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  1. GioProductions

    Glitch report F2 cars - Ghost tires

    Info: - Ps4 Pro - F2 championship 2018 - Thrustmaster T300 wheel - patch 1.07 (issue since 1.03) Codemasters, The F2 tires are a bit transparent and because of that you can see, when you are behind a F2 car, the nose/chassis of the car through the tires. It was difficult to make a picture when driving, but if you zoom in you could see it. Can Codemasters have a look at this to patch it?
  2. GioProductions

    DRS open but now working!

    Change your topic text. It says Now instead of Not
  3. GioProductions

    PS4 pro Wet weather tearing on Ps4 pro

    I had this now also. I am doing the F2 career and i had sunny to rain at Austria and the corner before entering the pitlane, i see framerate drops/screen tearing when it starts to rain, for example the billboard above you on that same corner
  4. GioProductions

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo I use Sim Dashboard but i see sometimes differences between the damage on the game and Sim Dashboard (with Telemetry data). I tested this with F2 cars and you can see the damage differences on my printscreen and on the App. Is there something to do about that? Thanks
  5. GioProductions

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    Sim Dashboard is not available for Iphone. I use it myself on my Android device and really like it
  6. GioProductions

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen

    That looks incredible man!! 👍
  7. GioProductions

    Check your HDR setting in game - PS4Pro

    Hey thanks! I will check this also tonight. Update: i tested it and for me; i had it at ON and you see that HDR is ON. But at ON and Auto, the HDR is available for me. So for me it works correctly
  8. GioProductions

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen

    Great! I use that same App with my own design
  9. GioProductions

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    That is still an issue then, because I, and maybe others, do use the Telemetry settings to have the info on my Sim Dashboard app. But great if you did find the issue 👍 Can somebody else also double check this?
  10. GioProductions

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Do we have somewere the official rules regarding the back light of the F1 cars? How it should work with ERS, Rain etc. I could not find it. This way we can make a new topic regarding this (after patch 1.06 issues are solved?) to Codemasters. Any information would be helpful to start a new topic regarding this issue.
  11. GioProductions

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Should we make a new topic regarding the ERS light not blinking the way they should be in real life? I am afraid Codemasters isn't looking at this topic because it is about the lights not working at all on Ps4.
  12. GioProductions

    Let the player choose how to play the game

    Spot on your comment!!
  13. GioProductions

    lock frame rate in menu

    My Ps4 Pro does the same when i am in the F1 menu How come the Ps4 fan goes nuts when i am just in the F1 menu? Ps4 Pro, patch 1.06.
  14. GioProductions

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    Screen tearing issues with Ps4 Pro Q: Are you on a base PS4 or PS4 Pro? A: PS4 Pro Q: Which game modes you are seeing the issue in? A: Grand Prix Spain F2 cars. The moment you leave the track and try to go back, i get some very noticable Screen Tearing Q: Roughly how long had you been playing for when you start seeing the issue? A: At the start of the first lap, right away Q: Are you using a headset? If so, what make/model? A: No Q: Are you using a wheel? If so, what make/model? A: Yes, Thrustmaster T300 with F1 wheel Q: Do you have any other peripherals plugged in? A: No Please Codemasters, take your time to fix this issue. I think this has the highest priority for Playstation users, because all other issues fixed won't mean a thing if you are racing and have continue FPS drop and Screen tearing. That should be the core to build on and after that to continue fix the other issues.
  15. GioProductions

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Nop..still the same. I hope Codemasters can fix this! I find this an important point to fix also, because if this work correct, it can help in racing to be aware what the cars in front of you are doing. @Faya I think Codemasters is busy now with the Ps4 (Pro) issues on patch 1.06 but i think this is also something to have a look at, regarding how the ERS light should work instead of the way they are working in the game at this moment (Patch 1.06) Do you agree?