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  1. SIM Dashboard for Android. But, you will have to do it manually for each racer.
  2. GioProductions

    Any word on co-op in 2020?

    I really think, for allot it will be: No (good) Co-Op; no buy
  3. GioProductions


    Maybe this is something for you? Just got releases a couple of weeks ago https://shop.thrustmaster.com/nl_nl/t-lcm-pedals.html
  4. GioProductions

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I feel the same. I think i will skip the 2020 version, if a good Co-op (like 2018) is not in the game. So we will have to wait and see
  5. Hey @Hoo and @BarryBL I have had a couple of times the DRS failure in the F1 2019 game and i like the unexpected of this while racing, but what I am missing, is the data through the UDP of the 2019 game. Is that correct? Can the DRS failure be put in the UDP data of the 2020 game?
  6. GioProductions

    Blue flag

    Still waiting for a Yes or No by @BarryBL I know you are busy with the Beta, but can you please reply?
  7. GioProductions

    Changing Fuel Mix PS4

    Crazy reply, but just for sure. Did you check in your game settings if ERS is on manual and not Automatic?
  8. GioProductions

    F1 2020 - Monaco gameplay

    @issueskid Work in Progress? Remember my post? And if you think we are the only one? Look at the comments in the Youtube Link
  9. GioProductions

    F1 2019 - [PS4] - MFD Shortcut delay on G29

    This delay is in the F1 game, i have the Thrustmaster F1 Add on wheel on Ps4 and have the same issue. I know for sure they will not fix this for the F1 2019 game. We had another topic regarding the MFD delay also. Have a look at the topic.
  10. GioProductions

    Night race on Abu Dhabi track

    Ohh great! Now i see it! Thanks for the help 👍
  11. GioProductions

    Night race on Abu Dhabi track

    Hey, I have the Year One Season pass for Dirt Rally 2.0 on Ps4. But on youtube i see some Multiplayer races on Abu Dhabi track with Rally Cross cars at night. But i dont have that option on Ps4? Can that be?
  12. GioProductions

    FFB in F1 2020

    Agree, i think this can be a very important topic for wheel users. So, really looking forward for the feedback, when the game release and after release with patch updates..
  13. GioProductions

    Blue flag

    @BarryBL can you confirm if the Blue Flag with nr will be in the F1 2020 game? I found this a great Topic last year
  14. I hope it will not be included in the Leagues system as the 2019 game. But the way it was in 2018 game.
  15. GioProductions

    Monaco Map bug still in F1 2020

    Jeff never did say that to me, because i am faster then my teammate and if he does that, i will use my "Raikkonen" : "shut up i know what im doing"
  16. GioProductions

    Blinking rate of the Red Backlight, F1 20XX

    I agree and i am happy you touched this topic again, but now for F1 2020. I hope Codemasters is having a look at the blinking lights and how they work in real life F1 race, so this can be done correctly for the 2020 game, as for 2019 game it was skipped and @BarryBL told us any idea will be looked at for future titles.
  17. GioProductions

    Delta Bug in F1 2019 1.22

    F1 2019 is done. Codemasters has no plan to make any new patch for the game
  18. GioProductions

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    @issueskid I like the work you guys did with "Jeff" voice. It really sound like he is on the radio now talking to you, great 👍 I hope the Monaco tunnel sound will also have greater impact soundwise when you are in the tunnel
  19. GioProductions

    What could that be in F1 2020?

    I think Co-Op championship with a friend, just like 2018 game It must have been very challenging, because it was not included in 2019 game
  20. GioProductions

    Thrustmaster Bearing Mod

    I know i know!! Your wheel is insane man!!! As you also know @AlexTT, we say here in The Netherlands, "baas boven baas" 👌 Would love to have some stickers on my wheel with ERS and Fuel Mix as you do, because i use the dials just like you. Do you know were to get it?
  21. GioProductions

    Thrustmaster Bearing Mod

    I love to do some tweaking with my Thrustmaster (had the T300, now the T-GT), but for me i will not try this. I only do minor things, like i did with mi F1 add on wheel, with magnetic flippers and screen. That is good enough for my taste, but great you had the balls to do that 👍
  22. GioProductions

    Pit Limiter question

    Codemasters, With F1 2019 i have Pit Assist off when entering the Pit lane. But what I find a bit confusing is when I decide to use the Pit Limiter button before entering the Pit Lane (let say 50 meter for example), it doesnt slow on time to match the correct Km/Mph speed. So sometimes I get a Time Penalty. Shouldn't it be that from each distance i press the Pit Limiter, that it should lower the speed to the correct Pit Lane speed? Otherwise, what is the purpose of the Pit Limiter button? Can you help me understand this?
  23. GioProductions

    Pit Limiter question

    You have to check for sure. Check my printscreen. You have 2 option in the game settings; Pit Assist and Pit Release Assist. If you have just like me as Off, when crossing the Pit Exit line, you have to push the Pit Limiter button on your controller/Wheel. If you don't do that, it will not accelerate. Hope this helps..