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  1. @BarryBL is the Fanatec DD Pro base native support added to the game with this patch?
  2. Will the Fanatec DD Pro base be supported for F1 2021? So that Native mode can be used on the base?
  3. Wondering if maybe with an Thrustmaster or Codemasters software update, the T500 is working on F1 2021? Anyone?
  4. I hope this help you all with the FFB issue on Thrustmaster wheels..
  5. Add a proper bug report to this link, if you want Codemasters have a look and try to fix this issue
  6. Lets hope they add native support on F1 2021...and not wait until F1 2022
  7. Thank you for your reply. That screenshot i did take from the Ps5 game. But i see it continue on all tracks, expect when it rains. I think the Draw distance of the F1 2021 game is worst then the 2020 game, as i have them all and never had this. I played 2020 (ps4 game) and 2021 (ps5 version) on the CX, but it is really bad on the 2021. I did also test on a LCD tv (high end) from Samsung and it is the same. Maybe you can try to have a look also, just drive slow on this australia corner coming up and look at the lines on the right of side of the track when they are far and drive s
  8. What Tv do you have? I have the LG CX and i am not happy with the quality and 120fps mode on my Ps5 with Ps5 version of F1 2021. The straight lines on track are really bad. You see them in a short distance they are not straight, until you get close they get straight. The problem is, even on high speed you see it as it happens continue in front of you. That is why i am not happy with the graphics quality on F1 2021. Sadly Codemasters never reply on my Issue. Here an example, look at the horizontal "straight line" on track in front of the car:
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