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  1. Been saying this sort of thing for a while, it's the future.
  2. Lest we forget, most of the community whined about DR2 being 'broken' on launch. Gamers seem to get some kind of satisfaction from trashing a new release, even more so if they feel a loyalty to a rival title. WRC 9 was a brilliant game. Flawed, yes, but brilliant. I've probably said it before, but modern WRC cars on 20km+ long tarmac stages in WRC 9 is probably my favourite sim driving experience to date, ever. WRC 10 has made some improvements, and once the bugs are ironed out it's going to be great. I absolutely love DR2 and it will get solid play time from me until the next one comes out, b
  3. Very excited to try WRC10 when I get home. Absolutely loved 9, and I'm excited to see the clubs and online championship updates coming.
  4. UK targa rallying or Aussie? Big difference between the two haha
  5. That's a very good point, but could be rectified quite easily by having a set of 'official' stages mapped and set by the devs, for which there would be time trial leaderboards etc. Also, as the game in my head would be a sim title along the lines of the Dirt Rally, Richard Burns and WRC titles, there would be ways to promote and encourage good stage designs with their own competitive leaderboards as designers become more established and skilled etc. I honestly think that Dirt Playgrounds is a step in the right direction, and it wouldn't take too much to start pushing that concept in a more sim
  6. Electric is happening, like it or not. The whole "when electric comes into rallying you can count me out" attitude is boomer af to be honest. Besides, I'd love a blast in an electric rally car, the torque must be insane.
  7. Oh no doubt. Just saying I think that this is the future of rally sims, and would be really successful as a competitive e-sports title if done right.
  8. I fully get what you mean. In my opinion though, a developer needs to be brave and break away from the usual locations format. It’s great that Dirt Rally has accurate real 1:1 stages, but honestly how many players would even know if they weren’t? Circuit sims are different, as the circuits are very well known across a large array of racing series, and accurate representation of these adds to the immersion. I’d argue that rally sims don’t have that need for location accuracy, and this is actually an advantage. Look at the WRC series; aside from some of the super special stages, the locations ar
  9. Haha fair play, but as I've no doubt banged on about elsewhere on the forum, I'm talking about a set environment in which different routes can be mapped out by the player. Kind of similar to the Playgrounds mode and route creator on Forza Horizon, but with a simulation approach. 'Tiles' as used in Dirt 4 MyStage would be terrible haha.
  10. My dream rally sim would be an area on the scale of the Horizon series, with players and dev team constantly creating stage routes and events, with road sections between stages etc. Using something the size of the FH4 area, you could have a whole rally of 50km+ stages! But Dirtfish with some cones and stopwatch would be a good start haha
  11. It was a survey sent out by Codemasters regarding people’s opinions of the Playgrounds feature in Dirt 5, if they liked the environments, if they liked the obstacles, does it increase the games replayability etc. I think you misunderstand me though; procedural generation is pretty much the opposite of what I mean. I’m thinking more like an area such as DirtFish, or something similar to the test area in WRC 9. So basically a static environment you could map out your own routes and stages in, hence the connection with Dirt Playgrounds. The roads and area would stay the same, but with the f
  12. That's interesting, targa rallying means something completely different in the UK. It's what I compete in IRL; basically mini rallies that can be competed in using a standard road car with a free RS Clubman competition licence, although most competitors (including myself) fit at least a sump guard, rear cage, mud flaps etc. The stages are called 'tests' and take place on private land, usually the gravel and concrete roads of farmland or military sites, and speeds are supposed to be kept at an average of 30mph by way of hairpin, doughnut and stop-in-the-box type obstacles. Helmets and sponsorsh
  13. What the hell are you lot on about lol Btw, I hope that the survey I completed from Codies yesterday is an indication of DR3 containing some form of stage creation tool, like a more serious Playgrounds feature...
  14. I’m not sure if this should be in the suggestions thread, as it’s not really Dirt Rally suggestions exclusively, so I’m posting it here. Prompted by a comment on another forum where someone said something to the effect of “there aren’t any more features you could add to a rally game now”. I actually think rally games have the most scope for improvement and development, especially compared to circuit racing titles, which actually do seem to have run out of features. Anyway, these are some things that I’m pretty sure haven’t been done in a rally title yet, aside from the usual ‘better physics’,
  15. I should be clear, I’m mainly talking about the most well-known 4WD cars, the rear wheel drive cars of the era like the Nissan 240RS and the Mazda RX7 were incredible, along with the lesser known cars from the B11, B10 and B9 classes. I understand that the four wheel drive cars in the B-12 class were interesting as a “no rules” kind of experiment, and obviously they looked crazy and sounded wild. I just think they were too unwieldy to ever be very spectacular performance-wise. It’s not well-documented, as it doesn’t make for great video, but some have reported that there were times that the ca
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