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    Turning down ambient sounds (crowd cheering)

    Woww that is loud. I never experience that kind of sound in the game, not on Zandvoort or any other tracks. I use a JBL 5.1 soundbar or a Logitech G935 headset. My sound settings is almost the same as you. Only different is my Master volume is 9, Effects is 10 and Speech is 10. Could it be your TV audio settings? Did you had a check on your Tv/monitor audio settings?
  2. GioProductions

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    I know this is not a prio, but just wondering if the AI do warm up the tires now in Formation lap? Is it in this patch?
  3. No special forum for the app as i know, but you can share your (costumized) design with the conmunity in the App and by doing that, you can download it yourself to your other phone for example. I have it on 1 (wheel) phone (see my picture here above in this topic), but i have it also on a 2nd phone, were i do all my test adjustment first, before saving it to the community, and after that, i download it to the wheel phone as my main Dashboard i use.
  4. GioProductions

    Thrustmaster T300RS disconnects in gameplay

    Sorry, i replied on the wrong topic
  5. I am on Ps4, but that looks really great for PC users. If i was on PC, i would buy it.
  6. GioProductions

    Next gen upgrade

    I think it will. Ps5 runs allot of Ps4 games, so i will expect that it will run F1 2020 on Ps5. But hope with a upgrade patch But, we will have to wait and see if the Ps5 will ever be released..it takes so long 😂
  7. GioProductions

    Next gen upgrade

    We dont know (yet). Codemasters did not mention anything, but i hope for a next gen patch. We will have to wait and see...
  8. GioProductions

    PS4 Low FPS

    Make a bug report and provide picture to show Codemasters what you see. This will help them to look at your issue
  9. GioProductions


    The only concern i have when they patch the performance update, will it effect directly my current Career mode (next race) or will it have effect until the next season in Career?
  10. GioProductions

    Team Radio not coming through desired device

    I am on Ps4 Pro with a Logitech G935 headset (usb dongle), but no way i have a way to have the game audio divided by the Team Radio (Jeff), so i can use for example 1 ear headset with Jeff and the rest of the audio tru my soundbar Maybe @issueskid can explain this, if there is a way of doing this?
  11. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    Partly, but it is more i am a person who buys and always looking to improve things.. For example, i had the T300 (changed it now for T-GT) and what i have changed was the screw you have to use to change the wheels, now i use a ring on it that is much better and quicker to change wheels and no screw more needed. I had the stock 3TPA pedals, i did put better Brake mod on it from the UK from BBJ Sim racing (changed the pedals now for the Thrustmaster T-LCM loadcell pedals) The F1 wheel, i changed the stickers, put a display on it, put magnetic shifters and installed SIM Dashboard app on the display. So, i am always trying to perfect it and the way i have it now, i feel it is the perfect way i want it. I started with 400 euro, but now already over 1000 euro with all the changes...but still enjoying it every day..until Thrustmaster comes with new gears again 😂
  12. GioProductions

    More Content and changes for F1 20202? update

    WOW!!! Great first topic from you. I hope Codemasters can take the time to have a serious look at your post.
  13. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    If you are not afraid to open your wheel, i would go with the magnetic shifters! They are really great. Here you can see a video of how to do it and how they sound/work. I dont use them to shift (im a rookie using auto shift) but i use them to look behind and as starting clutch in F1 2020. It took me about a hour of work but really really happy with the end results.
  14. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    I got mine from ebay, they have for iphones and other phones.
  15. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    Hahaha Italy, correct. And i did put some stickers on it, as you can see 🙂
  16. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    I have a 3D printed phone holder for a Samsung S4, a Samsung S4 phone in the holder with SIM Dashboard app on it. The flippers are magnetic and are from 3DRap.it And the costumized button stickers (MFD, Overtake etc) i bought from https://simstickers.co.uk/
  17. GioProductions

    458 wheel or Ferrari add on wheel?

    I dont own or know about the 458 wheel, but i have the Ferrari Add on wheel and it works good for me on the F1 game. On F1 game, i can use 10 buttons plus the 2 flippers. So total 12 buttons. I have mod it a little, but really love it and this is the reason i am using Thrustmaster setup. Any question about this wheel, let me know
  18. What i like also, you can use a button on your wheel or controller, so that if you are using multiply screens, you can swipe between your pages. For example, i have the 1st screen as you see on my picture, but i have on page 2 the tire temperature info and on page 3 i have the Leaderboard. I dont need to touch my display to swipe between pages, but i only need to push a button on my wheel to change from pages. This is handy if you use a tablet with multiply race info and it is not in hand range to swipe between pages.
  19. I do use it when driving the F1 game and love it. See my wheel with a display with SIM Dashboard. I am on Ps4 and The telemetry data on F1 is only available when racing. But i think @StryderIT can confirm this for sure.
  20. GioProductions

    T300 settings

    I would also force the Fan of the T300 to always be on, so it doesnt get overheated and loss some FFB: http://ts.thrustmaster.com/faqs/eng/thr_eng_00156.pdf
  21. GioProductions

    Formation lap on or off?

    Hey, i did start the game yesterday again without saving the changes the day before and now i do see Formation Lap not grey out, so i can put it now as On or Off! Happy
  22. GioProductions

    Fanatec Loadcell Pedals - Logitech Wheel

    You can, but you will need a drivehub. Here you can read all info about the possibilty. Read it carefully so you understand what are the options https://collectiveminds.ca/shop/allconsoles/drivehub/
  23. GioProductions

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I did convince mine by saying the seat can fold (Playseat Challenge) and store away...now its 24/7 in the living room 😂
  24. @BarryBL I am on Thrustmaster T-GT with latest software. I ran into this also with F2 car at Abu Dhabi. Turn 8, 11 and 17:
  25. GioProductions


    Make a bug report with videoproof, so Codemasters can have a look for you otherwise they cannot help you. You can see the Bug Report template at the green bannee here above on the page