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  1. iPlayGames

    ‘Camera Shake’ - SOLVED!

    While not all of these cameras work perfectly (you will need to make some manual adjustments) everyone should have visibility of these files! They bring back the dash cam of DR1. Congratulations to to the user for posting them! But codices should really hang their heads in shame for not being able to do, with millions of dollars, a team of developers and interns and unlimited time/resources... what 1 random user did in 5 minutes! @ChristinaMc Surly you guys, a AAA development team, being paid millions, can do for your flagship game, what 1 random forum member did for it in under 5 minutes! Come on! Seriously... come on! Stop being low effort and start over delivering!
  2. iPlayGames

    New ffb impressions

    They need to add road chatter, engine vibration and tyre flex and slip! Driving on Tarmac feels lifeless and dead, I would take fake FFB effects over missing effects. Assetto Corsa has some canned effects, as do Jack Spades FFB on PCars 2 and those 2 are highly regarded in the sim racing community (to a degree).
  3. Good evening all, i purchased Dirt Rally 2 (along side other sims) to use when I can't get to the weekend track events at croft. I attend croft around 20 times a year, and I run in a works car that is provided/sponsored by a local/popular fruit farm, known for its ice cream. i am not a "professional race car driver", I am not a successful race car driver, I work full time at a law firm around 12 miles from croft and therefore my views are entirely subjective. Some me things I have noticed regarding dirt rally 2 are the following. 1 - When sitting stationary, there is no engine vibration etc felt through the wheel. 2 - When driving on tarmac there is no chatter felt at the wheel, things that SHOULD be included are, standard road noise, uneven surface rumble, suspension sway, engine vibrations and tyre flex etc. Most importantly tyre flex, road noise abc engine noise are missing and make the vehicle feel dead. 3 - This is the most noticeable missing feature! There appears to be a physics issue whereupon (particularly in rally cross) if you slide the vehicle (throw it sideways) the slide will never gain additional traction. ... What do I mean by this... let me try to explain. When I slide a vehicle on dirt or tarmac there is a level of friction that slows the car down, however this level increases exponentially the longer the car slides. For example, as the initial skid friction slows the vehicle down, the next phase of the skid has even more friction as the vehicle is now traveling slower, and therefore is unable to push the tyre over the rubber as easily as the initial start of the skid, as the tyres heat, we get even more friction, and the more I slow down the higher this friction becomes. The only way I can explain this via text is that when you throw the car sideways in dirt rally 2 it seems the vehicle will just skid over the surface at an equal friction level. So if I travel at 60mph and skid, and the in game friction is X it will take Y seconds to stop! The problem with this, is that it makes skids feel like you are in glass / ice and unable to "bite" into the ground. Ideally the the game should have a more variable friction level, meaning that when a skid begins, the friction level increases randomly/variably based on the amount if heat/dirt/mud etc that has also collected around the wheels. This can be crudely achieved by simply changing the afore mentioned formula to from the above, to Friction = X (+0.r) and we can increase this r value for every meter traveled in the skid. What this would crudely achieve is the sensation of dirt/mud build up that causes your skid to slow the vehicle and /bite in instead of the current no friction skids that are currently achievable. With that said, my explanation is very rudimentary / basic / crude and if I had more time I could go over this in more detail, however I feel the basic explanation I enough and I hope the dead look at the way the cars skid, and understand my point. With that hat out the way, there is 1 last thing that I found very unusual with the transition from DR1 to DR2. Dash cam? Firstly... Why was DashCam from Dirt Rally 1 removed? Secondly... Why has a random user of these forums, created the original dash cams from DR1 and ported them to DR2 yet a multi million dollar AAA gaming organisation that produces games for some of the wolds most prestigious titles, unable to do the Same? Why cant the developers take this users dash cams and patch in the original DR1 dash cams as an option? I dowmloaded the files from these forums, and modified my cameras in under 10 minutes? So why can't the developers have an intern do the same thing but just push it out as an official patch? Utterly bizarre? People Les wonder why games don't sell... well I think DR2 is a great example of low effort or mediocrity. By allowing the game to launch early (before financial year end) with broken elements, online career more, faulty FFB and no dash cams etc... why would people WANT to buy something in this state, or the next revision? Games companies need need to move away from RERO and back to Stable release! TLDR: FFB needs more work but for sure is heading in the right direction. DashCam NEEDS to make a swift return. Slide/Skid physics need looking into so cars "bite" when skidding to simulate dirt/mud buildup and friction etc! Fix it these things, then do a second launch (complete edition) at a sale price and then support the game with more DLC that the user base WILL buy as the game will be feature complete! That's all!