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  1. Hellion21

    What Did I Miss?

    Took a few weeks off from the game, no duals, events, nothing. Blood pressure, stress, way down. Had so much more time as I wasn’t constantly waiting for game to load only to have no server. Wife got more sleep as she wasn’t woken by anguished cursing and screaming at all hours. Heck I even remembered her name twice. So what have I missed? Apparently nothing. Picked up the game with “Downgrade 6” changing the entire game play introducing “ice” racing, more frequent car flying, and auto launch. Car characteristics have once again completely changed due to overwhelming demand! (Sarcasm) Fortunately the long standing issues go unaddressed, but the chance for a shiny new chassis is dangled. So..........what did I miss? Absolutely nothing.
  2. Hellion21

    Tool for calculating setups.

    While your tool is admirable, the tools that release the swarm of bugs with every patch and update will render your had work useless in one download. Yes, the entendre was intentional
  3. Hellion21

    Canada Race

    I wish somebody would explain the absurdity of the need to force an exit advertisement upon us for playing in single mode. This happened a couple updates, or maybe patches, or to quote the famed Finn Kimi, "whatever the **** it's called, ago. The biggest question, is how can they so competently add another micro transaction into the game and yet can't fix the issues that have plagued us since inception.
  4. Hellion21

    May 13 Status Update

    That Codemasters respond only creates more confusion. Second paragraph states “won’t recover” unless sync with Game Center. Oh BTW PS sync to google and Facebook is ok. Think that PS is more of a money grab as they sell our data. Glad you are a full up competitor again.
  5. An entire community is speaking on this. Simply falls on deaf ears
  6. Hellion21

    Lack of interest

    Since the proposed newest update has yet to be released, no new bugs have been introduced to laugh, cry, and complain about, so no reason to play the game. Certainly no reason to watch the same advertisements over and over. As mentioned in another post, my time is too valuable to waste on incompetence.
  7. Hellion21

    Latest patch status

    At least he didn’t promise world peace. Maybe this patch will be the moonshot all of us are hoping for.
  8. Feels good to vent, doesn’t it. We take the time to carefully address the bugs, the glitches, and the failures. We truly want the game to be what it truly could be. Alas, we get shined on with empty promises, stickers, and a shiny gold car. But the core doesn’t change. We have to relearn the game after every update, while still continuously dealing with the bugs that were never fixed, the newly introduced bugs, and the cavalier attitude that the carrot is worth the beatings with the stick. Its not. I tried to run Monaco and the frame rate wouldn’t allow it. I don’t watch the same tired videos that increased substantially a couple updates back. I rarely open the game and when I do, I’m simply reminded of how truly awful this game has death spiraled. I also sorta wait for answers I know will never come for issues I detailed. Good luck, your sincerity is admired
  9. Hellion21

    Frame Rate Failure

    Yeah, I’m a complainer. Frame rate is awful across several devices, New iPad Air, last years iPad Pro, iPhoneXs. Across the board it’s horrible. Yes more cars have more of an impact on the frame rate, hence the dig in the excuses about qualifying higher. I’m aware developers and Codemasters are not exactly the same, but one stop complaining makes my life easier, so I shotgun it out
  10. Hellion21

    Frame Rate Failure

    Frame rate for Monaco is abysmal. Lurching around the track, stopping, then jumping magically ahead several frames, usually resulting wall contact. Haven't been able to complete a race yet. Really should cease all events, possibly even all game play until this and multitude of other bugs can be resolved. Let me preempt the excuses by "the team" and put them down here. 1. Internet connection - Nope, 300+Mbps 2. Feature - Showing off game's ability to showcase extraordinary ability to go from stop to 220Kph in a few frames. Neat! 3. We are just developers, not fans of the sport - Clearly 4. You should have qualified higher so as not to be around so many cars - Sigh.......
  11. Hellion21

    wrong way?

    Here is my cockpit view approaching escape velocity. Reminds me a bit of first signs G-Locking back in the day. Somehow this is acceptable in this game.
  12. Hellion21

    Monaco - Good luck to all

    Good luck to all that are playing Monaco this weekend. Good luck that the game loads. Good luck that the frame rate is at the very least acceptable. Good luck that the awards are properly awarded. Good luck that everyone won't have to redu like Baku. Finally, good luck to all and good racing.
  13. I routinely finished first and I must say, I enjoyed the the extra awards and accolades............sigh, it just doesn't matter.
  14. Hellion21

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Dr Zaius is actually spot on, mostly. The qualifying times are the minimum times to move on to next qualifying session. If you were to just meet the qualifying time, you would be mired mid field. If you obliterated the qualifying time, you would start P1 and have an enormous advantage moving on to the actual race. Yes, your micro qualifying world is yours and yours alone, until points and awards come into play. Looking further ahead, if the hacks and cheats are able to post amazing times, albeit "unreal" times, you are awarded less points negatively reducing your points and awards given, further reducing your ability to be competitive in the future. Assuming you are a fair player, earning each and every R&D part through extensive advertisement watching, and racing, you may as well repeatedly bang your head against the wall, as you race cheating players who have used various cheats and hacks to max their car. To extend that just a bit further, if hypothetically, there could be so many cheats that you would actually finish out of all awards at the end of the race, yet you met the minimum qualifying times.
  15. I’m glad you didn’t say “fun” because looking around this forum and the reddit threads, nobody is having any fun. It is too much of a beat down, to even start the game up.