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  1. Just for sure, did you check in the game settings if the Understeer setting is On or Off?
  2. Are you on Ps5? If yes, the temporarly fix for this is to put 3D audio OFF in your Ps5 audio settings
  3. What kind of voices you mean? The commentator or braking point? I have the Ps5 with a surround soundbar (Samsung HW-Q950T) and have no issue. On Ps5 audio i have it set as Dolby
  4. I did see somebody else with a similar bump issue on the 1st corner Spain. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/RU1F9uhX2T0
  5. You should report this as an issue. Go to the Report a issue part of the forum. Maybe they can fix this small thing with the upcoming patch.
  6. You forgot to mention that with Patch 1.04 on Ps5, it still freezes with F1 2021 also
  7. Do you know if CM ever do anything with the Suggestions forum?
  8. I totally agree, as i would want as much as possible not visible, due to everything on a separate Telemetry data screen, so it would be great to have the option for MFD header to OFF Hopefully @BarryBL or @steviejay69 can pass this on to the developers
  9. I did see a youtuber with this same audio bug. See here:
  10. Really disappointed regarding the Voice Control. As i did choose especially the Ps5 version of the game to find out now that Voice Control will not work on Ps5. This was never mentioned before by Codemasters in some way if this topic was not opened?
  11. I agree with you, this can be a dangerous thing. Please post a Bug report so that Codemasters can have a look/change this, as they will not do anything by posting your message here at suggestions section https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
  12. You really need to make a clear Bug Report with video proof, so Codemasters can try to replicate and fix. This will help you and other with same problem. https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/140-report-an-issue/
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