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  1. I’m not sure if this should be in the suggestions thread, as it’s not really Dirt Rally suggestions exclusively, so I’m posting it here. Prompted by a comment on another forum where someone said something to the effect of “there aren’t any more features you could add to a rally game now”. I actually think rally games have the most scope for improvement and development, especially compared to circuit racing titles, which actually do seem to have run out of features. Anyway, these are some things that I’m pretty sure haven’t been done in a rally title yet, aside from the usual ‘better physics’,
  2. I should be clear, I’m mainly talking about the most well-known 4WD cars, the rear wheel drive cars of the era like the Nissan 240RS and the Mazda RX7 were incredible, along with the lesser known cars from the B11, B10 and B9 classes. I understand that the four wheel drive cars in the B-12 class were interesting as a “no rules” kind of experiment, and obviously they looked crazy and sounded wild. I just think they were too unwieldy to ever be very spectacular performance-wise. It’s not well-documented, as it doesn’t make for great video, but some have reported that there were times that the ca
  3. Also, on a semi-related note, I hope that now the World Rally Car era is coming to an end, people appreciate how incredible the current-gen WRC cars are. There has never been, and probably never will be, faster cars on the stages. And before anyone comes out with the worst quote in motorsport history, gRoUp B wAs FoR mEn WrC iS fOr BoYs, the group A cars were beating the group B stage times by the early 90s without incinerating anyone...
  4. Apologies for being pedantic haha but I don't think 'automatic' is really the right term, as I believe electric cars aren't geared they're single-speed, so there would be no shifts to automate. If that makes sense. It does suck that a driving skill element would be taken away, but I'm guessing the throttle is going to need even more finesse and skill with electric, as all the torque is there on demand whenever you want it.
  5. No more paddle shift either. In my perfect world, WRC cars would return to H-pattern gearboxes and rear wheel drive 😆
  6. This hurt my brain, but full respect for the effort here. Codemasters, hire this person.
  7. Codemasters make excellent racing games, but so does Kylotonn now. The stages in WRC 9 are absolutely incredible, and the physics (especially on tarmac) are brilliant. Yeah it has it’s faults, but I enjoy it at least as much as I enjoy DR2 if I’m honest, and that’s as a Codies devotee since TOCA Touring Cars!
  8. The old rear wheel drive cars all used the handbrake! It's just the 4WD group B cars that couldn't use a handbrake I think, something to do with not having a centre diff or something like that...
  9. Hi @PJTierney can you please do me a favour and thank all of the DR team for me? I competed in my first real rally event on Saturday in my MX5. I've never had a RWD car, driven on gravel or even really driven aggressively in a real car before. But it felt comfortable straight away! I'd never done a handbrake turn in my life, but it just worked like it does in DR2 haha and we even finished 6th in class! I think Dirt Rally 2.0 can definitely take about 95% of the credit for that, it's actually taught me how to drive a rear wheel drive rally car, so thanks for being a 'gateway drug' 😂
  10. Yeah giving someone "stick" is the UK version of giving someone a hard time or giving them ****.
  11. May I suggest you try a rather good title whose name I cannot mention, but the developer rhymes with Schmylotonn...
  12. I believe all of the cars are based on the real car represented by the default (or first) livery. Hence why the 1995 Impreza is left-hand drive, just like the one McRae drove, even though the driver and manufacturer were from right-hand drive countries.
  13. I can't remember where it was discussed previously, but there needs to be a revamp of classes system. Maybe several fixed class systems that players can choose between, like the current 'era' based classes, classes based on horsepower, or even an evolving class option based on average stage times as players record time trial times. At the very least there should be an option for players to create their own classes in their own championships. This would help fix the unbalanced classes and underpowered cars, and create some cool battles, for example between the likes of the Fiesta R2 and Porsche
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