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  1. DasScore

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    So far all of the same issues are still happening that was mentioned before; leader boards, frame rates, wonky physics. Instead of using the community as play testers, take an interest in the game yourselves as a company and play your own games... see for your selves the issues...you will see them, it's that simple.
  2. DasScore

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Screen tearing and flashing on Xbox one s at Germany so far and still not clean looking. These updates are not fixing the biggest issues.... seriously it's ridiculous that your not reading the issues presented on this forum the most. Graphical issues/errors are the biggest killer.
  3. DasScore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Rain fix ...great Needs: Headlight brightness, frame rates and Blurry graphics on console; and before anyone tries to be a troll on my post, I played the first dirt rally on my day one Xbox and it was smooth....it's the game, not my Xbox or my TV. Plus lots of little bugs but the first few I mentioned would be appreciated soon...it's really making the game and new content a bummer to play and am likely not to purchase from this company again. Many good companies in the past have fallen from bad products at release and terrible follow up. Just look at some of the older titles that were big at one point...I love rally racing and hope they do right by their fans.