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  1. I agree with pretty much ALL of this.. But "11 - I'm being robbed of the rewards when winning duels ... 1 out of three times it won't count to the challenges or the race wins." especially tires me out.. ı win like 30 races to get "win 10 duels" challange, and since the game progression is really dependent on duels and challanges, it is frustratingly slow and tiresome to get the rewards... FIX THIS ISSUE ASAP PLS....
  2. fatihalp

    Fix the racing line please

    Always *RED.. Corrected...
  3. fatihalp

    Fix the racing line please

    I strongly agree.. This one is always late, causing me to doubt myself and always break earlier than I should..
  4. fatihalp

    Game stuck on loading screen

    My problem has been solved with the new update, and I was able to reload my saved data from the cloud.. Thanx neways..
  5. fatihalp

    Language Options

    I've been playing the game for about 2 weeks now. There are other problems of course and they are being adressed as much as I can see from the community forums; but there is one I dont think has been expressed before. I downloaded the game from the App Store (Turkey division as far as I know) and ıt automatically chooses the in-game language to "türkçe" which means turkish in turkish 🙂 I want to play the game in english but I cant change the default language settings from in-game or the iOS settings menu like I can in games like "Real Racing 3." I think it would be nice to give the players the freedom to choose which default language they want the game to start with.. Thank you.. shouldnt be too hard to fix..
  6. fatihalp

    Game stuck on loading screen

    Hello.. I have the same problem that is; I have been playing the game for about 2 weeks or so now and up until now ı had a pretty smooth run (other than a coupleof minor problems that ı have solved with the tech team from the in-game menu) My device is Apple iPhone SE 64Gb Today I started the game and after the menu passesthrough the "Codemasters" logo and the "Eden Games" logo, there comes a loading screen with "F1 licenced Product logo" in the middle. And on the top right hand corner there is a double spinning dotte line logo (loading cursor I'm guessing) Normally the game passes through this page in about 3 to 4 seconds but since a couple of hours ago it is stuck in this screen, the loading cursor keeps spinning.. I tried to wait about a hour because I thought my phone was slow but that did not work, restarted the game with same result, restarted my phone which was no help, next I deleted the game and re-installed it but that did not help either.. I hope reinstalling the game doesn't mean that I lose my progress, because I invested a lot of my time into the game already. If I could get into the game I would request tech assist. from the in-game menu but I cannot access the game. I would appreciate it if you could solve this problem ASAP (at least before the weekend and the upcoming Monaco GP). Thank you... The screen I am stuck with is attached to the post..