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  1. I was able to play this game at maxed out settings prior to the FFB update. Following that update I was unable to maintain even 30 FPS on the low preset. I was in contact with CM support for a couple months and all their recommendations did not fix the issue. After running the gamut of the solutions offered, the final solution was to run the game in "safe mode" and just live with the tiny window and horrible graphics, which still wouldn't yield me 60 FPS. Following this, CM completely ignored all attempts to my replies or any new tickets I opened. I was unable to receive a refund for the game (deluxe edition too) from steam. I somehow CM managed to completely break the game with an update and has been unable to resolve it through multiple updates. I have a 6600k, 1070, and 16GB of ram and using an official xbox controller. I just tried all the solutions from this post and it has not fixed my frame issues. This was my favorite game in the world, and it is such a shame this happened. I cannot fathom how on earth this has happened from the devs. I wish I could get my 80$ back already after watching all the additional content that I paid for being added and being unable to play this game. Edit: Interesting observation in afterburner hardware monitor: GPU usage is usually 90-100% but GPU power percentage never goes above 50%.
  2. For context, I have a 1070 and a 6600k running a 2560x1080 monitor. Last night and many nights before I had no problem running this game at a stable 60 FPS with msaa x8 and all high/ultra settings. Today I started the game up and chose one of the daily events, and when the tuning/shakedown menu appeared I was getting 5-10 FPS, and if I started the race I would get 20-30 FPS max with spikes down in the single digits. This is only during the staging before starting the race and during the race, menus and the little nature shots of the track/stage are running 60FPS no problem. I turned all the settings down as much as possible and I couldn't get more than 45 FPS, mostly staying around 30. I reinstalled the game, did a fresh reinstall of my graphics driver, and reverted my GPU overclock to stock and nothing helped. This game has become completely unplayable overnight for no apparent reason. I am very computer savvy and I have no idea what else to do.