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  1. Focusing on the wrong issue. The real issue is how in the world do they continually wreck this game after every update. It is truly unbelievable.
  2. EA is buying Codemasters for $1.2 Billion USD. EA puts out some of the buggiest software of any company. They make our lads seem like pure geniuses. EA is also prolific in micro transactions. My prediction is quality goes down as ads, including “Solar Pumpkin Head” increase tenfold. The beginning of the end, my friends. Pong will seem height tech.
  3. We complain over the “little things”, Ferraris that hunt us down, AI stopping in corners, ghosting that gives opponents an advantage, the simple things that’s seem easy to fix, and these folks can’t launch an update! We give them too much credit
  4. Heureusement vos problèmes sont fixées. Bonne chance sur la route!
  5. MISSION COMPLETE!!!! ZERO I don't remember this happening the past few times I have done this race to Zero, but as I approach zero the amount of points has been reduced to approximately 20 points per DNF at around 1000 points remaining and further reduced to 9-10 inside of 500 points remaining. Maybe that has always been the process or perhaps a new tweak by codemasters. At any rate, see how far I can get in the remainder of the month.
  6. It’s not an actual reset, just lose/DNF the race. I don’t even actually race, just quit as soon as it’s available for DNF. Takes a bit of time. Roughly 3 races equals 90-100 points. As I DNF a string of races, the matchmaking takes it as a horrible losing streak, and I am pitted against lower and lower ranked opponents, so I’ll lose as much as 39 points for the race, and about 29-30 for an equally matched opponent. I do complete a race occasionally for a challenge, supply box or chance to wast his a video....advertisement about solar panels or a golf game, but that’s it. Afte
  7. It is time to take my account to zero/League 8 and start again. Think it will be 4th time I’ve done it. Wait for next reset, then see how far I can climb in a month. Anyone up for challenge?
  8. Clipped turn 15. Nothing egregious, definitely not four tire kerb cutting, a nick of red and white. All the way from turn 15 to turn 19 I’m in engine penalty mode. The opponent over 3 seconds in my mirrors, passes for the win. Brazil for example you can ride the kerb all completely around a corner, there’s no consistent application, seems more patchwork, or maybe just pranks to watch us whine (like me). I just wanted a self destruct button, an explosion, anything other than droning on with that ridiculous penalty.
  9. Not true at all. The ghosting system is such an epic fail. Opponents can easily shunt you from behind sending you through a turn, whack you from the side sending you into a wall, so very gently ease up behind you and spin you......who can add to the list of ways to impact your race from bad acting opponents and the ghosting system failures?
  10. I drank 1 Red Stripe the other night.......who am I kidding, it comes in a 6 pack for a reason
  11. Had a Ferrari, yes it's always Ferrari side punt me into kerb at turn 11 (ok, maybe I shouldn't have Strolled it and put my nose there) But to go from 1/2 to last during the next 18 seconds of penalty time is crazy
  12. First, welcome to the forum (4 posts, figure newish). Unfortunately, there are sporting regs and then there are F1 Mobile "regs". That's not to say that any of the F1 Mobile "regs" will remain consistent from update to update. In fact, F1 Mobile "Reg" 1.0 may state, "at no time will track or race car setups be allowed to remain consistent during any major update, minor update, or tuesday racing duals between the hours of 0137-0136 GMT of the day prior, to the day after, or any day in between as we are whimsical and will change what we want, when we want, as is to our fancy."
  13. I think it's stacked with bot scores. Kind of like advertisers screaming "Hurry, selling out fast". Just trying to generate a little word of mouth on this event.
  14. I think, as much as I can see in the 4 second minimum time requirement, this guy is standing next to Apartments, rambling about home solar. Anyone back this up?
  15. Just got my arse handed to me nicking two kerbs in Austin. Same entry points as prior to Update 15, definitely not the same result. Those are some loooooooooooong penalties
  16. Had to delete/reinstall. Bonus feature is I get brakes anywhere I touch the screen, no accelerator! This is going to definitely make winning duals a bit harder.
  17. Just started seeing some new ads with this guy’s giant pumpkin head. Seemed well timed with Update 15 Halloween Mode. Coincidence? I think not.
  18. Another aspect, is grid start, racing to first corners, for some, it's no more than a roll of the dice to smash the bots and see who comes out ahead. The potential collateral damage caused by that silly tactic is too great for some to ignore. So sad
  19. Tired of the latest tactic of the unskilled players. I think most of us know you can get booted from behind at slower corners or hairpins, sending you through the corner for a nice time penalty Or DNF. Recently, beginning a race there is a few seconds where the opponent can repeatedly sideswipe you, perhaps into a wall, an AI car, etc. I get it, they suck giant ineptitude balls, so this is their best chance at being a winning loser. Granted, I have enjoyed these tools, smack the wall and DNF when the “shield” becomes active and they ghost right through me. just to clarify, I don
  20. Yep, That’s him! Homeowners, if you live in California, if you live in Texas, if you live......it’s Specific to each state, I said cities originally. It’s crazy
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