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  1. Great minds think alike eh! I look forward to checking out that vid after work, thanks.
  2. I wrote the below without any real intended recipient, but I enjoyed it and thought that this forum might be as good a place as any to share it. Racing sims in general need to evolve, and rally games are top of that pile in my opinion. I’ve played rally games since the old RAC Rally and Colin McRae titles in the 1990s, and I’ve even just bought my first real life rally car, so this is a real passion of mine. Having said that, I recognise the level of nerdiness in what I’ve written and I accept any and all mocking! Anyway: If you mention the phrase “open world game”, racing simulators are not usually the first thing that springs to mind. Open world environments are usually the remit of big budget action games, RPGs and arcade racers like the GTA, Fallout and Forza Horizon series. These are all set in expansive, vibrant, richly detailed worlds with all kinds of little things ticking along in the background. Full-on racing sims are all about realism and accuracy, with players wanting to race on laser-scanned recreations of the world’s most famous race circuits in licenced cars, so an open world isn’t really on the radar (until you have the processing power to drive between circuits on a 1:1 world map, but would anyone really want that?). However…what if the open world concept was applied to a rally sim? It actually seems pretty obvious once you think about it. I do like the 1:1 recreations of real stages in rally sims, but is this really that much of a selling point? Even as a huge rally fan, there are few stages on the world scene that I would recognise as an authentic recreation outside of a few key corners or jumps. It makes sense for circuit sims to take this approach, but circuit racing is a different beast entirely, where every inch of each circuit is pored over by real world racers and sim-racers alike in an effort to gain valuable tenths. I’m no developer or coder, but it seems to me that with the inevitable resources that recreating real stages must consume, if we are honest the cons probably outweigh the pros. Enter: the open world. The stage possibilities of an open world are literally endless. Take a game like Forza Horizon 4 for example. One user calculated that the map is over 71.46 square kilometres and has just under 200km of roads. And that 200km is tarmac roads only! You could probably comfortably double that figure when you add in the extensive gravel sections, meaning that Forza Horizon has significantly more unique roads than were used on the real-life 2019 WRC Rally GB, which weighed in at 312km and reused certain sections in multiple stages. Dirt Rally 2 released with just under 600km of competitive stages. This sounds like a lot, but the unique stage km count is more around the 150km mark, as each location only really has two sections, which are cut up for the smaller stages and run in both directions. True, this more than doubled after all the DLC had been added, but it’s still quite limited. If we go back to the example of the Forza Horizon 4 map, in theory it would be possible to have a single stage that is more than double the length of every unique stage in DR2 combined. Now we are at the dawn of the new generation of consoles, surely this approach can be used, and expanded, into simulator territory? An open area of 100 square kilometres doesn’t seem far-fetched at all on this new generation of consoles and PCs. After all, the absolutely gigantic (127 square kilometres!) Los Santos environment was originally developed for console systems that are now a full two generations old. While a rally sim would never muster up the financial backing of a Grand Theft Auto title, it also wouldn’t have to dedicate any processing power to an underwater ecosystem or a functional waste disposal truck route. Instead, the focus could be on the physics and the immersion. In a system like this, you could run an endurance event with 50km stages. You could create a whole championship of single-venue rallies, with each event having multiple stage layouts contained within one area, such as an airfield or quarry. You could have smooth tarmac, rough country lanes, industrial areas, fine gravel, rocky mountain roads and muddy farm tracks all in one massive location, with dynamic weather and progressive landscapes. Expansions could be added later, linked by bridges or tunnels. And with an open-world approach, the roads themselves are just the tip of the iceberg. Using obstacles such as barriers, cones, tape and tyres, along with some well-developed track limits and pacenote generating system, unique stages could be created constantly. This would be perfect for e-sports competition, as stages could be released one day before an event to keep drivers on their toes and eliminate the memorising of stages. Events could be held in real time, with drivers starting at intervals like on real events. Road sections could be included between stages just like on real multi-venue events, so after your 50km slog with two punctures and a smoking engine bay, you still have to make it to the service area under your own power. If you really want to go mad, you could use in game currency to buy bigger and better service vehicles to carry more spares and crew members on an event. Running out of spares could mean a DNF! Whether the player would be given free reign to create their own stages, events and championships, or these would be provided periodically by the developer, the amount of variety on offer would be incredible regardless. There are small scale glimpses of this concept already in practice, such as the time attack courses at Dirtfish in Dirt 4, the challenges set in the WRC training area and the Dirt 5 Playgrounds mode. These are all fun little features, but they lack the depth, immersion and competition that a more sim-focused approach brings. Playgrounds is fun but too wacky, Dirt 4 had cool single-venue stages at Dirtfish but had no pace notes and bordered on wacky with the floating green and red things, and the WRC challenge stages have no pace notes or use outside of challenge mode. I really think that with the right approach, the open world could be a game-changer in rally sims, and may be the answer that Codemasters were looking for when they trialled procedurally generated stages in Dirt 4. It’s time for rally sims to evolve, someone out there get it done! And whoever does take on this idea, don’t worry about royalties, just order me a Papa John’s (double pineapple).
  3. I went from Logitech to Fanatec this summer and I'm so glad I did. I had my G920 for about 2 years, I loved it and I still think it's an amazing entry level setup. Stepping up to a Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 was just night and day though, especially for rallying. I play circuit sims like ACC and PC2, but my main thing is rallying, and the geared G920 would tend to get really notchy under heavy turning. The Fanatec is just butter smooth the whole time, and there is an in-wheel tuning menu with 5 save slots, so you can adjust you FFB, vibration, wheel weight and steering angle on the fly and save it for a specific game. I've got 5 separate wheel setting slots for PC2, ACC, DR2, WRC 9 and F1. And as above, a good rig is essential to get the most out of your gear. However, I know guys who use a G25 clamped to a desk and a wooden kitchen chair who are alien-levels of fast, so it depends what you want and what you like! I'm not the quickest ever, but I live for the immersion.
  4. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Yeah definitely, I mean, take the semi-fictional version of the UK in FH4 as an example, there's so much potential. The map is 52 square miles, with smooth tarmac, rough concrete, gravel, mud, grass, elevation changes, varying weather etc. Imagine that, with Dirt Rally physics and constantly changing stages. I reckon that this is the answer to the procedurally generated stage problem. With a 50+ square mile area to play with, Codies could release new routes and stages periodically. You could have endurance events of 25 mile stages, or host a whole event of 2min stages just on the airfield. I'd love to see tactical elements like managing your damage on the road section drives between stages. I know that the Forza games have the full Microsoft might behind them for the likes of the Horizon games and almost certainly have more allocated funds than Dirt Rally titles, but something like this should be possible on current PCs/Series X/PS5 surely? I made a joke somewhere, maybe on a different forum, that the new Dirt Rally should be the above idea but the location should be Los Santos cause Take 2 own Rockstar haha. The Rally Of Meth Valley! @PJTierney pass this on to the Dirt powers that be plz haha
  5. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    With regards to stages, I’d love to see some longer stages, more varied locations and better tarmac design and feel. I’ve definitely mentioned this before, but I would love to see open areas similar to DirtFish, the practice area in WRC or rallycross circuits used to make events of shorter, technical stages using cones and hay bales etc. Even better would be the ability to create your own stages and events in these open areas. I still think an open world rally game would be the perfect evolution, especially for a game-as-service kinda thing. Different surfaces, different weather seasons, tactical road sections between stages, and endless possibilities for stage variations that could come out periodically.
  6. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Who's got some juicy deetz on Dirt Rally 3??
  7. With Codemasters now being taken over by Take2, who also own Rockstar, it got me thinking, imagine Dirt Rally 3 used an open world location…Los Santos from GTA5. Single venue events at the airport, city centre tarmac stages, meth gravel stages in the desert, twisty mountain stages up Mt. Chiliad… In all seriousness though, an open world setting isn’t the worst idea for a hardcore rally sim. Take the Forza Horizon 4 map for example. Endless possibilities for stages amongst the open roads, twisty tarmac lanes, tight urban sections, forest gravel and quarry lanes. Hay bales, cones, pylons, barriers and tyres could be used to make endless stages out of the given area, along with the possibility of user created stages with a generated pacenotes system. Using FH4’s map as an example, there could easily be incredible 30 mile stages created out of that environment. With an open world you could even have road sections between stages, where you have to drive carefully and avoid damaging the car or wearing the tyres, like on a real event. A huge open world on next-gen hardware, with realistic structured events, changing weather and legit physics would be incredible. This could also work into a more long-term or subscription style game, a style which seems to be gaining more and more traction and could work well at the dawn of a new generation of console; the open world could gradually expand, using a solid base game as a foundation. Or not, I dunno.
  8. merseyxshore

    WRC 9

    I've reported this, along with my own suggestions, direct to KT via their website contact form!
  9. merseyxshore

    Project CARS 3 Direction ???

    PC3 is such a mind-boggler. What is the point of it? Less content, less features, dumbed down gameplay, and in some cases inferior visuals. They were onto such a winner with PC2. I know it had it's flaws, but I would have paid the full price all over again for a PC2 with the issues fixed and increased gamepad friendliness for newcomers. They had the market absolutely cornered as THE simulator on consoles, with great sales to boot, then they switched gears and we ended up with something that looks like Juiced on Playstation 2 while trading on an established sim brand name. And surprise surprise, it flopped.
  10. merseyxshore

    WRC 9

    Ok, so I’ve found somewhere I can send a longer form message to the devs. I’ve put the following list together of bugs and suggestions. It will probably go nowhere, but I think this game is SO close to being one of the greats that it’s worth a try. If anyone has any other bugs or suggestions please let me know and I’ll add them in. Bugs: My game freezes after a stage when using my Fanatec Clubsport v2.5, ironically with the Fanatec wheel endlessly spinning in the corner. This happens around 50% of the time after I complete a stage, and is making Season mode unplayable. The game is very dark, and there seems to be no in-game brightness slider The gear ratios seem extremely short, even for rally cars. There seems to be no scenario where you can use any other gear ratios than the ‘long’ settings. Using the ‘short’ ratios, the car struggles to reach 60mph! Some players are reporting a delay in shift time. Suggestions: Fix clubs. Allow fully customisable cross-platform events, inviting players and decent search function to find the kinds of events you’re looking for. Also, these events need to be in the form of an actual rally! Sticking with the same car through an event, accumulated times, damage to be fixed at service parks etc are all part of rallying and absolutely have to part of the multiplayer experience. Robust multiplayer and community building is the key to ensuring a game lives beyond the first few months of release. Codemasters were heading in the right direction with their cross-platform Clubs system in Dirt Rally 2.0, but didn’t manage to live up to it’s potential. You’ve got a chance to beat them to it! Add custom events and championships to single player and multiplayer. We should be able to create our own rallies out of the available stages, and our own seasons or championships out of the available rallies. It’s really frustrating not to have this, as it’s usually a given in motorsport games and especially rally games. Give players the option in the above custom events and championships to run the bonus/historic cars, along with the regular ‘season’ mode. The bonus cars are almost pointless in the game’s current state, which is a shame because they’re a lot of fun. These rallies all have amateur classes outside of the WRC-specific classes, so it would enhance the realism rather than taking away. Some cars would be a single-model competition due to lack of cars in a similar class, for example the Escort or the Stratos, but this could be interesting as a level playing field. Use the training area! It’s a blast to just hoon around, but you’re missing a trick not making some fun competitive stages out of this great location. You could have a whole rally of short super-special stages all within the training area. This would be amazing for the Clubs. Also, and I know this might be getting a bit far fetched now, but it would be a great place to have players mark out their own stages and share them etc
  11. merseyxshore

    WRC 9

    Took me a while to get into WRC 8, but once I did I absolutely loved it. I've now got 9 installed but I'm waiting for my new Fanatec handbrake before I launch into it. Can't wait! I see a lot of WRC vs DR type debates, but for me they're perfectly separate. WRC covers the top level FIA aspect, DR games cover the more amateur clubman side of the sport, and for me they both cover their respective bases very well. I also had no idea how many gamers have driven current-gen WRC and R5 cars! They must have done anyway, to be such an authority on their handling...
  12. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    P-51, Spitfire (or maybe Hurricane? and Douglas Destroyer
  13. merseyxshore

    WRC 9

    Yeah that is annoying. Also annoying that you can't drive a single rally or create your own event, it's single stage or season only. No clubs or leagues option either, but that should be fixed in WRC 9
  14. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Anything else coming in 1.16? And is that going to be the last update, or is it going to go up to a fitting 2.0?
  15. merseyxshore

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Update dropping tomorrow it seems!