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  1. GioProductions

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    I think (my opinion) that the maximum deployment is to high. I would expect 1, 3, 5. But otherwise, CM should keep looking why it is triggered so many times and or make adjustment in that or in the maximum deployment number. But i hope more members can give an opinion and keep providing videos. Maybe a poll?
  2. GioProductions

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    You did put a max amount of (V)SC that can be triggered, correct? I am wondering, is the max amount of (V)SC for a 25% race, the same as 50% or 100% race? That could make a different already i think. I think it is good that videos are provided so CM can see what triggers the (V)SC and can manage this too often (V)SC issue... But as you mentioned, this will not effect F1 2019 game because it will not receive any Patch anymore
  3. GioProductions

    {PC} AI Crashing into wall under the SC

    To badd not for the F1 2019 game, were this issue is at this moment..
  4. GioProductions

    Safety Car appears in almost every race

    I just did see a youtuber racing in a league and he says the same, again a safety car..i know this is Monaco, but even then... I think it is a bit too much (V)SC for now, but Codemasters will not do anything on the F1 2019 game unfornately 😭 You can see the race here i am talking about:
  5. GioProductions

    F3 in the game?

    I loved the F2 addition in F1 2019 game! I did not expect to have so much fun with my T-GT wheel, just by the different way of driving and breaking then F1 cars..Buy especially the F2 sound!! Fantastic!! F3? We will see..
  6. GioProductions

    {PC} AI Crashing into wall under the SC

    But @BarryBL if this is an issue, will this be fixed with F1 2019 game or future F1 games??
  7. GioProductions

    [F1 2019]- AI levels of aggression

    I have this same feeling when i race and in battle with the AI. I am only wondering if Codemasters would do anything to fix this with F1 2019, because i am not sure if we will receive any patch left for F1 2019.. @BarryBL maybe you can let us know with all the extra provided issues like SC, VSC, AI issue as above etc, if we still will receive any patch for F1 2019 or is it closed? And I don't know if anyone did mention that if you are in Practise programme and you cross the Speedtrap, the speedtrap text on screen on the right above corner will get mixer up with the Practise programme info. Let me know so I know if i can let Codemasters know with an bug report with a picture.
  8. @BarryBL Ps4 Pro / F1 patch 1.22 I have the MFD completely "Off", so I can have as much of racescreen on my Tv. (Pic 1) I am using the Telemetry Data on my wheel with the MFD information (Pic 2) I have 4 MFD shortcuts buttons on my wheel, with ERS up/down and FUEL up/down (Pic 3) But when using the MFD shortcuts buttons, the MFD pop up on screen and this is really annoying and unwanted if I have MFD off (Pic 4) Can Codemasters please have a look at this? I am sure more racers find this annoying/unwanted when using Telemetry Data Pic 1: pic 2: Pic 3: Pic 4:
  9. GioProductions

    Steering axis alignment issue

    I had the same wheel and did you try this in the FAQ section: Reconfiguring the racing wheel's center value (If the racing wheel is slightly off-center in the Control Panel) - If using a PS3/PS4, we recommend performing this procedure in the PS3/PS4 system's menu (not in a game). - If using a PC, we recommend performing this procedure via the Windows® Desktop (not in a game), after exiting the Control Panel. 1) Connect the racing wheel's USB cable (on PS3/PS4 or on PC), then wait for the autocalibration phase to end. 2) Turn the racing wheel fully to the left (until you reach the stop). 3) Turn the racing wheel fully to the right (until you reach the stop). 4) Make sure that your racing wheel is perfectly centered ; while holding it in this position, press the START, SELECT & MODE buttons simultaneously : * PS & GT WHEEL = « SE + ST + MODE » * F1 WHEEL = « BO + WET + MODE » * 458 CHALLENGE GTE WHEEL = « SCROLL + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » * TM Leather 28 GT WHEEL = « RED BUTTON + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » * 599XX EVO 30 ALCANTARA® WHEEL = « RADIO + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » 5) The racing wheel's LED briefly changes colour, then reverts to its initial colour. This means that the wheel's center value has been reset and automatically saved to the device's internal memory (you do not need to repeat the procedure every time you connect the racing wheel); this applies to all of the wheels (PS, GT, F1, 458 GTE, etc.). YOU ARE NOW READY TO RACE! You can find the original link here (FAQ): https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t300rs-en/ Hope this helps..
  10. GioProductions

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    Simple... by using this great app on the Android phone
  11. GioProductions

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

  12. GioProductions

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    Yup. Only when i have to charge the phone 😁
  13. GioProductions

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    That is a Samsung S4 phone 😁
  14. GioProductions

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    That looks great👍 It has a kind of similarity with this, that also can be used with F1 games etc: http://mobile.thrustmaster.com/node/8147 for myself, I am using a software version with a display on my F1 steering wheel: Keep up the good job!
  15. GioProductions

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    With all the Corona drama and F1 cancelation that is going on, wouldn't it be better to skip the F1 2020 game and continue with all the changes that still can be done in 2019, so we can continue playing F1 2019? Just some example, Correct DRS zones, weather changes Leagues, F2 cars in Leagues etc? And all issues that are still in the game like SC to often in the game? Just a question to the community here..would you prefer for this year F1 2019 with patches with some of above points or a new game F1 2020?