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  1. Same on Xbox One, so annoying and typical sadly. Any chance of an update from Codemasters? it's been 15 hours since the thread was started and no word, am I surprised. Of course not.
  2. Only Codemasters could be so slap dash. They really couldn't care less once they have your cash. Poor showing yet again was flagged up a problem on Steam on Friday morning but guess they were all down the pub by then. Oh to have a job where you could fail time and time again with no repercussions. Anyone fancy a sweeptstake when we'll get an official update? My guess Monday 11.30am - when it's not worked for a fifth day in a row.
  3. Holliss

    Season 1 Germany

    Working fine in UK now, finally.
  4. Holliss

    Season 1 Germany

    Yep over 14 hours late and counting. More amateur than Open Class!! Edit couldn't remove the quote box for some reason
  5. Holliss

    Season 1 Germany

    Chill out like Codemasters do. Shame their working day doesn't start until almost half ten.
  6. Still no option for free Germany for Season Pass holders on Xbox. Is on store to be paid for funnily enough. UK.
  7. Holliss

    Season 1 Germany

    Maybe once they've got in to work and had a few cups of tea they will start work and fix it. Maybe I'm just wishing. And they probably wonder why they are one of the most hated Devs around.
  8. Holliss

    Season 1 Germany

    Still showing as fine to buy in the UK (Xbox One) but not free for Season One pass holders. Tried uninstalling all the DLC and installing again and no joy. Poor showing. Wish I could be this inept at my job and still keep it.