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  1. GioProductions

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Thrustmaster 2021 wheel (Ferrari SF1000 edition) is now on Amazon.de Edit: SOLD OUT. Price was 350 euro https://www.amazon.de/-/nl/dp/B08VH3ZGM4/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=thrustmaster+sf1000&qid=1618902346&sprefix=thrustmaster+sf&sr=8-1
  2. GioProductions

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    I don't know if he will be working on his Birthday, but congratulations to you and enjoy your special day @BarryBL
  3. GioProductions

    For what reasons you can't wait for F1 2021 game?

    Hopefully the 2021 calendar with circuit like Imola etc and Ps5 graphics/120fps...
  4. GioProductions

    Thrustmaster 300RS Buttons - where to put overtake?

    I have the Ferrari F1 add on wheel and have it on a dedicated button. You can see it here, the yellow button on the left side:
  5. GioProductions

    Restore PS5 Career

    If you have a Ps Plus subscription, you were able to save your data in the Ps Plus cloud. Did you check that? But if you have automatic Sync on and you did start a new career, it has override it i am afraid. Without Ps plus, there is no other option.
  6. GioProductions

    Patch 1.17 | Patch Notes | Live Now on PS4, Xbox & PC

    Wondering the same. The patch is now live on Ps5
  7. GioProductions

    Your opinion of the track in Jeddah (Saudi Arabian GP)

    Indeed, Vietnam vibe. I did not like Vietnam, but we will have wait and see if Codemasters can add this to the 2021 game from the start, same as Imola etc
  8. GioProductions

    Please Shut Jeff Up

    You can use the (voice) command: *Engineer* Engineer quiet Engineer talk Engineer repeat Fewer updates More updates Shut up jeff Leave me alone
  9. Maybe a poll would help also? Anyway, this a good topic that i think allot would have a say in it.
  10. You can see some more people are asking for same, here just an example:
  11. What you would need, is a min distance from your driver in front, so you cannot hit him or her, until the (V)SC get in the pit Wasn't there something like that in previous games? Were you could not pass the driver in front of you? Some kind of Pit Limiter under (V)SC condition?
  12. GioProductions

    Jeddah Street Circuit Layout?

  13. GioProductions

    Modifications for F1 2020

    Ohh no Here we go again...people who just want to play the game early
  14. GioProductions

    Overall Tracks

  15. GioProductions


    They did confirm that there will be more update.