.....JUST NONE....or maybe there is one...**** off players. If I have safety rating A, I suppose to be racing with people with safety rating A as well... But no, you have best rating and still have to race against first-race-newbies or dirty drivers....so what the **** is the rating system for? Why not to pair
  3. @Retornik there is a "special" version of the game (press version) which codemasters give access to for some people (brand ambassadors, YouTubers,known people in sim racing etc.) Normally those persons get a copy of the game like a month before lunch. They can't post anything (prohibited) about the game for a time. But usually week or two before release the game developer allows this users to start posting info and videos about the game. For F1 2019 was last Friday, so since last Friday all people with this press game version where allowed by codemasters to share all type of med
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