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  1. I will stick on DR2 and RBR if the new dirt is an arcade game. Rally do not need arcade game.
  2. May I ask some questions? CM can get RX official license, why didn't they get a WRC license? Is there any possibility for us to get a official WRC game from CM? Will we get a new CM rally game next year?
  3. All I want is making every location with more than 100km different stages. Handmade stages are good but cost too many time. So what I suggest is making an much improved stage generator(I know DR4 stage generator is really bad, but I think this is a right way to make rally stages). BTW I don't know have you mentioned it or not, REPLAY musics could be better.
  4. I humbly think we will get "Year Two Pass" Just shut up and take my money.
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