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    Newbie Questions

    You are now a veteran of the game. Here is a pro tip, Absolutely at all costs stay away from Ferraris. Yoda, Lebowski, and Dr Seuss will all agree
  2. About half of any given month, I am in a different city overnight. In every city, when you begin the game, it loads local information, so that you receive a somewhat targeted advertisement in the short videos. Every city I go to, the guy with glasses talking about the free solar panels pops up and it is specific to the city I am in. I can't imagine how many times that guy had to make the same opening speech with a different city name!
  3. Hellion21

    In Game Solar Panel AdvertisemenT

    Hardest working man in Showbiz
  4. Hellion21

    use of a steering wheel

    Depends on how much room you have in your pockets
  5. Hellion21

    They fixed Monza

    Appreciate the fix, but a huge time penalty for nicking a kerb. And that nick can be from an AI or your opponent that isn’t ghosting as we are slow at that point. It happened to my friend’ uncle’s cousin by marriage.
  6. Hellion21

    Esports challenge impossible?

    I was on pace until..............Ferrari’s
  7. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    RUL is a thing?
  8. Hellion21

    AI ferraris

    In this game, Ferrari’s are the bane of everyone’s existence. Truth be told, Ferrari’s current form is mimicking the game play here. In the past, the prancing horses were live missiles, exiting the track before returning to strike you art Mach 8. Now they continue to do exactly as you mentioned, with impeccable precision in the apex of turns, chicanes, or any place we need to be.
  9. Hellion21

    IA braking mid corner for no reason

    Humans yes, bots........not so much
  10. With no disrespect, everyone can simply stop racing, as I am clearly the fastest on the track. How else to explain running up on other cars so quickly? Alpha, Ferrari, Mclaren, simply driving at speeds resembling a formation lap. Straights, corners, no place on the track is safe. As already mentioned, I know it can’t be the coding, but my superior speed that is putting these other cars in jeopardy. lastly, I only lose when I want to, because, I clearly have the fastest car on the track. good luck everyone
  11. Hellion21

    Smoke and mirrors

    Same as it ever was (SAIEW) They scream from the rooftops about a new livery in hopes of drowning out all the rubbish in their platform.
  12. Hellion21

    Hamilton had a F1 Mobile moment

    Gasly? With a Ferrari motor? Can’t wait for Mugello
  13. Hellion21

    In Game Solar Panel AdvertisemenT

    Yep, That’s him! Homeowners, if you live in California, if you live in Texas, if you live......it’s Specific to each state, I said cities originally. It’s crazy
  14. Hellion21

    Crazy stuff

    Hulkenberg was the last to perform that maneuver at Abu Dhabi in '18.
  15. Hellion21

    In Game Solar Panel AdvertisemenT

    I'm not sure how the video ends as I watch my mandatory 4 or 5 seconds and move on!
  16. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    KMPkemp, I have stated in several posts that the game is indeed free and you needn't spend a bit of money to play this game. A definite plus. They do make money off of us though, and for that, it should be better, IMHO. elimmel, like you been playing since launch. I'm not sure it's better, just always different glitches. Today, inspired by Spa, I've raced a bit. I got flicked by an AI Ferrari, always Ferrari, into the wall heading down the right side to the first turn, DNF. I watched two opponents accelerate and become airborne prior to the start lights going out. I also grazed a kerb someplace and went airborne and never came down. That's just today. I guess I disagree with better, just different issues.
  17. Hellion21

    Hanoi track

    No, I do not have DRS, was just joking that I barely had time to notice watching those faces!
  18. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    I have never seen Hungaroring, but have been to both German circuits, Hockenheimring and Nurburgring, Monza twice, Monaco several times, Montreal and COTA every year since inception. Sorry, sounds like name dropping. This is the best we got for now, and sadly it's not all that great. Spa this weekend!!!
  19. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    Hathama, Yes, I was supporting your statement, in that CM will not change, it's the core of the game to generate revenue in microtransactions we are more or less forced into completing in order to compete. I too am in the US, and agree this is our only connection right now to F1. After deleting this game for over a year, after the F1 season looked to be sacked, I reinstalled, just have to anything F1. The problems you mentioned, were rampant when I deleted and remain after reinstalling. I appreciate the sarcasm to IGA. My only point there is as long as it generates income, there is little reason to change. Have you attended COTA?
  20. Hellion21

    Anyone feel persecuted by an algorithm?

    Dr, it is nice when you post. Being the money making machine this game is, I am less than shocked to think we might be tinkered with in order to encourage more game play
  21. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    What you are suggesting is a complete and total worldwide ban on anyone using the app. The entire platform is engineered from the ground up as a in game advertising (IGA) model. Nearly every action we take in the game is revenue generating. We are incentivized to click an ad so we get credits which we need to upgrade, and it goes on and on. While your zeal and enthusiasm to improve the game is admirable, this won't work. Since Version 1 people have complained on the app stores all to no avail. We will continue to get what we get and slog through the bad coding, every changing game play, and the cheaters that run rampant on the platform. Just a reminder, we alone are responsible for picking up our devices and playing this silly game, deletion is an option.
  22. Hellion21

    F1 mobile suggestion

    The feature would be great, if there were preloaded messages. If left to our words, I don't think it would be so great. Here's an example, F@#@&&* !$@&%hole cut me off, that mother#^$&#, son of @#$^%&^,
  23. Hellion21

    Hanoi track

    No DRS? I can barely focus as those red faces on the barriers go by! I think that visual is super cool
  24. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    Just do it!!!! It is liberating. I took over a year off after playing since the very beginning. You are correct, nothing has changed except some folks that were hacking the game were booted, and all their, ahem, "hard won" records deleted. Ferraris are still the bane of racing existence, coming to near standstills in the apex, at least the lethal torpedo mode was fixed. I barely enjoy the game, only as an extension of actual F1. I came back only to have something F1 to look forward to when the entire season was in limbo. We can't go to races, so this helped fill the gap, but, It's not really fun. I just like switching team liveries and rolling around the track, winning some, losing more. 9999 isn't a goal, been there 3 or 4 times after diving to 2000's before they began resetting each month. I guess I could talk to the wife, but..........think I'll take a spin around another track
  25. Hellion21

    Bad drivers

    you will soon incur the wrath of the tifosi!!!