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    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    I have a buttkicker Gamer 2, but i have in F1 2020 that only the Right wheels of my F1 car do really rumble when touching the curbs, for example in Austria and Zandvoort. If i touch the Curbs with my Left wheels, it doesnt rumble Can it be that the sound (that causes the Buttkicker Gamer 2 to rumble) for the Right wheels are different then the one on the Left side? I am trying to understand why the Buttkicker Gamer 2 react differently on the Right/Left wheels Ps4 Pro and Broadcast Mix in ON. I don't use Sim Hub or anything just the Buttkicker connecteded to the Buttkicker Amplifier and then with a optical output converter to the Ps4 Pro Thanks
  2. This is really a bad thing/decision. I have, since F1 2019, the Thrustmaster F1 add on wheel and did map the shortcuts (ERS and Fuel) on my rotate buttons on the wheel: If you have this Shortcuts mapping option with Practise, why not have this same way in Qualifiying? It doesnt matter if you have only 2, 3 or even 5 modes in Qualifiying, the shortcuts button are there just for this, to quickly access them. For 2020 we already have a extra button for Overtake on/off, so to use extra buttons for ERS, is a bad design, as you know we are limited on buttons. @BarryBL have a look with the developers to understand our concern regarding this missing option
  3. GioProductions

    Game crashes every time I beat my rival in TT

    Same problem on Ps4 Pro. My Thrustmaster T-GT wheel locks at that moment also. I am a bit afraid it will break my Wheel in the end, if this keeps happening
  4. I hope Codemasters can change this, i want to hear Olav Mol, but i don't like the Dutch language in the game menu. I know the work around on Ps4 by changing the Ps4 language settings, but it would be better as mentioned by this topic, "choose commentary Language separate from Game Language" So, i fully agree with this topic!
  5. GioProductions

    Overtake button stuck under Safety Car

    Maybe you can try to make a Bug Report for this with a video as evividence, so Codemasters can try to fix this with a patch
  6. GioProductions

    Buttkicker Gamer 2

    PS4 Pro F1 2020 audio: Broadcast Mix mode ON I just bought a Buttkicker Gamer 2 for on my Playseat. I dont use Sim Hub etc, just the Buttkicker with the Amplifier connected to my Ps4 Pro Question for the other Buttkicker Gamer 2 users: With F1 2020, i noticed that i only get heavy Curbs rumble effect with the Buttkicker on my Right F1 car wheels. Is this normal? I would expect Curbs rumble with all 4 F1 car wheels. Can you test this for me and let me know? So i know if it works correctly on F1 game or need to make a bug report to Codemasters Thanks in advance 👍
  7. GioProductions

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I did see later on that video on Youtube and that was strange indeed "Hold the button for 4 seconds"
  8. GioProductions

    Lapped cars in the race

    Oh oh this doesn't sound good. Please make a bug report with video of evidence, so Codemasters can have a look to fix this.
  9. GioProductions

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I think the one/off button would be best, because otherwise if you are using a wheel for example, you have less grip on that hand for steering in a corner etc. So, with respect, i disagree. As an Option would always be good 😊👍
  10. GioProductions

    Online championship in F1 2020

    @BarryBL A dedicated (like in 2018 game) Online championship in F1 2020. The topic of 2019 was a hot topic, so wondering if Codemasters did listen to the community?
  11. GioProductions

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    Lets wait for Digital Foundry to see what they will tell...
  12. GioProductions

    Online championship in F1 2020

    @BarryBL Will we have a dedicated (like in 2018 game) Online championship in F1 2020? The topic of 2019 was a hot topic, so wondering if Codemasters did listen to the community?
  13. GioProductions

    Help Required With My Thrustmaster T2PA Pedals

    "I'm going to adjust which groove each pedal engages with until the bar gets to 100% when the pedal is fully depressed" That is what i did
  14. GioProductions

    Help Required With My Thrustmaster T2PA Pedals

    I reconise this issue. I have the T3Pa pedals and i did open it up to change the spring in it and I had this issue also, but in my case, i did touch the potentiometer so it did not re-act the same way as before i opened it. It went from 0% to 100% with a small touch. Probably this is the same case with you? I would open it up and start your game and test it while changing the position of your potention meter and check with your in game settings how much % you get, while changing the potentionmeter. I hope this helps
  15. GioProductions

    My Team online with a friend

    I would be happy with a "normal" online Co-Op modus (like 2018) Still not a simple "Yes" or "No" from Codemasters side..
  16. GioProductions

    F1® 2020 | UDP Specification

    @BarryBL Great.
  17. GioProductions

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I think the silence says enough for the 2020 game
  18. GioProductions

    F1 2019 Manual ERS and fuel mix

    I use the Shortcut MFD screen. Did you put it there? And i have Fuel and ERS as manual, otherwise it will not work. i hope this helps you
  19. GioProductions

    Thinking of upgrading to a wheel for F1 2020

    The T300 is a good start! If you have the extra money, i would advise to start with the T300 RS GT edition. This one comes with a better, solid 3 pedal set! I did start my wheel use with that one and man man, i really did loved it, together with the F1 rim. So maybe that will be your next upgrade after getting used to the T300 Wheel. Now a days i have upgraded to the Thrustmaster T-GT, but still using the Thrustmaster F1 add on rim. Any futher question, let me know
  20. GioProductions

    F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

    Is this implemented in the Career mode or are you able to skip it also? Just do the "normal" career with practice, Qualifying, race etc as now in F1 2019?
  21. GioProductions

    Blue flag

    I just hope it is in the final game release for 2020.
  22. SIM Dashboard for Android. But, you will have to do it manually for each racer.
  23. GioProductions

    Any word on co-op in 2020?

    I really think, for allot it will be: No (good) Co-Op; no buy
  24. GioProductions


    Maybe this is something for you? Just got releases a couple of weeks ago https://shop.thrustmaster.com/nl_nl/t-lcm-pedals.html