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  1. Yes this is one of the things I had in mind! A great watch on Amazon Prime if anyone's got that.
  2. I've definitely mentioned something like this in a similar thread before, but I would love to see more use of open spaces such as Dirtfish, or even of the RX tracks to make single venue short stage events, or even super-special stages. Single-venue rallying is quite popular in the UK, with one area being used for a whole event and the route being changed using obstacles, cones, bales, pylons etc. Basically a less whacky version of the Time challenges at Dirtfish from Dirt 4, but with pace notes etc. I always found those events to be really fun. Rallycross circuits, along with the paddock area etc could be used to make numerous short stages. Just seems like a good way to bring in more stages and events with less drain on resources.
  3. Search filter would be great
  4. merseyxshore

    Car list question

    Just to preface this: not having a dig here, I think the car lineup is healthy and varied. But I’ve been wondering, why do rallying games always have so few cars compared to track-based sims? I understand that there is licensing and the related costs etc, but even the likes of the crowd funded Project CARS has 100+ (mostly licensed real world) cars. Anyone know why this is? Obviously Microsoft is a true giant and has a lot of weight behind the Forza titles, but I’m pretty sure FM7 has more rally cars than any actual rally game haha, especially when it comes to vintage content (XR2, Mk1 Escort, Datsun 510, Volvo 123GT etc). I’ve said it in other posts but I’d absolutely love to see more cars that are common in the clubman realm of rallying, rally prepped production cars that you see on rallies across the UK and Europe etc, 90s favourites outside the obvious, plus more classic 60s and 70s cars. Seb Loeb Evo probably had the most interesting lineup of late, but even that wasn’t anything close to track titles. Plus the gameplay was terrible...
  5. I have an idea for adding easy new location content to DR2 that I don’t think I’ve read anywhere else...let me know what you think. I know the physics weren’t for everyone, but one thing I loved about Dirt 4 was the Dirtfish area. The time attack courses and even the rally school stages there were really fun, and it would be amazing to see Dirtfish or other large open areas used to create multiple short special stages marked out by cones and tyres etc. This would be a great nod to grassroots clubman rallying, single venue stage events, targa rallies, autotests etc. Just using cones, tyres and the permanent structures like buildings etc, you could easily have a 10-stage single venue rally of short technical stages, or multiple super special stage layouts, or even player-created custom stages (Forza Horizon 4 got halfway to a good thing with marking your own course, would be great to see it used properly in a rally context). Open areas such as Dirtfish, or even fictional areas like an airfield, farmland, a quarry etc could have endless fun little stage possibilities and could keep things fresh with what I’m sure is less effort and expense than laser scanning real world stages! On a semi-related note, I’d love to see more club-level cars come to the game. The R5s and group B beasts are great, but it’d be great to see things more along the lines of group N/group A rally prepped road cars that are popular in clubman rallying like the Nissan Micra, Vauxhall Astra and Nova, Peugeot 106, Citroen Saxo, Mazda MX-5 etc, along with some more classic cars like the XR2, Cortina, mk1 Escort, Datsun 510, VW Beetle (specifically Bob Beale’s 58!), Volvo 123GT, Talbot Sunbeam etc. Interested to hear people’s thoughts on any of the above!